Welfare Sec./XC Captain

Happy Campers….

The weekend of 23rd/24th June 2018 brought with it lots of sunshine, but also the excitement of the first MRC camping trip to Blackbrook Lodge.

We chose a campsite in a beautiful part of Derbyshire, and its just 15 minutes away from Mickleover so it was perfect for people to join us for the day if they didn’t want to camp.

Friday night saw the first of the intrepid runners to arrive; Adrian, the Chamberlain and Sheil families and Phil, who joined us on his bike.

For most of us this was the first experience of Adrian’s amazing trailer AKA “Mary Poppins’ carpet bag.” Before our eyes emerged a huge fire pit and a whole circus skills workshop, complete with balancing board, juggling balls and clubs and not just one, but two, unicycles. After a fantastic demonstration of these circus skills we settled down to a relaxed evening around the fire pit with a few drinks, whilst watching the local owls and bats flying around.

Early Saturday morning brought with it a humiliating game of football for Adrian, John and myself when we took on the kids (with help from a boy from a neighbouring campervan).

We lost, badly. A short time later brought the arrival of more happy campers; Emma C, Paul D, Kellie, Al and Phil. Tents were set up, or in the case of Phil, campervan parked, and the day’s activities began.

Steve and John previously did a recce on an approximately 8 mile route on footpaths to a pub at Hulland Ward, where we would rendezvous with a second group going on the 2 mile walk option, led by Rowan.

The long run was superb, taking us on a route through some beautiful countryside.

We made a steady pace over the undulating terrain, with long grass and uneven ground, and had built up quite a thirst by the time we reached Turnditch, almost 3 miles from the campsite.

A unanimous decision led to a short, but very steep, detour up to The Tiger pub for a welcome refreshment break.

It was a little difficult to get going again, but we eventually set off on part 2 of the run.

This was to take us over some lesser trodden paths, the grass was longer, the brambles more spiky and there were a few marshy areas underfoot - fantastic fun!

There was a slightly bizarre part where for a short time we were funnelled down a narrow path between high wooden fence (not sure what they are hiding).

We saw peacocks, donkeys and a somewhat frisky pony further along our route and finally left the footpaths at Biggin Lane, following the road for the rest of the way into Hulland Ward village.

Due to an amazing feat of planning (!) we met the walking group just yards from our well-earned lunch stop at the Nag’s Head.

MRC took over the beer garden, where we met up with Nic D and Rob and Nic A and family.

We rehydrated and refuelled and then set off on the final part of the route, some running, some walking and others being carried (kids, not weary runners).

This was the reverse of the route that the walking group had taken earlier and took us the 2 miles back to the campsite past fields of drying hay, a concrete works and a farm where the friendly owner allowed the kids to feed the chickens and gave them freshly laid eggs.

Back at the campsite we were joined by Rob H, Kathryn and family and the evening’s activities kicked off with the children’s fun run.

All ran well on a scenic route around the pond, each receiving a medal and homemade chocolate lolly (courtesy of Nic A) for their efforts.

As the BBQ heated up a rematch of the adults vs kids football match took place, but this time the adult team had brought in their secret weapon, Emma C.

Thanks to her skills the adults were not humiliated this time, although there was a controversial moment where she took out the youngest member of the Humber family, would you have thought it - and this was only one of the yellow cards she was given!

As this was happening, Adrian and Al demonstrated their BBQ skills, cooking huge quantities of sausages and burgers over the fire pit.

The fire was then stoked up, with Adrian achieving his aim to have the biggest flames on the campsite. Later on Phil brought out his famous toffee vodka, it was a huge hit (sorry John, your dodgy pear schnapps wasn’t quite so popular). There was more football, a lot of practice on the balance board (Steve C, you know who I mean), lots of fun playing the After Eight Mint game and a very chilled evening around the fire.

Sunday morning was glorious, bringing bright sunshine and a very hot day.

Following a leisurely and relaxed breakfast the tents were packed and a very enjoyable and very successful MRC camping weekend drew to a close.

Hopefully the first of many more in the future.

A last special thanks to those who put in the hard work to organise this event; Steve and Rowan for planning and leading the run and walk, John for arranging the campsite, John, Steve and Nic A for doing the BBQ shop and Adrian for being a superstar providing the fire pit and circus skills workshop.

Club News

Ross and the team have been working hard to create a refreshed run schedule and online calendar which looks fantastic!

New Club Run Schedule

From next week the Club is adopting a new Club Run schedule. Ross, our Club Run Co-ordinator has been working hard to review our approach which been developed based on:

  • The wider member feedback from the questionnaire earlier in the year (more structured run / people generally wanting to improve speed/times)
  • Lessons learned from the Leader in Run Fitness course
  • Making the scheduling more visible
  • Making the schedule less man hour intensive to organise

Hopefully the outcome will achieve a number of these goals and we look forward to hearing from you to let us know what you think!

