Tracey Griffiths

It’s all just one big adventure

Last weekend a few of us went to the National Running Show at the NEC.

Being the first one I wasn’t sure what to expect and whilst the big brand names (clothing/trainers/events) were not represented many smaller organisations were which, in my opinion, was no bad thing.

Day 1 had presentations/talks from some of our amazing athletes (Dame Kelly Holmes and Jo Pavey) and Day 2 had a greater emphasis on adventure and endurance runners.

I had heard of some of them, even follow some on social media and have tracked their progress as they embarked (for the first time) on amazing adventures.

Some had made a life choice to run, cycle or swim mad distances and therefore when not doing that lived on friends floors and made their living writing and talking about their adventures - but there were also people (one chap in particular called Ira Rainey) who was just your every-day chap with a job and kids who happens to have run a few ultra-marathons.

Myself, Ian and John took away a lot from their talks (including buying Ira’s book and having a chat with him) and I thought I’d share a couple of things I took from it!

1. Male Endurance and Adventure runners all seem to sport mahoosive beards. So….get growing lads (and lasses if you’re so inclined!).

2. You don’t have to run 200 miles across the Andes to go on an adventure.

This was the biggest ‘open your eyes’ moment for me. For so long I’ve looked at an ‘adventure’ as something that would have to be a long way, require weeks or months to do and would have to be achieved without stopping and as such would be something I could never do.

Children, life, mortgage, job plus fitness and lack of ability holding me back.

Now I’m always up for anything (within reason!) but I was reminded that an adventure can be anything that you want it to be – as long as it takes you out of your comfort zone.

The dictionary definition is:
‘an unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity, such as a trip or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity…’

So, by definition this could simply be running a brand new route, going further than you have done before, entering an event…joining a running club.

It also means setting your own rules and not worrying or over-planning and over analyzing.

Elise Downing ran around the UK coast for 11 months and took 2 one week blocks of time out to go home….and that’s okay.

No one said she couldn’t. No one said she had failed. So….if you fancy an adventure think as big or as little as you want.

It’s not about anyone else but you.

b>If you would like to read up on adventure/endurance sports then these people provide a good insight!! Google away

Sean Conway
Endurance runner, swimmer and cyclist.

Ira Rainer
‘Unfit to Ultramarathon’

Dean Karnazas
The ultimate Ultra runner – oh and he’s smaller than you think

Elise Downing
Planner her UK coastal run on paint shop pro – gotta love her

Jenny Tough
She lives up to her name! See a mountain range – run up it...

Annual General Meeting

The first MRC AGM was held on Sunday 21st January 2017.

Thank you to everyone who came. Minutes and Reports will be available on the website soon.

Here is the 2018 'Exec Committee' for the next 12 months:

Tracey Griffiths

Vice Chair
Dai Cox

Membership Secretary
Ian Porter

Club Secretary
Kathryn Pound

Lucy Astley

Sub-Committee Roles (non-elected):

Social Secretary
Clive Smith

Club Run Co-ordinator
Ross Bennett

Welfare Secretary
Alan Percival/Vicky Sheil

Raj Todd

Race Co-ordinator
Alan Percival

XC Captains
Alan and Vicky

Web Master
Robert Humber

Kit Master
James Stevens

2017 really went at a million miles an hour so with the initial hard ground work being completed this next year brings the opportunity for the club to further establish itself, for the Committee to learn from 2017, hone the (needed) policies and roles but refine and improve on the excellent work undertaken that has brought us to where we are today.

I have every confidence that the Committee and Sub Committee will continue to work hard to reflect back what the members ask for, will happily take on board feedback and comments and will always be reminded of what we are – a small social running club.

Finally I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has stepped up into one of the current club roles – and to everyone who has supported the club, the activities, the runs and provided the social commentary that goes on – you make the club what it is.

Run Leaders

We have some new faces who have stepped up to lead runs at our club run nights. Tuesday and Thursday 7pm at the Honeycomb.

Rowan, Ian, Steve, Ross, James U, James S, Clive, Sophie, Raj, Lewis, Dai, Tracey, Alan and Phil.

Club Shop Update

Kit Update

Beanies are now available through the website for only £6.00

Planning ahead – if you would like kit for the Spring/Summer we have tees and vests available, some in stock and some we will need to order.

All orders should now be placed through our website.

