Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Derby Runner Cross Country
(DRXC)Race 1: race report

A fine clear morning greeted many of the members at Anslow for the first race in the DRXC.

Some of us met, the old ‘base’ and then ventured onto the race base and met up with others.

At this stage for Vicky & I, it is a waiting game looking about to see who is here and ready to run, hoping we have enough to make up the numbers for the team (8 for the men and 4 for the ladies).

As we waited., more and more turned up – showing what this club is about – just going out for a run!

Not only did we have members ready to run, but also a few others who supported us all on (along with a few kids)!

This is a lovely course, with a few short sharp hills, areas where it is flat allowing some good running and of course the in famous ‘water hazard’ – more on that later!

It was a small lop, followed by 2 large loops making the distance about 5.3 miles, but the weather was near ideal.

The start area was tight, and with many more clubs and runners in this years series, it was a slow start as we headed off down the hill, then looped into the water hazard, then onto the 1st of the main laps, down a hill, up a hill, round corners, and another hill (up and down) before meeting the tree trunk – yes we had to jump over a tree trunk, and onto the water 2nd time round.

Rinse and repeat the loop before going up the hill we started down at the start and onto the finish.

Last year we only had about 100 runners from about 7 clubs, this year the number was more like 200 runners from about 10+ clubs, making the event more competitive and fun.

Our members did themselves really proud, against some really good runners from Derwent, Hatton Darts, South Derbyshire and Lichfield.

First home for MRC was Dan – who the previous day was part of a 12hour indoor rowing event (along with James K), who came in 32nd, closely followed by Wilf (34) and Aaron on his return in 39th.

James S (59) Dougal (73) – who both ran marathons the previous week were ahead of me (75), with Jake R 86th and John Baltherwick making up the 8th and last counter in 93rd.

John joined us partly due to the XC races, so a big thank you to him for joining in with us so quickly!

The last 2 Men home where the ‘Ian’s’ – R in 105, and P in 120, but position is not everything, it is very much the taking part and representing this little club of ours!

On the Ladies side, Emma maintained her good form finishing in 16th, with Vicky in 24th, Lucy in 31st (less than week post ankle injury – remarkable!) with Jacqui making up the 4th team member in 39th.

Tracey was 57th, Tina 61st and Kathryn in 74th.

Jamie A was marshalling on route (with his daughter) cheering us all on, and Matt (Tracey’s husband) and kids, Rob H (and son) positioned at the water to cheer us through that bit.

So, did anyone face plant at the water hazard? Of course, they did, and in keeping with club traditions – it was me who fell and slipped at the water – got a good cheer thou :D.

This was a fab event, with good running, and yes a few of us did say it was hard work, but enjoyable in a way.

Tina summed it up best ‘I just took it steady’ – and is the best way to approach a XC – steady!

So, a big thank to all our members for running at the event – I have filled in the scores and past them onto Dave, so I will wait for the final ones and of course pass them.

Thanks to Jamie for marshalling, Matt & Rob for cheering us on (and the kids of course!).

As I mentioned Lucy ran a few days after her had fell at the TT, John joining in so quickly, and Ian R just cos he felt like it!

I have had the provisional results through and they are: Mixed Team – 7th, Men – 7th and Ladies – 5th. A really good start to the XC season.

We are a small club up against some big and well established clubs, so our performance is even more impressive.

Last year Vicky & I started this ‘Runner of the Day’ – where we would award this honour to someone who felt they deserved it – for whatever reason.

And this week, we thought it should go to both James S and Dougal for running in a XC a week after running a marathon – well done guys!

the next race...

The next race is on the 11th Nov (2 weeks away!), at Foremark reservoir, Repton Road, Ticknall – parking at the Main Visitor Car Park.

Cost is provisionally £4 again, but you will need another £2.30 for the carp park.

Please note, race will start at just after 11am to allow us to show our respect to the those who fought in the various wars and especially the 1st WW – especially as it is the 100th Anniversary of Armistice. I’ll post more details on Facebook again when I have them about car sharing etc.

So, why not join us at this (and other XC races), it really is good fun, pulling together, cheering everyone over the line. This is definitely what our club is about!

If you have any questions, please do ask Vicky (Ladies Capt) or myself!

Tracey Griffiths

A – Z of Running

Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)
inflammation of IT band which runs on the outside of the leg from the hip to just below the knee; most often occurs where the band crosses over the outside of the knee and also at hip

Ice bath
submersing in cool to cold water for 10+ minutes after a hard workout to reduce inflammation; also see torture

Tracey Griffiths


A local runner (Richard Hick) is running every day in November raising money for Scope.

