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Antipodean Parkruns

Earlier this year we spent a few weeks ‘down under’, firstly in New Zealand and then over to South East Australia. Parkrun tourism was not the purpose of the trip, but as Saturday approached the location of Parkruns and our plans were checked and if possible made to coincide. It would have seemed rude to have travelled so far and not supported the local runs!

The first suitable Saturday location was Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. The route was described as being along the shore of Lake Wanaka, a straight out and back course. We got a little suspicious when we found the start and finish were situated in a park alongside the lake but about 20m higher than lake level, leading to an uphill finish … why? The drop down to lake level was followed by a good trail alongside the lake with magnificent views towards Mount Aspiring National Park. The thought of the final climb to the finish kept a check on the speed. The final climb did not disappoint.

The following Saturday we were in Queenstown and at the start of another parkrun. Queenstown claims to be the thrill centre of the world. It was one of the busiest towns we visited. In the intervening week we had been down to Fiordland and walked the Kepler Trial, the bustle of Queenstown was a contrast to the isolation of Fiordland. Whilst milling around at the start someone asked ‘Is that the Mickleover in Derby?’ (Guess what I was wearing!) There was a Sinfin Runner on the start line and his usual run was Markeaton! They get a lot of tourists in Queenstown, so much so that at the start they asked, “Are there any locals here“! The route started up a loop that went away from the lake and uphill, before doing a second loop twice, finishing along the shore. At least there was no climb at the end this time.

A week later and we were on North Island at Taupo. At last a lakeside run that started, finished and stayed at lake level, horizontal bliss! It was an out and back run with Ngauruhoe (Mount Doom in the Lord or the Rings film) as a backdrop. A nice touch on this run is that there are permanent kilometer posts. Apparently these were provided by the local council. I got my highest (lowest?) ever parkrun finish, collecting token number 7 (there were only 50 running), I doubt I will ever collect one that low again.

One of the great things about all these lakeside parkruns, and being the middle of summer, was the presence of a lake to swim in after running, all with great mountain scenery. What a great way to start Saturday!

A week on and we only had a few days left in New Zealand. We were just north of Auckland, and there was a run close by, Millwater Parkrun.

This was the biggest run we did with 202 runners. It was very much a ‘locals’ run with many families and lots of fast children. The route was an out and back, starting in a park and then following paths down to, and along an estuary. At least there was an uphill about 500 m before the finish so it was back to usual New Zealand standard of throwing in a few hills.

Over in Australia and we only made one Parkrun. We were staying in the outskirts of Melbourne the local run was at Mullum Mullum (so good it is named twice). The first problem was getting there, we had no transport and it was not easy to get to. So Janet had the idea of posting a note on the run’s facebook page. Within minutes we were fixed up. It turned out a regular runner/volunteer lived opposite where we were staying! The bit we had been waiting for was at the start. “Any tourists?” they asked. “Yes” we said “we’re from a town just outside Melbourne ….. England!” We were a little surprised that quite a few people did not know (realise) there was a place called Melbourne in England. The run was great, it was alongside a creek that was in amongst dual carriageways and flyovers, but on the run you were completely unaware of the urban setting. At the end we talked to a lady who was from Littleover, she had left as a child about 60 years ago but still recognised a lot of the street names.

So in total we did five Antipodean Parkruns. In New Zealand and Australia they really ‘get’ Parkruns, they were all really friendly, welcoming and keen to meet the tourists running their events. Parkruns weren’t the objective of the trip but they certainly added to making it a memorable one. I’d certainly recommend checking were you are on Saturday morning along with the Parkrun map. Oh and in the Antipodes they start at 8:00 am in the summer, don’t be late!



With so many club members running at Thunerrun this year we need as many of you to come down and help set up camp on the Friday before.

We need a large plot to accommodate the 35+ runners and their tents! Not to mention gazebos and flags.

It really is best to get your tent up on the Friday so you can relax on raceday.

They have loads going on as well on the Friday including at Pyjama run!!!

Friday 19th July 2019
  • 08:00AM Campsite opens
  • 16:00PM to 21:00PM Registration open for the Conti Thunder Run
  • 16:00PM to 18:45PM Registration open for the Pyjama
  • 17:00PM to 22:00PM Showers available.
  • 18:00PM to 18:30PM Yoga with Jakarandra Yoga—meet in the changeover area
  • 19:00PM The Pyjama Run starts.
  • 19:30PM to 20:30PM Guest Speaker TBC
  • 21:00PM to 22:00PM Live music in main marquee
  • 22:00PM Site gates closed
  • 23:00PM to 07:00AM Quiet time on the campsite.


