Tracey Griffiths

What a year!

What a fantastic year 2017 has been for the club!

Thanks to the enthusiasm, dedication, effort and energies of those who started the Club and the individuals who took on Committee Roles (it’s a been a learning curve for us all!) we have a club that can boast:

  • Over 70 members
  • A great range of kit
  • A smashing website
  • An active Social group
  • A chatty, supportive and friendly group of members

Of course the Club is nothing without its members – so thank you!

You’re all part of making the Club friendly, fun and supportive.

Hopefully you all have achieved something new this year through the Club….whether it has been making new friends, running faster, running further, or more regularly than you had before. Here’s to a fantastic 2018.

Annual General Meeting

The Clubs (first) AGM will be held on Sunday 21st January at 7pm.

All members are invited, so do come down and maybe have a social drink or two after.

Committee Roles will be elected and the Club accounts will be available and signed off.

If you would like to become part of the Committee the roles will be available on the website from the 7th January.

The AGM will take about 30mins and then there will be a normal Committee Meeting – all members are invited to this open meeting.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

New challenges

2018 presents us with not only a New Year but new challenges. It is one of the best things about running, in that no matter what level we are, we all have our own goals and achievements that we set.

Just a few things that we are looking forward to:

  • Derby Runner XC Race 3 (if we get a location) & 4
  • Carsington Half/10K
  • Great Northern Half/10k
  • Manchester Half
  • Derby 10k

and the – and they are only in the first four months.

Please, no matter what – tell us about your runs so we can spread the news to all.

Club News
Club Survey

Now that the Club has been going for just over a year the Committee want to hear from you….what do you like…what would you like more of….less of….

Once we have the results in we will present the results and then the Committee will look at ways in which we can ensure the Club is meeting the needs of the members. We can’t promise to keep all of the members happy all of the time but we’ll do our best!

The link will remain active until January 7th.

New Website

Announced formally at the Christmas Party, running club member Robert Humber has been working hard at a new website which was formally launched earlier this month.

We aim to put up more information on the website, which also includes the events listings, online kit order forms and much more.

There’s a lovely gallery too and the members only area is being worked on at the moment too. If you have any friends who fancy joining us then do please send them a link to this very website.

Pub Run 2017

They ran, they drank, they ran some more, they drank some more... and some more.

New Members

This really goes without saying because I know how great you all are at chatting to each other and welcoming new runners but we might see a few new faces in January as people look to set themselves new years resolutions and so on….so please say Hi to the person running next to you.

January Club Runs

Thanks to the weather, illnesses, Christmas break etc lots of us haven’t ran as often or as far as we might normally…and have replaced running with eating and drinking copious amounts (maybe just me then..) so the first two Tuesday and Thursdays Club Runs in January will be purely about returning to running!

4 and 6 milers with various pacings where possible. Building up nicely to the time trial and getting back to the routine as part of people readying themselves for the Spring events!

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

‘Mad Dogs and English Men……..’

According to the tune go out in the mid-day sun. More recently though it seems Mad Runners go out on a wet, windy and cold morning to Foremark Reservoir for a 5.5mile cross country run.

14 members, 8 men & 6 Women duly arrived at Foremark for the second in the New Derby Runner Mini XC League and performed with great pride for the MRC.

Conditions were tough with the wind blowing across the water, dark clouds over head that dropped rain – just as we were beginning to remove some of the layers for the race. It didn’t stop us, as we then made our way to the start area and before long we were off.

The route was the same as last time – a little loop that head up to the main car park, we then followed part of water bank back to race base, then headed out.

Through a small copse and followed the path which was icy under foot before heading into a field full of sheep. No problem for MRC having suffered at the hands of ‘Cowgate’ – a few hundred sheep would be nothing!

We ran around the edge of the field, down a bit, up a bit, up a bit more, then the ‘hill’ – which lead to the bridleway and a time allow the legs to open up and generate some good running for about a mile or so.

Left, down a small incline then right to race base and off for the second lap. And we did it all again.

The mens team (who all counted) were: Aaron – 21st, Steve C – 22nd, Wilf – 23rd, Ross – 29th, myself in 43rd, Callum – 52nd, Rob F – 60th and Rob CH 64th – a grand job was done by all. I didn’t fall over, but did manage to go the wrong way!

The ladies team: Rowan – 8th, Vicki – 11th , Emma – 12th , Jacki – 14th, Elaine – 29th and Kathryn – 33rd all got round in one piece. What does surprise me, again, is that everyone seemed to enjoy the event even in the poor conditions.

The Mens team were 4th again, and currently from my calculations and are 4th overall. The ladies were 2nd and are currently joint 2nd in the overall ladies standings – they should be so proud of themselves. In the Mixed league we are joint 3rd.

Vicki & I are proud of you all and proud to be part of this little club. At the last event, I mentioned a ‘Runner’ of the day – a special nod from the captains to a member who performed over and above – on a day like this it is hard to pick out any one runner especially in the tough conditions.

However, we feel a special mention, and thus ‘Runner’ of the day must be shared to 3 people: Ian, Sharon and Tracey. The three of them came along to support us, and for Tracey and Sharon ended up marshalling on the course (was good to see a friendly face on route) and Ian for helping me with the admin. So, for the 3 of them to be out and standing in the cold, the wet and the wind to cheer us on – they are the ‘Runners’ of the day!

Alan and Vicki – Cross Country Captains


Misc. Events

Amy, Sophie & Lewis took part in the Kedleston Christmas Eve Run, Clive shamed us all by a run in the sun down under (can go off people), Sarah was just outside the 60min mark for a 10K – when one considers this was in Thailand really some achievement and I decide to run round the Chester Walls on Boxing Day.

However, a big shout must go to Kathryn Pound for completing her 50th Park Run on Christmas Eve and a few of us joined her to cheer her on – massive congrats on that!

Future Races and Events

Leicester 5k Winter
Monthly Event

Pavilion 5k,
Monthly Event

Brass Monkey 10K

Leicester 5k Winter
Monthly Event

Pavilion 5k
Monthly Event

Leicestershire Half
Stamford Striders 30K

24 & 25/2/18
Carsington Half & 10K

Sherwood Pine 7K
Night Run

4/3/18 East Mids 10K

Only the run with...

Robert Humber

Please note "on the run with" is attached to the Members newsletter with is emailed out.