Tracey Griffiths

The dreaded Runners Trots…

I know – this is pretty gross BUT it’s one of those topics that, until you start running you wouldn’t even had a second thought about.

So….whilst some of you may never ever have a problem most of you, at some point or another will experience the dreaded….runners trots.

So…..what is it and why does it happen….running requires the body to send blood to working muscles, which means it stops digesting food.

This along with the jostling can speed the movement of food through the intestines creating that need to go feeling.

Additionally, if you have kind of food sensitivity it might be present in your daily life, but only becoming truly a problem when you run and the gastric distress is ramped up.

A runny nose, breakouts, fatigue and difficulty breathing are all symptoms.

Basic Tips:
  • Stay hydrated – many who report GI issues are dehydrated, which prevents the body from easily moving food through the system.
  • Keep a food journal to identify those food sensitivities
  • Give your body time to…’visit the facilities’ before you head out in the morning
  • Try training at different times of day to see if that impacts your bathroom process

What about Imodium?
This over the counter medicine is used to help stop diarrhea by slowing the movement of food through your intestines.

Many runners swear by taking a dose prior to long runs or races and the side effects generally seem mild (like constipation), but it should be considered an option…not a solution.

Most of us as we start to increase mileage begin to try out using gels.

From personal experience I started to use one brand which, after a year I worked out that it was causing me some discomfort (!) and have now tried another brand which are much better.

However if I get a bit carried away and have too many gels … well….it’s not great!!

(Some of this has been taken from RuntotheFinish blog)

The A-Z of Running

D …is for… DNF/DNS ...
Did not finish & Did not start

If you’re unwell or injured then common sense says Do Not Start…..but then you wonder if you could get around….you worry about the money you’ve spent on race entry / travel etc…the money you raised for charity that has been donated.

Ultimately it’s your decision but if you’re ill then you are putting yourself at risk…if you’re injured then you either have to accept you need to take the event easier or accept you risk prolonging the injury.

In many ways this is worse than any DNS. DNF suggests and injury or illness has prevented your DNF.

It could be dehydration, the conditions (heat), you’re slower than the course cut off times.

Always make sure you have your contact details/medical information (whether you are in a race event or running the local streets and trails).

MRC First Camping and Trail Running Weekend

We’re really excited to announce our first MRC On Tour group trip… Belper 😊

Details are on the website and you can submit your interest via the link here.

We’ve already had a number of people confirm they will be coming. You can run on the day or camp and run.

So that we can give the camp site a heads up on numbers please confirm your interest no later than the 9th April via web link.

(Please note that this is not a club funded event)

view campsite website

Jaq has done it again…..Middle Earth…..where next….Mars 😊 ?

Manchester Marathon Tracking App

We will post the link on the Facebook page when it’s available and no doubt progress updates too.

2018/19 Membership renewal

With less than one week to go before the new Club year starts all renewals must be paid before the 1st April.

Click Here to to renew your membership.

In our first full year we have surpassed 100 members!

Well done to Paul Williams, our 100th member, who won £10 Derby Runner voucher.


The kit is currently at the printers and we hope to have it in our hands in the next 2 / 3 weeks.

Santa James will be preparing his sleigh to bring orders to the Club runs or organize collection/delivery with you all.

Races Results and Events Update

yes, we need or would like 1 female member to run and represent the club at the Livingston Relays on the 29th April, a simple blast round Brunstone Park – just 3miles.

If interested, please inform Vicky or myself.

Massive congrats to Kellie Jones who competed in her first race in the Ashbourne 10k and finished in a well respectable time of 55.58 Parkrun News: it seems it was ‘Parkrun PB’ on Saturday at Markeaton with all 4 runners hitting new PBs.

Paul was first home in 22.05, followed Beckie Yates soon followed in 23.07, With Nic Dolman home in 26.17.

Showing us all up thou was Doug Whitlam running the 5k in 31.01 – he is well over 60 and showing us all how to do it!

Hairy Helmet: those members who showed an interest in the HH Relay event have been sent an email with some details on.

Please use the link to confirm and finalise your wish to participate.

There only a few spaces available and any remaining will be made available to members generally after the 31st March.

It is amazing that in mid-March, we had the mini ‘Beast from the East’ hitting the UK.