Click here


We’ve been a little light on expeditions, holidays and trips away lately so I’m looking forward to see you rocking your MRC tees whilst you are visiting family, friends, on holiday or just sneaking a run in whilst at work!

I wonder how far the flying trainer will travel this year…..remember to post your pics on Instagram / Facebook etc


Please remember to wear your ICE tags.

All members, upon joining the club are issued with an ICE tag as part of your membership.

Please fill this in with an indelible marker pen and wear it on your trainers (ideally as then we all know where it is in case of an emergency).

In case you have more than one set of trainers you can purchase additional tags through the website.


Our members facebook page is there for all of us to contribute/comment on so please do share any news, information, post questions, share events...

Web Master Note: If you post and photo and would prefer it if we dont use it in the gallery area on the website please state.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)


As mentioned in the last newsletter, the 3rd race of the Derby Runner XC took place on the 14th Jan at Anslow and I can now update you on the positions:

Female results
out of 42 female runners.

Position Time Runner
11 42.25 Emma Cull
12 42.34 Vicky Sheil
18 48.06 Jacqui Mann
21 48.48 Tracey Griffiths
25 49.06 Lucy Astley
29 50.09 Elaine Steele

Mens results
out of 57 male runners.

Position Time Runner
20 35.07 Stephen Richardson
25 36.32 Ross Bennett
26 37.01 Steve Chamberlain
34 38.09 Wilf Lefranc
39 40.02 Alan Percival

In terms of team points, the Mens sadly didn’t have enough runners to count, which is a shame, and as a result the Mens Team are 5th and the Mixed Team are also 5th.

The Ladies on the other hand, once again, performed magnificently to finish 3rd on the day and hold onto 3rd in the table.

The last race is on the 25th February at Sinai Park, Burton and it would be great to get full teams out again, especially for the Ladies to maintain the good work they have done so far.

Race info will go on Facebook/Website and be emailed out nearer the date.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Other Races

Amy Archard ran a course PB in 27.41 at the Markeaton Park Run while I (Alan) braved the weather last Sunday in Cheshire to run the 4 Villages Half to finish in 1.44.40.

Some of you might be doing the rearranged Christmas Reindeer run at Leamington on the 4th Feb – good luck and pop your pics online.

We can also wish Phil, John and Tracey all the best in the rearranged Turkey Trot, which is in a couple of weeks’ time (11th Feb).

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Running Events

If looking at these races or any others that our various members have competed in has inspired you to run an event, then don’t be shy and enter one.

There are loads of events in the area ranging from 5k Park runs to Ultras (26.2miles+), but if you don’t know where to start then here are a couple of ideas for you:

If you are completely new to running events against other people, then look at the Parkruns.

These are designed for people to start running or walking over 5k (3.1miles) and they are held every Saturday with a 9am start.

One just needs to register with Parkrun ( to get a barcode, then its free to run – so you just roll up on the day and run it with the others.

However, if you would a little more of a challenge, then there are a few events over the year in and around Derby one can do.

Most are 10ks with a half marathon and a 10mile race thrown in for good measure.

These races form the back bone of the Derby Run Series, and our very own Club Championships (which will be slightly different this year…more on that later).

The first event is the Derby 10k ( on the 15th April which starts and finishes at Pride Park.

It would be great to have a good club turn out at this large local event to show off the ‘flying shoe’ in the area and the progress that the club has made.

We will have a club meetup beforehand, we always cheer everyone home past the finishing line and later in the day meet up for a drink and post run banter at the Honeycomb.

The Club Championships is a good way of generating a little bit of internal banter and rivalry with members.

So the question is, who can knock off 2017s winners, Steve Richardson and Vicky Sheil from the top.

So why not give it ago and enter a race?

More details on the Club Championships and a wide range of events are available via the club’s website.

Go to the Home Page and scroll down to all the Club Runs, Events and Championships.

Finally, if you have signed up to any events please let us know so we can pop it in the team calendar.

We are especially interested if you have achieved a goal – ran your first race, first 10k, a PB or whatever.

It would be great to celebrate all our member’s achievements regardless – so please do inform either Vicky or myself so we can pass on the good news or you can send in an email to

Thanks, Alan and Vicky

Webiste Updates

Please keep checking out the latest news and updates on the website and dont forget Tuesday and Thursday Club Runs are listed in the Club Calendar on the Website, as well as local events and the Club Championship runs.

Only the run with...

Michael Richards

Please note "on the run with" is attached to the Members newsletter with is emailed out.