Ross Bennett
Club Chair

Chair Update

Marathon season is certainly in full swing. James Upton, our resident running masochist, tackled the Slaithwaite Marathon whose elevation gain looked closer to the alps than something a marathon had any right to be run along.

As you read this Myself and Ewan will have, all being well, completed the Barcelona Marathon in what I’m sure will be world record times.

If the Mickleover Running Club Strava page is anything to go by training for London and Manchester marathons is going fantastic with longest run records being broken every week.

Nic an Becky’s Saturday Marathon Running Group has been a great success in keeping the Marathon training on track.

Ross Bennett
Club Chair


It may not feel like it at the moment but we’ll soon be heading towards longer nights and warmer runs, so you may be wanting a Mickleover Running Club vest.

If you do please get your order in to our fearless kit man James Stevens. Lead time for the vests can be a few weeks so the sooner you can get your order in the better.

Blue kit orders deadline is the end of March.

Club Shop


Quiz Night
Tuesday 2nd April 8pm (after club run)

Quiz Night – supporting Nic’s chosen Club Charity SENSE.
Venue: Royal British Legion
Time: 8pm
Cost: £7.50 per person (including food) pay on the night.

Can you email or PM on Facebook.
We need to confirm numbers by Tuesday 26th March.

Paul Dolman
Membership Secretary

Membership renew 2019/20

It’s that time of year when everyone who joined the club before January this year needs to renew their membership, as the club membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March in line with England Athletics membership renewal process.

We are keeping the cost of renewing the same as last year at £31 for first claim (EA affiliated) members and £15 for second claim/non-competing memberships.

Please take the opportunity to update us on any changes to your details as you complete the renewals page.

We look forward to another great year running with you all!

Membership Renewal


Running A – Z

J is for...

run at a steady gentle pace, especially on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise.
OR the term used to really annoy someone out running!


Junk Miles
Runs used to reach a weekly or monthly mileage total rather than for a specific benefit


Clive’s 50 for 50

Clive, working through 50 events this year (to match his 50th year on this planet!) has ticked off a couple more, with the Leicestershire Half (in a very solid time of 1.54.17) and his first international event of the year: Cardiff Park run a speedy 24.52.

Famous spot: the lady who holds the world record for ladies park run was on the start line .. she was 6 seconds slower than her record).

Paul Dean
Club Runner

Rob Humber’s Stagathon
AUG 31

As you may be aware there is a MRC wedding this year when Rob Humber marries Kathryn Pound.

Apart from the big day itself there is another important day which is the stag doo.

As I am best man what else could we do other than a MRC running stag doo?

The plan is for a half marathon (pls feel free to run more) starting and finishing at the Vine Inn in Mickleover including stops at numerous pubs en route (drinking alcohol is mandated).

Route, pubs etc will be published nearer the time. Sorry ladies but also in traditional stag doo etiquette it is for MRC MEN ONLY.

I hope you can make it to send Rob off in style!! 😁🏃‍♂️🍻🍻🍻

Contact me (Paul Dean) directly or join the facebook event below.

Rob Humber’s Stagathon Facebook Group

Alan Percival
Run Coordinator

Race Results and Events Update

If I seem to remember, 12 months ago we were in the middle of the Beast from the East, a period where the snow dropped and life, as we know it, came to a virtual stop. Club sessions and events were cancelled. Yet, here we are, 12 months later with winter flashing past with little (or no snow), and a very mild winter one has to be said.

Firstly, congratulations to James U on his marathon, which from what he said was running up and down along a canal path, but a marathon is a marathon. Then there is Mark L, who ran an excellent 3.07 in Tokyo in his quest for the ‘Big 6’, think that is number 3?

First of all, can we all wish Mark Luckett the very best as he travels to Tokyo for his latest marathon, and No 3 (I think) in his quest for the 6 Majors.

Numerous members ran the Carsington Half, with lots of PB’s on a challenging course…with the highlight having to be Ross actually running 13.1 miles and not getting lost this year 😉.

