by Ian Porter
Membership Secretary/ Welfare Secretary

Tissington Half Marathon
Race Report

Having set myself the goal of breaking 2 hours for a half marathon before my 50th birthday and with time running out the search was on for a suitable race.

There were a few options but most were either too far away or too hilly, then I remembered Tissington!

I’d run Tissington before and knew it would be full but managed to get myself put on a waiting list.

4 weeks before the race and I get an email to say I’M IN! – eek! I’d better start training.

A couple of long runs over the next few weeks would have to do, the distance was never in question (this was to be half marathon no. 14) but would my legs want to carry me 13.1 miles at 9 minute mile pace.

So, Sunday 30th September 2018 comes round and this is the day – it’s now or never.

08:45 and I’m dropped off at Ashbourne Leisure centre and climb aboard a coach to take me to the start (business class it wasn’t, seating wasn’t designed for anyone above 5 foot!).

09:20 we arrive at Parsley Hay, unfold my legs and disembark to perfect running conditions – overcast, about 10 degrees and a little moisture hanging in the air.

The usual warm up routine then followed, jogging up and down the trail a few times between visits to the toilet

I’m still not sure I can do this...

10:00 and were off, must stick to the plan…

The first mile was all about settling into a 9:00 minute mile pace and remembering to keep right where the High Peak trail splits off, job done there, oh look there’s some pretty scenery too, mustn’t forget that.

Now I’ve settled into a rhythm just need to keep it going for the next three miles where it’s flattish

A slight wobble when I’m four miles in when my average pace had dropped just below my 2 hour target – hold it together man, it’s all downhill from here – literally!

yep, the last 9 miles are all gently downhill so from then on I stop worrying about pace and just keep an eye on heart rate and power (yes I’m a geek), ooh look more pretty scenery again…

All’s going to plan, average pace is coming down nicely, I’m starting to believe this is going to happen.

By mile 10 my legs are tiring but I now know I’ve got this in the bag and just need to hang on and not slow down.

Mile 13 arrives and just for fun there’s a horrible steep downhill bit immediately followed by an equally steep uphill bit right where you don’t need it, a proper leg killer, so with dying legs I throw myself down the last .1 of a mile to stagger over the line and collect my medal.

I’ve done it, I broke 2 hours, mission accomplished in 1:57:51.

If I’m honest I didn’t take in much of my surroundings on this race as I was so focussed on the goal but it really is a lovely place to run and is a great race whether you want a leisurely scenic jog or are running it for time.

I’ll be back again next year to take in the views – yeah right! Sub 1:55 you’re mine

Club Secretary

Virgin London Marathon 2019

London Ballot Places are out and so far we have one lucky ballot place winner!

Albeit Amy’s reaction to getting a place in her first marathon was less of excitement and more of sheer terror! You’ll rock it Amy!

For the rest of you there’s now chance to enter the Club Ballot. Please be mindful that there is strict criteria should you enter this….see here for further details:

MRC VLM club ballot place annoucement

Update: Please send your 'fail' notices to me (Kathryn) ...

Thunderrun 2019

An initial meeting was held earlier this week to explore how many people might be interested in the 24 hour relay event next July…well…it’s clear that we’re all a bit crazier than even I thought ... we have 7 teams!

About 37 (so a 1/3 of the club!) are currently provisionally signed up.

Final decisions need to be confirmed by the 15th October so that teams can be finalised and information gathered ready for the Team Captains to enter the teams on the 24th October.

If you would like to join a team but have as yet remained quiet then now is the time to shout up!

Let me know (email / messenger etc) and I’ll look at the team options…..for more information and videos of previous years:


Just to whet your appetite...

Tracey Griffiths


Don’t forget to book your tickets for this years Christmas Party and Awards night.

The Committee will soon be deliberating over some of the awards!


Tracey Griffiths

Winter Time Trial

It’s the time for our first 5K time trial on Tuesday 16th October.

For any new members, this is a 5k time trial through the streets of Mickleover.

Runners start times are based on their 5k time – so people who tend to take 30mins will start first and those taking 20 mins will start 10 minutes later – with the aim that most finish close together.

You are purely running against yourself. We will be running a slightly new route given our new starting point at the RBL.

We need marshalls on the night so if you can’t run / don’t fancy the time trial please come along and help out.

Upcoming Running Events

Clubs Autumn 5K TT
16th Oct. 2018

For more info Click Here.

DRXC Race 1 (Anslow)
21st Oct. 2018

Shipley Country Park Parkrun
27th Oct. 2018

For more info Click Here.

DRXC Race 2 (Foremark)
11th Nov. 2018

Derby 10 Mile – NEW DATE!!!
(DRS and Club Champs)
25th Nov. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Robert Humber


Go team MRC!!!

