Club Runs

We meet every Tues and Thurs at 7:00pm outside the Honeycomb Pub on Ladybank Road, Mickleover.

We normally split into 2/3 groups depending on who comes along, with a steadier group running 4 miles and a faster group running 6-8 miles. We set the pace to suit the runners and make sure we do loop backs to ensure nobody gets left behind.

We like to mix things up to give people the chance to work on different areas of their running and experience different styles of running. Some weeks we do specific hill and speedwork sessions, and also do some offroad running (headtorches in the winter).

Please Note: Don't forget to wear fluorescent clothing when it gets dark to make sure we all get around safely.

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m/m = MINUTES per MILE
Date Distance Pace
02/01/18 4m 10m/m
02/01/18 10km (6.21m) 9:30m/m
02/01/18 10km (6.21m) 8:30m/m
02/01/18 10km (6.21m) 7:30m/m
04/01/18 10km (6.21m) 9:30m/m
04/01/18 4m 9:30m/m
09/01/18 4m 10m/m
09/01/18 10km (6.21m) 9:30m/m
09/01/18 10km (6.21m) 8:30m/m
09/01/18 10km (6.21m) 7:30m/m
11/01/18 10km (6.21m) 9:30m/m
11/01/18 4m 9:30m/m
16/01/18 5k Time Trial
18/01/18 10km (6.21m) 9:30m/m
18/01/18 4m 9:30m/m
23/01/18 4m 10m/m
23/01/18 10km (6.21m) 9:30m/m
23/01/18 10km (6.21m) 8:30m/m
23/01/18 10km (6.21m) 7:30m/m
25/01/18 10km (6.21m) 9:30m/m
25/01/18 4m 9:30m/m
30/01/18 TBA TBA