As a result, on what should have been a weekend full of running – races and last long runs was snowed out.

Events in the area were cancelled: Ashby 20, GN Half/10k, Coventry Half, Stafford Half.

On reflection it was a wise move by the organisers as getting around would have been tricky, let alone running.

Updates for the Ashby 20 found at the website:

Updates for the Great Northern Half/10k:

As for the XC, I now have the final individual results from the 4 races – where the best 3 races counted, and they are:

Men’s Sen: Aaron – 11th Men’s 40V: Steve C – 4th Wilf – 5th Ross – 6th Men’s 50V: Alan – 2nd Ladies Sen: Rowan – 2nd Emma – 6th Ladies 40V: Lucy – 5th Well done to all again with the small but very enjoyable series of races.
Future Events

8th April
the first big city marathon of the spring marathon season with several members running in Manchester: Alan, Vicky (Capts lead the way), John, Raj, Tom, Rob & Cal Freeman.

15th April
Derby 10k – and I suspect loads of members running here – please go and cheer them on if you are not running, it is our biggest 10k in the area and showing the club load and proud! As well as Race 1 in the MRC Club Champs.

17th April
MRC 5K Handicap TT – Ross will update via Facebook and email out, I am sure.

22nd April
the small event, that not many people know about called the Virgin London Marathon – The 3 James’ (U, S & K), Paul D, Rob H, and Katie.

29th April
Livingston Relays – MRC takes on the big clubs in the area, leading the way for our teams: Dan & Brad Foley, Aaron, Steve R, Ross, Wilf, Alan & John. The Ladies: Vicky, Lucinda, Emma, Jo & Kellie & ANO.

If you are doing events, please do let us know – we do like to celebrate all member’s achievements.

On the run with...

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with… James Kelly

When did you start running and when did you join Mickleover Running Club?
Started running in May 2016 and joined MRC February 2018

When and who do you run with the club?
I try to make it every Tuesday and Thursday and usual run in the group runs led by Ross

Tell us your history of running?
I only started in May 2016 when my close friend from Oz, Will, was running the NYC marathon that year and encouraged me to do it.

I had always been more interested in strength training over cardio but due to a back injury in 2015 I couldn’t carry it on.

I got into a rut of having a poor diet and not exercising, in no time I had ballooned up to 15 stone and felt out of breath even walking up the stairs.

As soon as I got talked into the NYC marathon I decided to commit to the training 100%. I stopped drinking, sorted my diet out and started running.

After nearly 2 years of running I’d got my weight down and got a hobby that I love.

My close mate will is now himself in a rut and found that he can’t get motivated to run.

I have encouraged him to enter the Chicago marathon with me this year and returning the favour in trying to get him motivated like he did me a couple of years back.

What is your running ambition?
To run all 6 of the Abbott world major marathons

Why do you run?
It makes me happy, nothing better after a stressful day at work going for a long run.

Favourite place to run?
Bushy park Kingston upon Thames in the summer

Tell us about your worst run?
Running last years Derby 10k whilst trying to recover from a groin strain.

Ran the race with a slight limp and in pain the whole way round.

Best running phrase?
Push it

Have you ever lost your running mojo and how did you get it back?
Spent 3 months last summer training for a cycling event up the Alps, didn’t do much running as it was all cycling.

I thought with being cycle fit I could just pick up where I left off with the running but found I had lost my running legs and felt I couldn’t get back to where I was with my running. Decided to get a marathon lined up to get me back focused on running

Best route around Mickleover/Derby?
The old railway track to Hilton and back

Who would be on your wish list to run with?
Patrick D. Cutter
American runner on instagram, not your typical long distance runner but runs amazing times

Worst advice you’ve ever been given?
Just run through the pain it’s weakness leaving your body

Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Don’t go flat out try and pace yourself

What do you think about when you run?
I think about how happy it makes me

Run to time or distance?
Prefer to run distance

What was your favourite race and why?
NYC marathon , the experience and atmosphere was amazing. The feeling of actually completing a marathon was out of this world

Tell us about your pre-race rituals
Scoffing loads of carbs

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?
New York marathon

James is running the London Marathon this year for MACS. If you would like to sponsor him the link is:
Click Here