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Solo Running – who knows, where and when? ...

Over the last 12 months or so, this is something that has crossed my mind a fair few times and I suspect I might not be the only one and with the weather (and my age), has made me think.

Who knows I am out running? What time I’ll be back or how long I will be out for?

Where I am going on the runs or races?

This has come more to my thoughts after my daughter started at uni – as I no longer can say to her, ‘Ok, am off ouT for a 12mile run, back in 2hrs or so’… Well, really left her a note, a teen up and awake at 8am on a Sunday is unheard of!

So, here’s what I try and do. Usually, but not all the time, I try and say on the MRC FB page, that I am planning a run on Sunday am – with the approx distance and the time I am aiming to go out.

Take my phone with me. I have a few of the MRC members I can ring if need – or hope so! When I get back the data is uploaded and thus people know I have been out as they will see the data on Strava and thus realise I am home!

Editors Note: Club members receive a FREE ICE tag (you can also buy replacements) – don’t forget to wear them. This isn’t about scare tactics but just to give you/your family/friends etc a little extra confidence that should something happen whilst you are out for a run that there is a contact number easily accessible/visible.

The A-Z of Running

…is for… Carb loading, ...
commonly practiced by devouring mountains of pasta before a marathon, is a time-honored way to fuel your muscles for a long, hard effort.

The loading used to be preceded by a long "depletion" run six or seven days before the race to empty the muscles of glycogen, the stored form of carbohydrate.

Several days of avoiding carbs would follow to further deplete glycogen stores, then the runner would back off from training and pile on the pasta (or rice, potatoes, bread, etc.) until race morning. The idea was to get the body fully loaded and ready to run through the Wall.

Today we’re told to skip the depletion phase. Because of reduced training in the days before a big race, a runner doesn’t tap heavily into stored fuel.

Coupled with a slight increase in carbohydrate intake, this allows the body to store plenty of glycogen—without the attendant risks of monkeying with your metabolism in the days before a big race.

Your muscles, ligaments and brain will thank you.

Courtesy of
Runners World

is also for Chip Time; Compression Socks and Chaffing…

Club News
Membership Renewals

Great news….so far renewals are going well and over 40% of you have renewed.

Remember you don’t need to do this if you joined since Jan this year.

If you plan on running with the Club this year please do submit your renewal.

Click Here to renew membership.

Pub News

The current landlords of the Honeycomb Pub are leaving and we’re in a little bit of limbo as to whether there will be any impact on us using it as a meeting point/some social events.

So….we’re keeping an eye on things and will speak to the new landlords when they arrive!

In the meantime we are considering other possible locations in Mickleover but hopefully we won’t need to move – yet.

Given the numbers of runners turning up we are also aware of the car parking situation and don’t want to fill the car park so pub visitors can’t park.

So if you are able to car share / walk / run to the Club Run that would be great – or please park on the side roads nearby (with care).

Once again, we will monitor the situation and if we outgrow the current location this may also mean we have to consider our options.

Summer Route
Design Challenge

With the days get longer the opportunity of getting away from the well trodden streets of Mickelover for our club runs becomes easier.

So with that in mind we are offering you the opportunity to get your designer’s hat on and plan a summer route for the club and also maybe bag your self a £20 Run Derby Voucher.

All you need to do is come up with a route that you think that you and club would like to do over the summer months.

As with any completion there has to be some rules, so here we go:

> The run should be no longer than 9 miles (90 mins at 10:00 min / mile pace)
> The start does not have to be limited to the Honeycomb but must start from within Mickleover and have parking facilities for those comminuting from outside of Mickleover.
> There should be no cows on route.
> The route can be provided in any format, but ideally a GPX, FIT, TCX export from Strava, Garmin etc would be best.
> Closing date for your submissions will be midnight Sunday 25th March.
> Unfortunately your artwork cannot be returned.

The Run Coordinator will judge the routes and announce the winner at the end of March with the winning route being included in the April Run Schedule.

I look forward to receiving your entries and good look.


Club members who not only packed their trainers and running shirts but actually put them on and ran 😊

clearly having a terrible time in New Zealand!

the clubs colour first outing to Malaysia!

We love to see your holiday runs so keep the pictures coming!

Club Run

It’s intervals at Club Run this week! 

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Races Results and Events Update

XC Season over for another year ...

Well, shall I mention the ‘S’ word? Yes events have been limited due to the weather hitting hard with many being cancelled early on, so very limited info about race results.

Just as I was about to send this to Tracey for the newsletter, I finally get hold of the results from both race 4 and the overall individual results for the Cross Country. So, how did we get on…..

The Mens team were 4th on the day and overall 5th – just the 3rd race let us down, but next year – we will be back!

Mixed: 3rd on the day and 4th overall, unfortunately being slightly short of the criteria for the men’s numbers meant we didn’t achieve the scoring requirements Ladies: 4th on the day, but …………………………..3rd overall 😊 massive congrats to all of you!!

Finally, well done to all of you who took part in the races over the winter.

4th Event (Burton) Individual positions on the day were:

Aaron – 13th
James K – 16th
Jamie – 18th
Wilf – 22nd
Steve – 23rd
Alan – 35th
Lewis - 48th
Ian – 50th

Rowan – 4th
Emma – 12th
Sophie – 20th
Tracey – 25th
Lucy – 27th

A special ‘congratulations’ must go out to Emma, Steve and Wilf – as they turned out for all 4 races – come rain, wind, snow or mud – fantastic eort by you especially.