The Club is such a size now it’s really hard to keep track of everyone’s races.

So – whilst we do try to mention as many of you as possible please appreciate we sometimes miss or lose sight of what some of you are all doing!

We absolutely encourage you all to shout out about any of your running adventures – whether you smash a PB or whether you are happy to get around in whatever time you can…it really is all about your own personal achievements and goals.

Sometimes it’s just about getting out the door and lacing up those trainers….!!

It does feel appropriate to do a little PB roll call though as there have been so many recently (and I know how thrilled some of you were to achieve them….well done!)

Lucy and Nick C – smashing their previous 10k times by about 4 minutes and hitting than sub 50mins barrier – well done!!

Paul (Dolman) , Richard, Paul W and Sarah also running PBs at Shelton 10k

Ian – getting that sub 2hours in before the big 5-0 😊

Andrew S – our latest member running a fantastic sub 3hr marathon at Chester.

Kathryn - Taking 13 mins off her 1/2 Mara PB at Notts! Amazing! I think Rob was running behind her with a engagement ring...

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

What a 2 week Period

It has been a great 2 week period for numerous members of the club, with members running well at the Robin Hood (Andy F & Richard – and more), Ian at Tissington, various members at Shelton 10k and even myself (modestly admitting) at Chester.

Then this weekend it’s the Leicester Marathon with Ross out on his first venture into the event, Team James (S & U), and Lucinda and a couple of others at the Yorkshire Marathon (Keren & Dougal).

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Derby Runner
Cross Country (DRXC)

The club has sent an email out to all with details of the first DRXC event.

To summarise: Meet at Honeycomb at 9am to car share (please do not park on the HC car park).

The race distance is about 5miles (prob 2 laps), off roads shoes are highly recommended.

Cost is £6 for EA members, £8 for non EA.

General Rules of the DRXC League:

  • Open only to clubs who are EA affiliated. Non EA individual members of MRC can run, but will have to pay the £2 levy – in line with other events.
  • Club Kit MUST be worn – Blue Vest or T Shirt - on sale via the club shop or speak to James S
  • No earphones
  • Off road shoes are highly advisable, if uncertain what type – please ask myself, visit the Derby Runner or Running Form.

If you have any questions, please do ask Vicky (Ladies Capt) or myself!

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Race Report Chester

ok, here we go. Fine at the start, felt comfortable at 5miles, comfortable at 10 miles, half way – might push on a bit, 15miles into the groove of running, still feeling good at 20 – lets keep going. Oh ffs – it’s that bliddy ‘hill’ at 25, and yeah finished at 26.2!

I thought to myself as I was looking at the various posts to try and do something a little different from a race report. It is something that has struck me over the year more and more as I go to the various events in the area.

In a way it boils down to this little question – what does it mean to be part of a running club? We have vast range of reasons why people run and a vast range of abilities. However, over the year the support and friendship from all members to one another has been staggering. Back in April, 35+ members took part in the Derby 10k – ok, we might not have hit those numbers in other events, but have had 20+ on the majority of the DRS/Club Championship events. We have had members come along and support at these events, cheering (and in some cases eating ice cream) as others ran.

This last few weekends though, it has reached new heights as members have ran all over the area – and in Malcolm’s case – around the world. Seeing his post and success in Budapest with the all the ‘well done’ notes, then for people like Ian, Richard & Andy running so well over the Half, and more recently Nic, Richard (again) & Lucy hitting new 10k times at the Shelton 10k does make me stand back and smile. Even for grumpy me, I have had numerous ‘good luck’ and ‘well done’ following my wee trot round Chester – it really is stimulating.

For me, this is what being a member of a club is about. It is the cheers, the support, the help, the feeling that you are not alone on the start line. It is the club coming together for each and everyone of us. From it, new friendships have formed, new people to run with – be it on a Tuesday/Thursday evening or at the weekend for long runs.

As I/we look to the end of the year and onto 2019, firstly let us keep this strength in numbers going – ok, yes it is a call out for the XC – but it is a rare chance to run for the club, and to feel the warmth and support of a club. For next year, the club will continue to grow, but will gain only strength by the members acting together and continuing to support each other in every which way they can.

We might be small and very social bunch of people:

  • Some run for enjoyment
  • Some run to keep fit
  • Some run to take part in short events (10ks – yuck!)
  • Or the longer events :D
  • To deal with whatever issues we have

Most of all, we are all runners and long may that continue and be part of MRC!

Discounts for Club members

The Club has negotiated a host of discounts for members from a range of dealers & retailers

Visit the new page today to see what you could save...