...and you thought a 24 hour relay event was about this.....
Called 'The Mount Everest of ultramarathons' by The New York Times, this is the longest certified footrace in the world.

It attracts athletes from around the world who want to test themselves against this daunting distance, transcend their own previous capacity, and participate in a great adventure.

Along the way, they may also set new world records and gain spiritual insights.

Athletes are able to test themselves in a format unlike any other ultra-marathon event.

In order to meet their goal of 3100 miles in 52 days, they must log an average of 59.6 miles per day.

The runners begin at 6 a.m. and run for extended periods throughout the day, taking breaks as needed. If they want to, they can continue as late as 12 midnight when the course closes for the night.

A film is available which 3100:Run and Become.....I might just set myself the challenge of watching that instead!!!

Alan Percival
Run Coordinator

As we move more into summer and the holiday season, please be aware that we might be a bit thin on the ground for Leaders on some runs/sessions and I would like to keep, as far as I can, the sessions we have done going for long as possible. This includes the runs on Tuesday (both the group and workout sessions I have started) and the social runs on a Thursday.

Alan Percival
Run Coordinator

Race Results and Events Update
5th July
Colin Potter: On a warm Friday evening, about 8 of our members took part, with Matt Buller first home in just over 40mins. Phil jogged round in 49mins, ahead of Paul D, Chris, Ray, Ian, Martyn and Amanda (who then, the following day did an XRunner obstacle event…fab effort!!). Well done to all for taking part.
7th July
The (not very well known but maybe a few more of us will do it next year…) Little Eaton Leg It, where Lucy came 8th in age category and Emma 2nd in hers.

Brilliant running both!


MRC 3rd Anniversary
MRC 3rd Anniversary curry night will be Thursday 19th September at the Cinnamon Lounge, Mickleover. More details to follow in a future newsletter.


Kathryn’s 100th parkrun!!!

On behalf of Kathryn just a little note to say thankyou to all the MRC runners who came out to support on her 100th Parkrun, you all made it very special.

And Emma even made the photo! Head Zapper for the day.


Hairy Scary Helmet
The decision has been made that the club won't be formally organising teams (due to XC and Starlight) so members should organise themselves....quickly....will probably sell out soon.
Click Here

Alan Percival
Run Coordinator

Future Events & Races
19th July
Tara Kinder:
20th/21st July
Thunder Run – come down to Catton Park to support our various teams 😊
7th August
Piggs 10k (Club Champs) – enter on the night
10th August
Erewash Half Marathon (Long Eaton)
11th August
Newark Half Marathon
11th August
Burton 10k
15th August
Visit from Running Form and Brooks to talk about shoes, gait & kit! - more details to follow 😊
17th August
Belper Rover 20
1st Sept
Wilne 10k (Club Champs/DRS)
15th Sept
Stephen Price Memorial 10k (
15th Sept
Calke Abbey 10k (

Alan Percival
Run Coordinator

DRS: Derby Run Series

As been mentioned several time on Facebook, Ross is currently 4th, Andy F 9th and Matt B in 16th, with another 20 men listed as points scorers. As for the Ladies, Emma is riding high in 2nd, Raj in 6th, Lucy 12th -with another 10 others listed again as scorers.

What this means is that we are currently 3rd about 1400 points behind Long Eaton, and 5000 behind Smalley, which is fantastic – well done team!!

Date for the Diary
Shelton Striders 10K - 6th October - our penultimate Club Champs race (and part of the DRS). A fast friendly 10k. Sells out - entry opens on Friday 19th July at 22.00hrs.
Our Club Champs
for the league table and more information click here.


Welcome New Members!
The Club would like to welcome the following the new members who have joined since April:
Martyn, Edward, Mark, Rebecca, Alex, Nick, Stephen, Dalvir, Simon and Kathryn

we hope you're enjoying being part of the club...! Please do feel free to jump in on any facebook chatter and post updates (if you're so inclined!) of any events/general running banter/hints and tips etc or speak to the run leaders or committee members if you have any questions or feedback - we're all ears! Whilst we do try and speak to everyone regularly it's easy for us to 'miss' people out - purely through accident or distraction!!!


And finally...

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