As for the final individual positions, which 3 out of 4 races count – there are a couple of issues I have picked up and informed Dave Mann of them, so until I get confirmation of the issues raised – I don’t want to say anything!

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Future Events

We are, I think, slowly moving into Spring and so the events will becoming thick and fast.

The next big event will the Great Northern Half and 10k on the 18th March.

One of the really local events and a few members have entered this – so if you’re not doing anything pop down and give them a cheer – it would be very much appreciated….especially for those doing the two laps!

On the same day, some will be heading down to Ashby for the Ashby 20.

It is an ideal event for those running a spring marathon – a 2 lap event over an undulating course. Of course, that leads into April and the start of the Spring Marathons with people running Manchester, London and now venturing further afield to Edinburgh.

The Club have also entered 4 teams in the Livingston Relays (29th April) down at Brunstone Park, Leics. Some members have already shown interest, but we still need one more lady to fill all the places. The distance is only 3miles – so a fast blast!

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

MRC Club Championships

April also sees the start of the Club Championships with the first event the Derby 10k

with the second event being the Sinfin Classic in May.

There are 8 events in total, one a month basically, but only 5 count to the overall standings! So, who can beat our current champions: Steve Richardson and Vicky Sheil over the season?

Please note that the date of the Tara Kinder has changed to Fri 20th July now!.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Derby Run Series

With the news of the DRS race list being released as follows:

Derby 10k - 15th April (Club Champ race)
Carsington 7+ - 6th May
Sinfin - 13th May (Club Champ race)
Ramathon 3rd June
Wilne - 2nd September
Shelton 10k - October
Derby 10M – November

Remember to register you are with Mickleover Running Club when you enter for your Club points to count – and for us to more easily find your results!!

On the run with...

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with… Katie Farrelly

Joined Mickleover Running Club:

When did you start running and when did you join Mickleover Running Club?
I started running in 2014 not regularly though. I joined Mickleover running club New Year’s Day this year ( New Year’s resolution still going strong!)

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?
I used to use the excuse ‘I can’t be bothered’ yet now I look forward to running club and seeing everyone there, looking at all their runs on strava and getting helpful tips from them all. Also seeing all the runs they do help encourage me to run more.

When and who do you run with the club?
I run Tuesdays and Thursdays. I turned up on my first day worried that I wouldn’t know anyone yet saw my friend from school Lucinda who I hadn’t spoken to in about 6 years. She was there too and it was her first time with the club! She’s too fast to run with at running club but I do a lot of my weekend runs with her. She’s been a great help with my training and it’s been great seeing her again! At running club I run with anyone but mostly Georgina 

Tell us your history of running?
I ran my first 10k in September 2014. My second April 2016 and my third April 2017. After the third 10k I started to really enjoy it so started running regularly to train for the ramathon in 2017 then found that so hard so stopped running until I joined Mickleover running club

What has been you best running achievement?
Running up to 20 miles last month

What is your running ambition?
To compete the London marathon this year running all the way- no walking!

Why do you run?
To clear my mind from any stress and to help me deal with the loss of my dad.

Favourite place to run?
Anywhere around mickleover

Tell us about your worst run?
My work entered me into the Wilne 10k in September 2014.

I had hardly ran before and went for a curry the night before.

Panicked in the morning and ate 4 bananas before the race….and yes I was sick on the finish line and the photographer got it on camera!

Best running phrase?
‘If Phil scope can run a 100 mile race I can do a Marathon’ I say this in my head when I’m struggling. He makes a marathon distance seem easy!!

Favorite running photo?
The photo at the top of this was at the derby 10k run last year. My friends were amazing and the training runs were fun!

We raised £3000 for charity and it was such an amazing feeling running this race with them!

! It was such a hot day and we went for a few drinks afterwards! Well those ‘few drinks’ somehow turned into us drinking with all the derby county football team we bumped into at the pub and me ringing in sick for work the next day- oops!

I will never forget that hangover!! It was worth it though!

Have you ever lost your running mojo and how did you get it back?
I’ve never really had a running mojo until I joined this club.

I would always enter a race and train until the race and then stop! Now mickleover running club has given me my running mojo and I love it!

Best route around Mickleover/Derby?
DOWN pastures hill

Who would be on your wish list to run with?
My dad. He used to do so much running and I never went out with him- I really wish I had done now we would have had a great time.

Worst/Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Worst advice
‘you can run in any type of trainers it doesn’t matter’

Best advice
to take jelly babies and gels and when the best time is to take them. To also take water on while on my long runs!

What do you think about when you run?
It depends on what has happened during that week. I mostly think about the London Marathon this year and how I’m going to compete it!

Run to time or distance?

What was your favourite race and why?
The derby 10k run. I used to always watch my dad run this race every year. The year he passed away I ran it for the first time 2 months later and managed to raise £2500 for charity. This race will always be special to me

Tell us about your pre-race rituals and food and drink.
I have porridge for breakfast with two slices of toast with jam. 1 pint of water and a cup of tea with two sugars in.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?
New York marathon

What’s your one race essential?
My Inhaler-ha!

What’s your one race essential?
My Inhaler-ha!

Would you run a marathon without getting a medal?
Yes as long as strava had recorded it!

To support Katie in her first marathon in memory of her dad...
Click Here

Robert Humber

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I did update the newsletter while looking at the sea...