Club Welfare
Mickleover Running Club is friendly, welcoming and inclusive; committed to ensuring that all members enjoy running in a safe and respectful environment.
Club Welfare Offices (CWO)

CWOs are here to listen, support and protect members. If any member has a concern, please contact Vicky or Dai, which would be in complete confidence. If needed the CWO may consult with England Athletics for further support and guidance.

The CWO ensure coaches are DBS checked and adhere to the England Athletics Procedures and Policies for running clubs.

Code of Conduct
Mickleover Running Club depends on the active participation and support of all our members, whether a committee member, run leader or club runner. In order to ensure the safety, well-being and enjoyment of our members we have set out guidelines to ensure that all individuals know what behaviour is expected of them.
Welfare Police
As Mickleover Running Club (MRC) potentially has vulnerable people in their care, the club has appointed two Club Welfare Officers (CWOs) who are also part of the Club Management Committee. The CWOs will promote best practice throughout the club and will deal with poor practice concerns in accordance with the club's disciplinary process. Matters of a more worrying nature and deemed not to be properly addressed should be referred to England Athletics.
1 Code of Conduct for Athletics/Running Clubs.
2 Code of Conduct for Run Co-Ordinator & Run Leaders
3 Code of Conduct for Club Captain
4 Code of Conduct for all Club Members
5 Code of Conduct regarding Mickleover Running Club members use of Social Network websites
6 Club Welfare Officers
7 Welfare Policy
8 Contacts
9 Useful Links
1. Code of Conduct for Mickleover Running Club
As a responsible Running Club, we will:

> Adopt national welfare policies and procedures, adhere to the codes of conduct and respond to any suspected breaches in accordance with the Welfare Procedures
> Appoint a Welfare Officer, preferably 2 -one male and one female, and ensure that they are provided with appropriate training, where possible, by English Athletics Welfare, and they act as the first point of contact for concerns on welfare
> Ensure that all staff and volunteers operating within the club hold appropriate qualifications and have undertaken, where necessary DBS checks
> All Committee Members will be provided with up to date information on Welfare issues from the English Athletics by the welfare Officers
> Liaise, where and when appropriate, with parents/persons with parental responsibilities, officials, coaches, sports scientists, national bodies (and personal) to ensure good practise is followed and maintained
> The club will maintain a list of contact details for local services including: Police, Social Services.
> The Club Committee Members and volunteers always act in a responsible manner and set an example for club members.
> Place the welfare of club members above other considerations.
> Report any suspected misconduct by club officials, coaches, technical/support and any other person involved with athletics to the Club, Regional, National or UKA Welfare Officers as soon as possible.
2. Code of Conduct for Run Co-Ordinator, Run Leaders & Run Support
As a responsible Run Co-ordinator, you will:

> Respect the right, dignity and worth of every member of the running club and treat everyone equally.
> Place the welfare and safety of the athlete above the development of performance.
> Be appropriately qualified, with DBS Clearance
> Ensure the activities, programs and run courses are appropriate for the experience of the run groups, with an appropriate level of run leader(s) for each group
> At the outset, explain what is expected of the club members on club runners
> Offer and direct runners to the group you feel is best suited to them, especially on sessions which are new or structured
> Co-operate with other Club Officers in organising the group sessions.
> Promote the positive aspects of the sessions and how it benefits runners in the long term.
> Along with the Club Captains, encourage and guide club members to accept responsibility towards performance and achievement, regardless of goal.
> Avoid inappropriate language and all ways try and talk positively.
> Place the needs of the individual/group above the interests of the group leader.

As a responsible Run Leader & Run Support, you will:

> Work with the Run co-ordinator on planned routes and sessions with the aim to ensure all members in the run group are well informed and aware of any issues.
> Place the needs of the individual/group above the interests of the group leader.
> Lead the group ensuring that no member feels left out, or is left on their own. If it means rearranging the route, then do so.
> If it's a large group ensure a tail runner is appointed, this should be where possible another run leader or run support.
> Count your group - know the numbers in the group.
> Carry a mobile phone, water and snacks - especially for longer runs.
3. Code of Conduct for Club Captain
As a responsible Club Captain, you will:

7.1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every club member and Officer
7.2. Co-operate with others, Run Co-ordinator and Run Leaders, to treat everyone fairly
7.3. Along with the Run-coordinator, encourage members with their goals and aims in a positive manner and provide support when required
7.4. Be consistent to promote positive values and achievements
4. Code of Conduct for all Club Members
As a responsible Club Member, you will:

> Treat all members with respect, dignity and worth.
> Uphold the same values of sportsmanship off the field as one does when engaged in athletics/running.
> Promote a helpful positive atmosphere within the club.
> Anticipate and be responsible for your own needs by being organised, having the appropriate equipment and being on time.
> Inform the Run Leader of any information that may be required for the session, for example - injuries, illness etc.
> Avoid the use of inflammatory remarks, the use of inappropriate language and behaviour.
> In club based events (cross country, relay & team events), club colours should be warn in these competitions.
5. Code of Conduct regarding Mickleover Running Club members use of Social Network websites
Social networking is the process of interacting with other internet users in a communal online space. It can be engaging and provides information and advice about the club, running, and helps the club to grow. However, we ask that members are aware that social networking sites and weblogs are in the public domain and one has little or no control over who has access to the information. Therefore, we ask all members to follow the rules below in the use of social media:

5.1. Personal use of Social Media
In using social media, if a member identifies themselves as a member of Mickleover Running Club, we ask:

5.2. Member use of Social Media set up by Mickleover Running Club
Club members should be conscious at all times that anything posted on, or uploaded to the Clubs page may well be seen by non-members of the club. As such, it reflects and represents the Club. Members should be careful about content that is uploaded to Facebook and other Social Media sites and be careful of the language and tone used. Members should not be rude or offensive and we ask members to try and respect the public reputation of the Club and the privacy of some of its members when using Social Media sites.

As a club affiliated to the National Governing Body, English Athletics, we (the Club, the Officers and members) have duties to protect the club, our members and the sport. To comply with these duties, we ask members:

> Do not post anything in breach of the general code of conduct.
> Do not post any confidential information, this includes: club's member, finances and any internal discussions that involve specific members.
> Not to upload or post anything that could be considered offensive, abusive, discriminatory or defamatory.
> Not to upload/post anything that could be interpreted as harassing a person receiving the post - including images, messages, etc.
> Not to post/upload any material which is sexually explicit or pornographic.
> Not to post/upload any material which is sexist, racist, homophobic or xenophobic.
> Any copyrighted material, including software and printed material in violation of copyright laws.
> Any material that could be considered a chain letter or email.

I confirm ______________. that any breach of this code of conduct will result in discipline by the Executive Committee which could result in removal from MRC and all associated membership.

6. Club Welfare Officers

Officer 1:
Name: Alan Percival
Contact Number: 07595744662

Officer 2:
Name: Vicky Sheil
Contact Number: 07970352590

The Welfare Officer will:
> Deal with confidential matters that may arise related to athletes and have an understanding of an appropriate way to such matters
> Responsible for the promotion of codes of conduct to members.
> Receive, record and pass on to the NGB Child Protection Officer any concerns relating to the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults.
> Support the registration of all personnel involved in activities of young people within the club (DBS Checks).
> Recognise the difference between poor practice in according to the club rules and matters that would be seen as welfare issues.
7. Welfare Policy

Policy Statement
> Mickleover Running Club believe that everyone involved in athletics should thrive, fare well and enjoy safety, security and protection from abuse, maltreatment or misconduct.
> Every individual involved in MRC is responsible for upholding this belief.
> MRC also recognises that they have a responsibility to ensure that highest standard of care to all within or associated with the club.

Welfare Policy
The 'golden rule' for all involved in athletics in relation to welfare and protection is that it is not your responsibility to judge whether or not a welfare violation has taken place but it is your place to act on any concerns.

Mickleover Running Club will:
> Accept the moral and legal responsibility to implement procedures to provide a duty of care for all members within the sport, safeguard their wellbeing and protect them from abuse.
> Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of all people taking part in athletics/running.
> To train all offer Welfare Officers appropriate training via English Athletics to ensure they can carry out the duties.
> Require all Run Leaders to adopt and abide by the welfare policy and procedures.
> Respond to any allegations appropriately and implement the appropriate disciplinary and appeals.

Safety: The welfare of the athlete will always be paramount.
Equality: The right of everyone involved in athletics to equitable treatment, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation or social background, will be upheld.
Responsiveness: All allegations or suspicions of abuse or violations of athlete welfare will be taken seriously and acted upon appropriately and speedily. Those found to be spreading malicious or false allegations will be disciplined accordingly to the relevant procedures to the police.
Fairness: The human rights of Officers, volunteers and members facing allegations will be embodied in disciplinary and appeals procedures.
8. Contacts

UK Athletics Welfare Contact
EA Welfare Officer
Jane Fylan
0121 713 8450

0800 800 5000

Derbyshire Police
999 - emergency
101 - non-emergency
0800 555 1111 Crime Stoppers

Derby City Council
01332 640000

Vulnerable Adult Social Care
01332 786968

T Griffiths

I Porter

Welfare Officer:
A Percival