He is going to run the miles per day ie 1st November = 1 mile, 20th November = 20 miles etc. The last ten days is going to be quite a challenge!

He has set up a Facebook page click here and each of the planned runs are listed.

He’s really keen for support during these runs (some will be laps so people can run a few miles…not the whole route) – he just asks that you donate (whatever you can) to his JustGiving page (link from Facebook or search Run November).

Richard's JustGiving page Richard's Facebook page

Tracey Griffiths

Club News

As you (probably) know the Club Committee meet regularly to chat all things MRC.

During meetings we review any issues and challenges, plan ahead for future events (XC, Social activities) whilst also looking at ways in which we can improve or add to what the Club offers its members.

We thought we'd hold this meeting as an OPEN MEETING to try and encourage as many of you to come as possible.

Like most clubs we need volunteers to keep going, as such we wanted to share a bit on an insight into how/what we do (or try to do!) and hope that there are a handful of you out there who would be interested in coming forward and helping out.

We also have Chris, the Regional Co-ordinator from England Athletics coming who will talk about what EA do locally and how they can support us.

The meeting will start prompt at 8pm but we encourage you to head to the bar, get a drink and come to the meeting room (we will confirm which one) at the RBL on the 20th.

Tracey Griffiths

Royal British Legion
Our new home

The Committee are delighted to formally confirm that the Royal British Legion is our new home.

A couple of things to remember:

We have discussed the lack of lighting down the pathway and the RBL are going to look into potential options for us.

  • We are invited to use the facilities (bar / community rooms) by the RBL Committee
  • Last person out please ensure the gate is closed
  • We are encouraged to use the bar 😊 as often as we like!

We have discussed the lack of lighting down the pathway and the RBL are going to look into potential options for us.

Tracey Griffiths

Club Annual Awards

We are excited to announce a new award for this year – the Members Member Award

We would like you to vote for your MRC Club Member of the year. The only rule is you can not vote for a Committee Member. Click here if you’re not sure who the committee members are!

Don’t worry that you don’t know everyone!

Just vote for someone you think is deserving -you might choose someone who inspires you, who has supported you or made you feel welcome at the Club; or someone whose running exploits have impressed you.

It could be someone who has had a particularly challenging year but keeps on running….it really is up to you.

Please submit your choice to:


Tracey Griffiths


Don’t forget to book your tickets for this years Christmas Party and Awards night.

The Committee will soon be deliberating over some of the awards!

Upcoming Running Events

Dovedale Dash
4th Nov. 2018
For more info. click here.

DRXC Race 2 (Foremark)
11th Nov. 2018

Derby 10 Mile – NEW DATE!!!
(DRS and Club Champs)
25th Nov. 2018
For more info. as this event is now sold out click Here.

Robert Humber

Robert Humber

rob's random race of the newsletter

Here is a race i've heard about in the past couple of weeks. I'm not saying I could do it but it looks incredible.

The legendary Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® follows the mountainous spine of Wales from north to south.

This incredible 5-day journey is 315 kilometres long with 15,500 metres of ascent across wild, trackless, remote and mountainous terrain. It is the toughest 5-day mountain race in the world.

The legendary Berghaus Dragon’s Back

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Not More Marathon News

Yep, we have had another weekend of marathon running with members at both Leicester and Yorkshire.

At Leicester James Upton ran yet another solid run in 3.25, while James S ran a PB in just over 3.42 with Lucinda finishing in 3.50.

Marathon ‘virgin’ Ross ran in 3.26. while up in Yorkshire, it was Keren Jones finishing in a fine 4.05, while Dougal Jackson finished in 4.16.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Club Word Definitions:
A Ross
getting lost, either in a race or on a training run
A John
Taking a short cut in a race, and not getting caught
An Alan
faceplanting during a cross country race

Robert Humber


John Sheils has recently brought to my attention that Markeaton junior parkrun is really struggling for volunteers.

We have a number of "Mini Mickleover Running Club" runners who regualy run the course on a Sunday morning including myself and Harry.

If you do have the chance to volunteer please do as it would be a great shame to lose somthing so special in Derby.

Andrew Saunders can also get you added the Derby Junior Parkrun volunteers WhatsApp group so please do pass on your details.

For more inforamtion regarding Junior parkrun in Derby please Click Here