Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Welcome to the latest newsletter!

I see from the social media activity and talking to members that there has been the usual sharing of future events, people signing up to the weird and wonderful events (trail runs, ultramarathons, triathlons, tough mud runs, relay runs, walks and cycling events).

I promised myself I wouldn’t book as many events this year but somehow seem to still have a pretty full calendar of races!

And just as I think I’m done someone posts a link to yet another event…argh!

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting takes place on Tuesday 22nd January (there will not be a club run that evening) in which the Executive Committee is voted in.

Executive Committee Roles

As per the Club Constitution, the Roles that require electing are:

- Chair;
- Secretary;
- Treasurer;
- Membership secretary;
- Kit Secretary;
- Coaching coordinator (Run Lead Co-ordinator)

All the information is online so PLEASE take a look at the roles and information and submit your interest to the Club Secretary by 16th January.


We do have vacancies this year as existing committee members look to move role / step down so please…your club needs you!

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Club Runs

The Run Leaders are updating the club runs on the website so that the all routes and planned runs are listed for the following few weeks.

Please take a look and keep an eye on the planned activities (which get a little more exciting once the nights get lighter!):

club runs

Alan Percival
XC Captain

Oh, what shall I do??

As we all slowly get back into the groove of running/training again following the break due to uptake of beer/wine/gin and food in general now is the time for some to look ahead and think about what to do for the year.

However, the first event of the year is the 3rd race in this seasons DRXC League on Sun 2oth Jan, race starts at 10.30am at Allestree Park.

This cost is £4 or EA members and £6 for non EA – but it is open to all club members. This is our local event, and be great to get as many out as possible.

This is, as I keep mentioning, a team event – so more the merrier. Please do not be worried about position as they are great events and really supportive for club members.

If you can not run (injury or marathon training) – then come along and support the club members or maybe even offer to marshal as Derwent are asking for some help.

The 4th race is on the 1oth February at Sinai Park, Burton once again race starts at 10.30am. More details to follow.

Alan Percival
XC Captain

MRC Club Championships 2019

This is a series of races in and around Derby from April to November with about 1 race per month.

A member will gain points based on positon (compared to other club members) and these points added up and from that a winner can be declared.

In addition, I will be trying a new category in the Club Champs – trying to look at the most improved member.

However, this will be limited to those members who I have race results from last year – sorry for the new members ☹ .

In addition, due to the data tracking and retrieval all the club champs are limited to those members who are EA members.

There is no entry fee for the championship, just the race fees, no admin work (I will be doing all that).

It does thou give you a goal of running a few events in and around Derby and try and pit your wits against other members.

The first 3 events are listed below and the entries are currently open:

7th April // Derby 10k

12th May // Sinfin 10k

3rd June // Derby Half

Entering these races are an ideal way of offering a goal to run towards, helps build up confidence, and offers a bit of friendly rivalry/banter – just ask Paul D and James K!


Robert Humber


Race Co-ordinator

Hairy Helmet 2019

Finally, The Hairy Helmet 2019. I am still taking emails from members who are interested in doing this fun event.

Emailing me just means are you interested and allows Vicky & myself to plan how many teams the club can aim to enter.

From this I will email out (March time) to those members who have shown interest more details about the event (inc cost) – to confirm who can run. If interested, please do email me.

Hairy Helmet 2019

Robert Humber

Mickleover Running Club at the Starlight Relays.

Robert Humber

Nike signs first athlete with cerebral palsy

I stumbled across this artical while surfing the interweb in my lunch break, such an amazing story.

A runner known as Justin 'Magic' Gallegos has made history after he was unveiled as the first ever Nike Athlete with cerebral palsy.

Nike surprised the unsuspecting American student at the end of his first ever half marathon in Oregon, USA, which he completed in an impressive time of two hours, three minutes, and 49 seconds.

Cameras were there not only to capture his race, but the historic moment - as Nike handed Gallegos a three-year contract.

Writing on Instagram, Justin says: "I’m still at loss for words! Thanks to everyone for the love and the support not only the past couple days but the last seven years of my life!"

Use the like below to watch the video which is on the BBC Newsround website.

Robert Humber


We now have a Strava Widget!

On all Newsletter's you can see how many runs and miles the club have done in the current week!

I know! Pretty epic!

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Wilmot Wanderers

Adrian Snape and John & Vicky Sheil are participating in the Wilmot Wander 50K ultra marathon on Sunday January 27th.

Part of the course goes over the fields from the A52 Ashbourne Road by the Mundy Arms, past the water tower to Radbourne Lane, along the Bonnie Prince Charlie footpath to Radbourne, past Radbourne church and over the fields to Greenside Crescent/Ladybank Road before going down Hospital Lane (Pastures estate) and over the fields to Burnaston behind the Toyota factory.

They will have run over 15 miles cross country by the time they get to Ashbourne Road and will be nearing the halfway point.

They would love to have your support (and food and drink…) along the way so if anyone would like to cheer them on or run part of the route you are more than welcome.

