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Safe Running at Night

The dark nights are well and truly with us, but with it comes dangers and concerns when out running.

With this in mind, the new base and the numbers we have running with the club at present we strongly advise runners to wear hi vis or reflective gear when running on a Club night.

In addition, here are a few general safety guidelines we would like you to consider when running at night...

1) Wear Hi Viz/Reflective gear
be seen, be visible for all.

2) Be aware of the surroundings
kerbs, paths, roads, trees, bins, cars, cyclists – you name it, we all have to be aware of what is around. We can have large groups – up to 20 members, so to help each other, look out for each other, and not just the Run Leaders!

3) In groups – easy on club nights
but when away from the club, if you can run with other people who you know.

4) Take your phone
means you can contact someone if need be!

5) Stick to routes you know!
Preferably ones that are well lit; and as ever, try and let someone know where you are going and what time you are due back.

6) Ditch the headphones!
You can’t hear what is about with music blasting in ones ear!

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair.


Nic Dolman, Clive Smith, Vicky Shiel, David Rose, Callum Woodward & Amy Archard are running the world greatest marathon next year in London in MRC colours.

Hoping to join them are Beckie Yates and Paul Dolman, if i've missed anyone apologies and let me know.

You will all be amazing.

Tracey Griffiths


A local runner (Richard Hick) is running every day in November raising money for Scope.

He is going to run the miles per day ie 1st November = 1 mile, 20th November = 20 miles etc. The last ten days is going to be quite a challenge!

He has set up a Facebook page click here and each of the planned runs are listed.

He’s really keen for support during these runs (some will be laps so people can run a few miles…not the whole route) – he just asks that you donate (whatever you can) to his JustGiving page (link from Facebook or search Run November).

next week's schedule including the finale

NOV 26
The Elvaston Marathon // Mon 10:00 // Elvaston Castle

NOV 27
The Village Run // Tues 10:00 // Etwall

NOV 28
The Derby City Circles // Wed 15:00 // Derby Cathedral

NOV 29
The A6 Grind // Thurs 10:00 //Darley Park

NOV 30
The Derby City Finale // Fri 14:00 // Royal Derby Hospital

Richard's JustGiving page Richard's Facebook page

Tracey Griffiths

Club News
Club Open Committee Meeting

The Club held an Open Meeting – a meeting open to all members – on Tuesday which provided an opportunity for Ross (Run Co-ordinator) to share and discuss the current approach to the club run sessions.

Members provided feedback and good discussions took place which helps us to refine, revisit and review what we’re doing well and what we could do better, and what we need from the wider membership to help ensure that the quality and standard of the sessions available remain.

There was a good turn out and I’d like to thank you all for attending. The Committee and I hope that you found the meeting useful – I certainly did and would definitely look to hold a few more from time to time in the future.

This is a Club that is driven and shaped by its Members so it’s imperative that you feel you can comment, discuss, recommend and feedback on how things are going.

We also took the opportunity to share the news that some of the current Committee Members will be stepping down at the AGM in January and really this is a shout out for people to come forward and help out with some of these roles.

We will be holding an AGM in January and looking to the members to step forward and see where you can help out.

Additionally we also discussed the need for more formally qualified Run Leaders and some Tail Runners too – basically people to help support the club runs. The EA provide a training workshop for the Run Leaders and the Club will pay for these courses.

We will be sending out some information specifically about the role of the Run Leader/Tail Runner and course information.

Chris Mallander, the Regional Co-ordinator from the EA who attended the meeting confirmed that if we are able to identify 5-6 attendees for a Run Leader course, that the EA could look to run the course from the RBL in Mickleover or another local venue and invite the wider Derbyshire clubs along too.

Tracey Griffiths


I just wanted to say, on behalf of the club and members, thank you to everyone who volunteers and who generously give their time to the club.

Recently a lot of the run leading has been carried out by a small group of people – thanks to work/life etc rather rudely getting in the way some of us who have historically been leading runs simply haven’t been able to get to club nights – so a shout out to Ross, Alan and Raj in particular who continue to lead us and down the streets of Mickleover in all weathers and seasons!

Tracey Griffiths

mrc book club
The Way of the Runner

From the author of Running with the Kenyons, this booked focusses on the culture of Japanese running and sees the author once again immersing himself and his family into the 'local' way of life whilst spending his time trying to find out (and run) with the Japanese 'Ekiden' competitions.

Personally, I really like the authors writing style and like the mix of reading about a culture I know very little about and how the approach to running, racing and training differs from the European and African approach.