So here is what we are doing

Structured Runs – mostly held on Tuesdays these sessions are open to all and will take the format of intervals, hill reps, speed work etc.

The way that the sessions will be structured will mean all paces are catered for. We will aim to provide at least one structured run on a Thursday each month too.

Social Runs – mainly on Thursdays these runs will see, over the Summer, everyone running together. Once again, different paces can be catered for where Run Leaders are available but the key is mustering and run backs for those faster paced.

Each week additional ‘Social Runs’ may be available but this will be down to the availability of Run Leaders. Routes/Options will be posted out as early as possible, on the Mickleover Running Club Events Page. Care has been taken to ensure that in the lead up to and following club Championship Races recovery runs have been put in place.

Additional ‘training plans’ will be made available where the Run Leaders are able to provide them…for example Rowan is looking to provide a dedicated 10k ‘improvers’ schedule that people can join in with on Thursdays – more of that soon!).

The key will be to keep an eye on the schedule which is on the Club Run page and includes clear instructions on what we are doing and any routes.

Welfare Secretary/ Race Co-ordinator/ Cross Country Captain/ Run Leader

Human Performance Centre
(part of the Derby University Sport Science Department)

I recently attended a talk at Derby University’s Human Performance Centre about some of the services they offer in particular towards runners.

The session focused on gait & running style, and how small alterations in these could improve one’s running.

There was a lot of geeky talk (ok I enjoyed it), but it was to show how they analyse ones running technique when they talk about contact time your foot has with the ground, number of steps/cadence, air time – all of these influence how we run.

They will do a fully video analysis of your technique – and from that show how/where your foot lands will influence other areas of the running process and from that offer advice.

What was interesting in what they said – how running style has been developed from a very early age (about the age of 2 – when we started to walk/run to our parents annoyance!) and thus it is very inbuilt with us.

Any changes they suggest will be focused on 1 area, and the aim of developing it over a period of time. This reflects a key area that I gained in the LiRF course I attended as well – small simple changes.

For example, in the 2 images, it is the height of the heel recovery – on the left low heel, on the right high heel recovery, that is one area we looked at on these slides – and to my shame/honesty – it is something that was spotted on my gait when I was on the treadmill – but that is something they would work with me to improve.

The session is £60 for the hour, but they do provide a comprehensive assessment and one that is geared towards you as an individual runner.

For details and more questions, please email at :

To book: Click Here

The Club will explore whether there is demand / possibility for a group session.

MRC 2nd Birthday

It is not long until we reach the grand old age of 2 so as a way of celebrating we would like to do a curry and beer night.

We are proposing either Tuesday 18 or Thursday 20 Sept – you tell us what date works best for you and we will go with the majority. Let us know!

There is also a Facebook Poll on the members group page- have a look! For non Facebook users email the Committee.


We are appreciate not every one is a football fan – thank you for your patience and understanding when we have cancelled the club runs!

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Races, Results and Events Update

Once again, it has been very quiet over the last couple of weeks in terms of running events and who has done what.

All I know is that 2 members of ‘Team Freeman’ ventured to South Wales for the Swansea Half and Jo & Tracey decided to enjoy the views of the Humber by running in the Humber Bridge Half.

Please do let us know about any races you have completed in so we may celebrate your successes.

Derby Run Series

Some of you may have seen I did update some information from the DRS after the recent Derby Half, but just confirm what I said:

The club is 5th in the standings overall behind Derwent, Team Derby Runner, Shelton & Long Eaton – but ahead of Derby AC, Heanor, Belper – to name a few.

We might have a chance to catch Long Eaton to move to 4th and slim chance to catch Shelton – but we need your support – so please do enter (where you can) into any of the last 3 events: Wilne 10k, Shelton 10k and the Derby 10mile – even finishing an event will gain yu and the club 10points, so they all count!

Individually on the Men’s table: James Kelly is 26th just a head of Steve Richardson in 27th, Jamie Astley is in the top 50 still, with Ross an Aaron both in the top 100.

As for the Ladies, it is Emma Cull leading the way up in 4th place over all, Beckie Yates in 10th and Vicky in 31st.

Making it in the top 100 are both Lucy Astley an Sophie Salloway. Many congats Ladies – but especially to Emma and Beckie.

Club Champs:

Race 4 and 5 are not too far ahead of us. As these are all local races – lets try and get own and cheer on the members as they run.

The Tara Kinder is on Friday 20th July at Elvaston Castle – ideal for the family (playground and tea shop that sells very nice cake!).

Race 5 is the Pigs 10k on Weds 1 Aug – it is enter on the day, only downside – it the Northern Route but very vey local!

Upcoming Running Events

Derby Sunrise 5k
13th July 2018
To enter Click Here.