They will be running at about 12:30 pace. The ETA at various points is as follows:-

Cross A52 Approx 11.15 hrs
Top of Station Road Approx 11.30 hrs
Radbourne Church Approx 11.50 hrs
Ladybank Road Approx 12.00 hrs
Burnaston Approx 12.30 hrs

They will try and update these on the day as they progress via FB.

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Great North Run

Great North Run Ballot is open until 12 noon on 4 February 2019

Great North Run Ballot

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

club run record!!!

Tuesday 8th January Club Run saw the biggest turn out in the clubs history, with 46 runners donning their lyra and running the local paths!

Fab effort team!!

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

RED January

RED January – Well done to those of you attempting ‘Run Every Day’ in January.

To ‘Run Every Day’ you can do this under your own terms and set your own minimum target (ie 1 mile) per day or join a virtual running challenge.

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Parkrun Special Edition!

With so many of us attending Parkrun over the years here are some stats which might provide some encouragement (or not!) to join the masses on a Saturday morning down at your local park!

Top Ten Fastest Female Club Runners

Runner Fastest Time
Sophie SALLOWAY 22:08
Emma CULL 22:52
Rebecca YATES 23:07
Vicky SHEIL 23:44
Alex TOMLINSON 24:05
Kellie ROSS 24:53
Joanne HENSON 25:05
Lucy ASTLEY 25:06
Chloe ARCHARD 25:37

Top Ten Fastest Male Club Runners

Runner Fastest Time
Andrew SAUNDERS 18:23
Bradley FOLEY 18:37
Stephen RICHARDSON 19:15
Aaron BURCHELL 19:47
Daniel FOLEY 19:59
Wilfried LEFRANC 20:41
Ross BENNETT 20:42
James KELLY 20:52
James STEVENS 21:09
Paul DOLMAN 21:13

Please make sure you have Mickleover Running Club listed in your profile so that we can include you in future stats!!

mrc club records

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Regular MRC visitors!

Kathryn and Paul T clearly love a bit of Parkrun! Both clocking up the 50 badge.

(Kathryn well on her way to 100!!)

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Global Parkrun Records

Parkrun isn’t about racing other people BUT if you want to see how speedy the fastest runners are then read on...

Female world record holder (running unassisted): Charlotte Arter set a time of 15:50 at Cardiff Parkrun on 5 January 2019

Male world record holder (running unassisted): Andrew Baddeley set a time of 13:48 at Bushy Parkrun on 11 August 2012

Female world record holder (running assisted): Elaine Sherwin set at time of 15:12 at Kingsbury Water Parkrun on 11 February 2017 with a canicross dog

Male world record holder (running assisted): Ben Robinson set a time of 12:24 at Kingsbury Water Parkrun on 18 November 2017 with a canicross dog

Female record holder (wheelchair): Lizzie Williams (15:27, set at Dulwich Parkrun)

Male record holder (wheelchair): Danny Sidbury (11:29, set at Dulwich Parkrun on 29 September 2018)

Age-graded record holder: Fauja Singh with 179.04%, set at Valentines Parkrun with a time of 38:34 on 31 March 2012 (the day before his 101st birthday)

Global record holder for highest number of runs: Darren Wood with 700 runs (as of 31 December 2018)

Global record holder for the highest number of different events: Paul Freyne with 445 different Parkrun locations (as of 31 December 2018)

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Global Parkrun Records

Finally, if running with 600 people at Markeaton park isn't enough competitionrun try one of the following five events, the largest parkruns in the UK:

Event Record
Bushy Park 2011
Cardiff 1192
Southampton 1134
Norwich 1104
Cannon Hill 1025

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

What is Parkrun?

Parkrun is a free timed 5k event that takes place on Saturday morning across the country.

Junior Parkruns (2k) are also held on Sunday mornings.

You just need to register and get a bar code!

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Alan Percival
XC Captain

Starlight Relays race report

The 3rd race in this short race series was held recently at Calke Abbey, where again the Galactic Empire took on the Rebel Alliance.

Sad to say the Empire were victors (ie: they were first over the line), but it was a much closer call than in previous races.

The name of these was to go out and have fun.

All 3 races are about 2-2.5mile – and running in the dark with the head torch on as part of a team was great.

I think everyone involved enjoyed themselves, and would say an event to do next year.

So, a big thank (and through gritted teeth) congratulations to members of the MRC Galactic Empire Team: Headed by John ‘Palatine’ Sheil, aided by Darth Vicky Vadar, Darth Emma Maul, Steve ‘Boba Fett’ Chamberlain and Rowan ‘Capt Phasma’ Chamberlain.

While I have to say a big thank you to my fellow members of the Rebel Alliance in our quest to destroy the Empire: Tracey ‘Leia’ Griffiths, ian ‘Chewbecca’ Porter, Jacgui ‘Jyn Erso’ Mann, Sarah ‘Padme’ Bartley and Kellie ‘Leias Stand in’ Ross.