Amazon Link

Alan Percival
XC Captain

Derby Runner Cross Country (DRXC) Race 2

Race 2 in the DRXC League was ran a couple of weeks ago on a day where most of the country was standing still and silently in memory of all those who fought in conflicts around the world.

Especially this year as it was the 100th Anniversary of signing of the Armistice that lead to the end of the World War 1. Thus at 11am, Dave Mann asked for quiet to the 150+ runners waiting, and so we stood in our thoughts.

The Foremark Reservoir offered the back drop to the 2nd event and it was the same course that we ran last year but the weather was much kinder – not the biting cold wind with the constant drizzle, but a fresh autumn morning.

In total 18+ members of the club were on the start line, with some taking part in their first XC race while for others it was ‘here we go again’.

This course is more underlating than Anslow with a couple of short sharp hills before a nice long stretch along a path – allowing some good running.

So, here we go with our finishers: Ross was first home (40th), ahead of Wilf – running a very steady race in XC again (50th), then the Foley Bros Dan (52nd), Brad (54th).

Dan saying, ‘Found something I can beat my brother on!’ I was next home (65th), with James S (71st), John B (72nd) with Dougal making the team (73rd – funny – that was his position in Race 1 – any beats on Race 3?).

Not wanting to ignore other members: Nigel (1st race in a MRC top. 86th), Steve C (98th), John S (102nd), Ray S – back in the groove (1115th) and Al Whyte (117th).

13 members in total for the Men – the most members out on a XC so thank you to all who ran.

Meanwhile for the Ladies, Emma ran her socks off (8th) – nothing new, Vicky ‘I am not going to run’ (18th), Kellie (27th) with Jacqui (without the day-glo – 40th) and Tracey making up the Team fully (50th).

The only downside was Lucy who did start the race, but her ankle went on the numerous divots dotted around the first part of the course, and so sensible cut short the race. Rest up Lucy!

The provisional results have been in and from the teams prospective it is still looking good.

The Mixed Team were 6th on the day and currently 6th overall after 2 races. The Men’s Team were 7th on the day and 7th overall.

However, it is the Ladies who lead the way as they were 5th on the day and 4th overall.

Once again well done to all who have ran in these events this year and the results they are showing.

We are up against some good clubs and so we are more than holding our own.

Ok, the real announcement has to be the Award of ‘Runner of the Day’, from Vicky & I – here goes, but first honourable mentions to: Ross (1st Man home), Emma (1st lady home), Wilf (loving the XC race ….. again).

However, we both felt it should go to Kellie for running in her first XC and beaming all the way round and her first comment was ‘Loved that!’ So - well done Kellie!

The next race is in the New Year – 20th Jan at Allestree Park, will send details in a newsletter/Facebook nearer the time about arrangments.

This is our local one – so lets see how many we can get out!

I know it will be marathon training for some – so please think carefully about these events now! If you can not run (for whatever reason), then please come along to support the club – or even better still, offer to marshal.

I know at the last couple of events they have struggled for marshals, so if u can please do offer.

Alan Percival
XC Captain

Derby 10 Mile

This is the last major event in the club’s calendar, and will do a report in the next issue of the newsletter of how members have got on.

It is also the final race in both the DRS and the Club Champs.

I know Emma Cull is sitting very well in 3rd place in the Ladies DRS before this event, so if all goes to plan she should be able to hold on to that spot, once again reflecting her development over the last 12-18monts.

As for the Club Champs, I will reveal the winners at the Awards/Xmas Night just to keep you in suspense.

Alan Percival
XC Captain


Looking ahead to 2019, it looks like it will be a fun packed year with 3 more races in the XC season, many members looking at the spring marathons, the DRS, Club Champs, Thunder Run while others might be just looking and thinking….’what shall I do?’.

However, please do post events on Facebook that you are interested in, it is a great way of spreading the world about what is going on in the running community.

With that in mind, I will update more in the New Year relating to the DRS (that’s out of my hands), as well as the Club Champs – with one or 2 changes to it.

As well as these events, many more members take part in races away from the ‘central Derby’ based ones, and it has been very difficult for me to track everyone.

So please accept my apologies to those members who have ran in races, both locally and where every in the world, and I have missed a call out on their run.

So seeing members post on Facebook about the events they have done is great.

Tracey Griffiths


Don’t forget to book your tickets for this years Christmas Party and Awards night.

The Committee will soon be deliberating over some of the awards!


Robert Humber