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Bad Boy Running podcast

Bad Boy Running is a podcast for runners (boys AND girls!) who are bored of the dull and dry podcasts currently on offer.

Hosted by friends Jody Raynsford and David Hellard, both running journalists, bloggers and lovable idiots, the show features the conversations they'd have in the pub focusing as much on the camaraderie and social side of the sport as the technical.

Please note contains strong language

click here for website

Emma Cull
Club Runner

MRC Club records

Emma has been working hard collecting lots of results, if you havent let please do so following the info. below...

If you have any amendments to the records please email the club using the email address stating the following information.

  • Your full Name
  • Name of event
  • Distance (must be one of: 10k, 10 mile, Half Marathon, Marathon)
  • The date of the event (since Sept 2016 only)
  • The chip time
  • The age category at the time of running

click here to view tables

on the run with...

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with..Beckie Yates

When did you start running and when did you join Mickleover Running Club?

I used to run when I was younger, and then rediscovered it around 6 years ago. I wanted to join a club a few years ago when I was training for my first marathon but at the time Mickleover did not have a running club. I joined Mickleover at the start of this season.

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?

The running community is fantastic. The best thing about being part of a running club is the people and the friends you meet, also the support and encouragement you get from everyone.

When and who do you run with the club?

Tuesday night is my run club night.

It’s a night I can usually get a babysitter, the Dolman girls are always helping me out when my mum or husband are not around.

I like the six mile route, but the last few weeks I have been doing Ross’s sessions which have been great and made me push myself.


Tell us your history of running?

My mum was a fast runner back in her day running for Shelton Striders.

So a lot of my childhood was going with mum to races, I always used to enter the fun runs and when I was a bit older take part in the cross country.

What has been your best running achievement?

My best running achievement is definitely running the London Marathon, I underestimated how hard the training and the commitment would be, the marathon is the end reward.

The time and miles you have to put in to get to that start line ready is the hardest part.

What is your running ambition?

I would absolutely love to beat my 10k PB of 44.57 just one more time.

I just can’t seem to get there! I am trying to learn to pace and not go off too quickly, which is always my biggest mistake in a race.

Why do you run?

Running 100% keeps me sane, it is the way I get rid of any work or home stressors.

I actually think I would be in a nut house if I did not run. it definitely keeps me grounded and level headed.

Favourite place to run?

Every year I visit my great Aunt in Swansea, running along the mumbles seafront is fantastic. It such a special place to me. I run along that coastal path with the biggest smile.

I also love my run on a Thursday with Nic as we can always let off steam and get rid of our weekly frustrations.

Tell us about your worst run?

A week after getting my PB 10k, I ran Derby 10k, I was a mile from the finish when disaster struck, and I collapsed unconscious.

I did not regain consciousness until I was being rushed into majors at the hospital.

I was in hospital for 3 days with kidney failure and dehydration and what they think was a viral infection and running had pushed me over the edge!

I blame this run as the reason I can never get my times back to where I would like them...

I also know a lot of runners sacrificed their times and looked after me that day, I am forever grateful and will never know who they were to say thank you.

Best running phrase?

OMG why the hell am I doing this???

Is usually going through my head at all races..

Favourite running photo?

I literally take the worst photos ever!!

There is a selfie I took after Notts Marathon, that’s my Strava picture, it’s about the only running picture I don’t mind.

Have you ever lost your running mojo?

I am always losing my running mojo, it usually just finds it way back.

After my 10k incident it took me a few months to get my confidence back and put on the running shoes.

Best route around Mickleover/Derby?

I love the run over to Radbourne and back over the fields.

I never even knew the route existed until a club run took us that way.

Who would be on your wish list to run with?

Oh wow, good question. I think after seeing the video of Frank Lampard running around the streets of Chaddesden, I would quite like to join him one week.

Worst/Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Pace yourself (I just need to listen to the advice)

What do you think about when you run?

I think about anything and everything. I never used to be able to run without music, but nowadays I rarely listen to music, I like to lose myself in thoughts.

Run to time or distance?

Definitely time, I ran London and Nottingham for distance, but a half marathon or less I know I can run the distance so I like to get a good time.


What was your favourite race and why?

I love Derby 10k, and the support you get round the course.

Tell us about your pre-race rituals and food and drink.

I don’t have any, I always have overnight oats and fruit for breakfast, so just stick to that on race days.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?

New York Marathon 100%

What’s your one race essential?

Comfy running bottoms, I hate it when you have to keep pulling them up.

Would you run a marathon without getting a medal?

Definitely, I prefer a t shirt to a medal. I don’t quite know what to do with medals they are all in my bottom drawer at work.