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Welcome to the Club

In recent weeks we have seen quite a large number of new members join so it feels right to say a quick ‘Welcome’ !!!

No doubt you have spoken to members of the Committee or other members already and enjoyed at least one club run with us.

Most of you who are on Social Media will see our active Facebook page and we encourage you all to contribute to the banter - whether it’s questions, funny stories/links, events, pictures and generally anything running related and lots of other things that are not 😊 - just keep it clean!

The current Committee (our lovely mugshots are on the website) are all very approachable (we think!) so please do talk to us should you have any ideas, questions, comments or concerns.

. This club is all about its members and we want to ensure that you all feel part of it!

The Exec Committee meets every 2 months (the next being 4th March) as such if you would like any items raised please contact me at


So many MRC runners have been taking part in races over the last couple of weeks and it looks like there’s something in the air…so many Personal Best times are being achieved.

It takes grit, determination, training, support and a lot of BELIEF that you can!

So many of you commented in the club questionnaire that one of the reasons you joined the club was to ‘run faster’ . Well – it’s clearly working!!

The A-Z of Running

…is for Burnout ...
the unfortunate result of overdoing something.

. For example, a group of your coworkers might say, "Let’s do Chinese food today; I’m burned out on pizza."

In distance running, burnout occurs when you race too often, work out on the track too intensely, or spend months logging mega-mileage without a break.

One day, the desire to head out the door, even for an easy half-hour run, is gone.

The best way to avoid burnout?

Schedule some down time from running.

Your muscles, ligaments and brain will thank you.

Courtesy of
Runners World

…is also for bling ...
Black toenails; Bleeding Nipples

MRC Book Club

A personal fav. from me. A book that me made take running seriously... well ish.

Amazon Link

Read a book about running that you would like to share/recommend?

Let me know through FB/Email etc (

Club News
Membership Renewals

As detailed in the last newsletter, anyone who joined the club before January this year needs to renew their membership as the membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March (in line with England Athletics membership renewal process).

Thanks to the up coming changes being brought about by the General Data Protection Regulation the club has to set out more clearly its policy around your data, what we do with it (and don’t do with it) and need signed consent from you for some things.

We are therefore working hard to tighten the current approach and document it fully.

We are also reviewing a couple of our systems to ensure that we meet the GDPR.

As such we hope to have the renewal page open for business within the next few days!

Club News
Mickleover Running Club Club Championship

Open to fully affiliated MRC Members, made up of running events in and around the Derby region.

There is no registration required for the overall MRC Club Championship and all you need to do is enter each race individually and run!

Each of the races are listed on the MRC website so get entering! Awards will go to First and Second Male and Female.

Click Here to find out more.

Club Run

Race Report
Carsington Half Marathon Race Report

On a beautiful, but bitterly cold morning 4 intrepid runners, Georgina King, James Stevens, James Kelly and your number one navigator Ross Bennett braved the “undulations” of Carsington Water for Nice-Work’s second Half Marathon around Carsington.

As we rolled up to the car park the busses were already in place to take us to the start line a few minutes up the road.

But before boarding there was the obligatory toilet stop to try and squeeze one out.

Top tip get the last bus, being keen to get on with it we got on one of the first busses, but this just meant we had to hang around in the cold until the last bus arrived.

Still it gave us plenty of time to brave the portaloos.

The race started a bit behind schedule as we waited for the last bus to arrive and for those doing a quick warm up to get to the start line.

The 10k and Half Marathon runners all started together so the beginning of the race was quite crowded but it soon started to thin out.

Having 10k and Half Marathon runners running together always makes it a challenge to try and pace yourself and not get too carried away.

It’s so easy to start running with what you think is a Half Marathon runner only to watch them peel off towards the 10k finish line and you still have another 7 miles to go, or in my case 8 and a half.

With the 10k runners finishing I started the second half of the race, which is where it all went wrong for me, as well as a couple of other runners from Long Eaton.

The field had got stretched and we started to get passed by the leaders who had done their double back to the finish.

However we got confused as the point we got passed looked like the doubling back point and with nobody to follow we simply followed the leaders.

This mistake resulted in a number of us finishing the 10k race and having to go back out, which added another couple of miles to our race.

Another top tip, check the race route before heading out, you never know, you might find yourself near the front….

All that said and done it was a good race only marred by my own stupidity and by all accounts everybody who ran it really seemed to enjoy it and the medal made it all worth while.

Well done to Georgina on completing her first Half Marathon I suspect that will be the first of many.

Well done to James Kelly for being the first MRC Runner home.

Well done to James Stevens for coming in second for MRC and for also sticking to Phil’s advice.

As for me there is definitely some unfinished business with Carsington Half Marathon and I will certainly be doing it again next year.

A huge thank you to all the came along to cheer us on. It made for a really special race.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Race Results

To kick off the results and events update, a big mention to Tracey, our very own Chair who went all the way to Kingston upon Thames to take part in the Hampton Court Half.

Encouraged by her brother Steven (who recently joined the club), she ran a pb and sub 2hrs, in a time of: 1.58.19.

So, massive congrats to Tracey for that. Elsewhere Jacqui Mann travelled up ‘North’ for the Great North West Half in Blackpool and completed the run in 1.56.13.

However, we all wondering where the sticks of rock are?

The racing has continued this weekend with events at Carsington Water, where: the highlight goes to Georgina, who on a tough course and in very chilly conditions finished her first half marathon in just over 2hrs in 2:01:06 – the future looks good for her with this cracking start.

Team ‘James’: Stevens and Kelly ran together for the first 2/3rds before Kelly pulled away but both finishing well in about 1.45-1.46.

But a big vote of sympathy to Ross, who I saw was storming round at about 4miles – but due to poor signage and route planning by the organisers ended up running 15miles, and not the 13.1.