Brooksies Bash 10mile Trail
15th July 2018
To enter Click Here.

Tara Kinder (Club Champs)
20th July 2018
To enter Click Here.

Conti 24hr Thunder Run (Various teams have entered)
21st/22nd July 2018
More info. as SOLD OLD Click Here.

Pigs 10k
1st Aug. 2018
Enter on the night, for more info. Click Here.

Erewash Half
18th Aug. 2018
To enter Click Here.

Wilne 10k
2nd Sept. 2018
To enter Click Here now as only a few places left!. This is part of the Derby Run Series & Club Championship.

Club Secretary


Mickleover Runing Club are now officially on tour.

Nice to see the Mickleover Colours run at Long Eaton last week.

Next Tour date is 28th July 2018, at Rosliston.

Rosliston Forestry Centre,
Burton Road,
DE12 8JX.

Car share encouraged. 

click here for more info.

Robert Humber


It’s holiday time – which means some of us pack our trainers full of good intentions – and then don’t run!

But some of us do…like Doug in Singapore….great effort!!

on the run with...

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with…Adrian Snape.

When did you start running and when did you join Mickleover Running Club?

I first started running in the late 1970’s / early 1980’s and joined Mickleover Running Club in November 2017.

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?

Having company whilst on a run. It’s a lot easier to run in a group than on your own.

When and who do you run with the club?

I usually run on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays and run with the 9:00 / 9:30 pace group.


Tell us your history of running?

I first started running in the late 1970’s / early 1980’s when I competed in the Four Inns Walk which is a 45 mile route over the high moorlands of the Northern Peak District starting in Yorkshire and finishing in Derbyshire which is open to experienced walkers and fell runners.

The Rules stipulated that full hiking boots must be worn and each competitor had to carry a change of clothing and survival rations to last for 24 hours in case they became lost or injured on the moors.

My best time to complete the course was 10 hours 54 minutes.

In 1984 / 1985 I switched to road running and entered some local events including the original Derby Half Ramathon which started and ended at Moorways.

A new job, which involved extensive periods abroad and a young family curtailed my running activities until about 2005 when I started running the 3 mile fun run organized by Derby City Council on Markeaton Park with my daughters.

From 2008 onwards I’ve entered the Derby 10K to keep me active and entered other occasional races like the Great North Run, Derby Kilomathon and the Ramathon.

What has been your best running achievement?

I ran the Derby half Marathon in 1:33:04 in 1985– I wish I could run at that pace now.

What is your running ambition?

To try and get a sub 0:50 in a 10K.

Why do you run?

It gives me time to chill out and to keep fit.

Favourite place to run?

Anywhere that’s traffic free – particularly woods, forest or moorland.

Tell us about your worst run?

It was a five mile run organized by Derbyshire City Council around Markeaton Park (before the Park Run was established).

It was the hottest day of the year and there were no drink stations along the course.

At about 4½ miles I collapsed from dehydration and passed out. I ended up in an ambulance suffering from sun stroke.

Best running phrase?

“It’s supposed to be hard…… the hard is what makes it great”

Favourite running photo?

I had one taken at the start of the Great North Run which is one of the most enjoyable runs I have done.

Have you ever lost your running mojo and how did you get it back?

I’ve never not wanted to run but took a break for eighteen months due to a knee injury in 2016.

I joined MRC to encourage me to run regularly again – and it has worked.

Best route around Mickleover/Derby?

I live in Littleover so will usually either run down to and around Markeaton Park and back or past Sainsbury’s Kingsway, across Micklover Common, Ladybank and back up Pastures Hill.

Who would be on your wish list to run with?

Mo Farrah – What an inspirational, down-to-earth guy.

Worst/Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Worse – Stick to your race plan no matter what

Best – Don’t rush – things don’t happen overnight

What do you think about when you run?

On a club night, nothing – I just relax. During a race I’ll set myself small milestones, either pace or distance.

Run to time or distance?

Both. Sometimes I’ll increase my distance and sometimes I’ll go for speed.


What was your favourite race and why?

Great North Run. This is by far the biggest race I have ever entered but the atmosphere from the runners and spectators is absolutely amazing.

Tell us about your pre-race rituals and food and drink.

Stay off the beer the night before a race and have an early night. I’ll get up early to give myself plenty of time and normally have a breakfast of porridge and a banana.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?

I think that would be the Galapagos Islands. The wild life and scenery look exceptional.

What’s your one race essential?

To finish – I once dropped out of a race half way round. I just gave up thinking I couldn’t continue and have always regretted it since. I felt like I hadn’t given my all and vowed I’d never do it again and as yet I haven’t.

Would you run a marathon without getting a medal?

Yes – I don’t run for medals but for my own sense of achievement.

I have never run a marathon and am not sure if I could……….but If I did I’d be well chuffed.