However, he still ran an ave of 7.30 pace which is just an awesome performance - roll on the Great Northern for him!

Sunday also presented a day of 10k/half as well with Lucinda Olivia running the half in 1.49 – and by all counts she was very pleased with that.

Over in Nottingham Katie took to running round the rowing lake at Holme Pierrepoint for the East Mids 10k with a pb of 48.31.

[Editor’s Note:] Finally, thanks to the race strting at 12.30pm today - a shout out goes to Steve Congreve who ran the Oulton Park Half Marathon today in a new PB of about 1h 50mins – just one week after his first sub 2hr half after running with Tracey at the Hampton Court Half – his second sub 2 hr run in 7 days. Fantastic effort.

The big event though was the 4th and final cross country race at Sinai Park in Burton.

Over a tough course, the hardest one we have encounted over the winter.

That did not stop 8 men and 5 ladies hitting the hills - -and I do mean hills!

The course started with a hill and the ground was rutted and not easy to run on with areas of frost covered grass (on a hill), parts with mud and another hill or two.

First home was Aaron, finishing 13th showing the excellent form he has in other races, he was closely followed by James Kelly (a day after running the Carsington half), then Jamie, Wilf, Steve, myself, Lewis and finally bring the team home was Ian (for both Lewis and Ian – 1st XC outing).

The Ladies, again, ran well, with Rowan capping off an excellent run finishing as the 4th lady, Emma again ran her heart out in 12th, followed by Sophie (to be fair to her – she didn’t have the right shoes), Tracey with Lucy not far behind.

The final team scores and positions I will post in the next newsletter, once I have gained the Results from the organisers

I have the honour of announcing the ‘Runner of the Day’ – this is hard with Aaron’s and James’ performance, but I think I have to give it to Rowan – who took no prisoners with the course and the conditions, so many congrats to Rowan.

A big shout out to Rob Humber and Kathryn Pound who came to cheer us all on and ending up providing support o the organisers!

Thanks guys, it really was appreciated!!

Finally, may I take the opportunity to thank all the members who have taken part in the DRXC over these last few months, both the runners and supporters.

For a small club like us, to show up in these events to show off the ‘flying shoe’ and with the results we have achieved it makes me proud of the progress.

It shows the camaraderie that clubs offer, the support for everyone it is a great feeling. So again, a big thank you to all.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Other person bests

Amy Archard smashed her 10kPB during a recent club run! Well Done Amy!!

On the run with...

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with… Paul Dean

Joined Mickleover Running Club:

When did you start running and when did you join Mickleover Running Club?
I started running 2 years ago and actually used to run with the club when we started from the Mason’s Arms. After nearly a year off I decided to start getting serious and joined the club in October 2017.

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?
I love running and chatting to like-minded individuals who also love running.

When and who do you run with the club?
I tend to run Thursday’s only as I have other commitments on Tuesday’s. I quite honestly will run with anyone as I love talking on the way round, but on a lot of races and running to work I have run with my good friend and fellow MRC member Rob Humber. I also run with a friend and MRC member Sarah Martin-Luce.

Why do you run?
Fitness, weight loss and enjoyment.

Favourite place to run?
To date, Isle of Wight, beautiful scenery.

Tell us about your worst run?
My first one, 5k markeaton parkrun from complete beginner with no training (I wouldn’t advise it). Rob Humber had somehow persuaded me to do it and I really hurt myself and didn’t run for months after. I completed it in 30 mins without stopping and Rob ran with me all the way (he conveniently forgot his barcode that day!!).

Best running phrase?
No matter how slow you go, you are always lapping everybody on their couch.

Favourite running photo?
The photo of me and my 7 year old son on the finishing straight at Markeaton adult parkrun. He was only supposed to run the first 2.5k with me but he ran the full 5k without stopping in 31:30, I was sooooo proud.

Have you ever lost your running mojo and how did you get it back?
I did, in between MRC move from the Mason’s to Honeycomb. I just seemed to find excuses not to run. However persistent nagging from Mr Humber solved that. Since joining MRC my mojo is most definitely back.

Best route around Mickleover/Derby?
I love the Great Northern 10k route which is half cycle path and half country lanes.

Who would be on your wish list to run with?
Mo Farah and Paula Radcliff.

Worst/Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Worst – Take on plenty of fluids prior to a race (with no information when to stop), which resulted in me weeing at the side of the road on the Derby 10k.

What do you think about when you run?
Taking 1 mile at a time and maintaining my running posture.

Run to time or distance?
20% Time, 80% Distance.

What was your favourite race and why?
Got to be the Derby 10Mile this year. It was the furthest I had ever run in one go, not just in a race but ever. Plus there were loads of MRC members there and it was a great atmosphere wearing my MRC top and being cheered on by complete strangers.

Tell us about your pre-race rituals and food and drink.
Beans on Toast!! I open a tin have 2 slices of bean on toast pre-race then when I get home I have to rest of the beans on another slice. Tend to just drink water and/or Lucozade Sport.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?
Canada – I do like to take in my surroundings when I run and I don’t think there would be many better landscapes in the world. I might struggle with the hills however!!

What’s your one race essential?

Would you run a marathon without getting a medal?
Of course, running London for me is a bit of a ‘bucket list’ tick, but the most important thing for me is raising money for charity.

If you would like to sponsor me on running the London Marathon 2018 please make a donation to Children with Cancer using the below link.

Link to Paul's Virgin Money Page

Robert Humber

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Gallery Updated

What a great couple of weeks of running.

Gallery has been updated with lastest Photos from The Hampton Court Half, Great North West Half, The Carsington Water Half and 10k plus todays XC.

Take a look Here.