By the time this comes out, we will have raced in the final XC of the year, but will update results in the next newsletter. However, I would like to say a big thank you to all who have ran in the various XC over the winter.

Emma Cull
Club Runner

MRC Club records

Emma has been working hard collecting lots of results, if you havent let please do so following the info. below...

If you have any amendments to the records please email the club using the email address stating the following information.

  • Your full Name
  • Name of event
  • Distance (must be one of: 10k, 10 mile, Half Marathon, Marathon)
  • The date of the event (since Sept 2016 only)
  • The chip time
  • The age category at the time of running

click here to view tables

Alan Percival
Run Coordinator

Future Events

Firstly, good luck / congratulations to both Ewan and Ross as they run the Barcelona Marathon.

Next weekend, 17th March, seems to the ’20 day’ as it is both the Ashby 20 (very popular pre-marathon event), and the new Notts 20 where we have numerous of our members running at these 2 events.

Tuesday 26th March sees the first in our Club 5k Handicap Time Trials; and over the spring we have (provisionally) arranged for an EA Coach to come in and lead some sessions for us – more details to follow 😊.

Run Coordinator

MRC Club Championships

April also sees the start of the Club Championships with the first event the Derby 10k ( on the 7th April.

It is still the largest run event in the Derby area and a chance to get members out to show off our club locally. If not running, why not come down to support!

The second event being the Sinfin Classic ( on the 12th May.

This year, there are 7 events in total, one a month basically, but only 5 count towards the overall standings! The other events are: Ramathon/Derby Half, Piggs 10, Wilne 10, Shelton 10 and the Derby 10mile.

In addition, this year I am hoping to introduce a new category in to our Club Champs: Most Improved Member. From the results of last year, I can estimate reasonably a time for each member at each of the events – and thus comparing how a member gets on when compared to this target time – the more they improve, the more points they will gain. The aim of this is to highlight all our members who run well and achieve good times, not just those at the front, as it is based on an individual’s run. However, due to the need for me to have data from last year, this will be only open to those who were members last year alongside where I have enough data to produce reasonable estimated times.

So, who can beat our current champions: Jamie Astley and Emma Cull over the season? Who will prove to be our most improved member?

Run Coordinator

Derby Run Series

The people at DRS are at it again, changing the events, this year it seems on 6 events are listed as they have dropped the Derby 10k (and the website is still down!), but what I do know is:

Sinfin - 12th May (Club Champ race)

Carsington 7+ - 19th May

Ramathon 9th June (Club Champ race)

Wilne – 1st September (Club Champ race)

Shelton 10k – 6th October (Club Champ race)

Derby 10M – 17th November (TBC) (Club Champ race)

Alan Percival
Run Coordinator

Solo Running – who knows, where and when?

Over the last 12months or so, this is something that has crossed my mind a fair few times and I suspect I might not be the only one and with the weather (and my age), has made me think. Who knows I am out running? What time I’ll be back or how long I will be out for? Where I am going on the runs or races? This has come more to my thoughts after my daughter started at uni – as I have no longer can say to her, ‘Ok, am off our for a 12mile run, back in 2hrs or so’ Well, really left her a note, a teen up and awake at 8pm a Sunday is unheard of!

So, here’s what I try and do. Usually, but not all the time, try and say on the MRC FB page, that I am planning a run on Sunday am – with the approx distance and the time I am aiming to go out. Take my phone with me. I have a few of the MRC members I can ring if need – or hope so! When I get back the data is uploaded and thus ppl know I have been out as they will see the data on Strava and thus home.


MRC on Tour

Don’t forget to share your runs with us…we want to see how far the flying trainer will go in 2019!.

Nic & Beckie

Beckie & Nic rasing money for Sense

We are running the London Marathon fundraising for Sense, a charity that believes that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, should be isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential.

Their experts offer personalised support through their centres, holidays and short breaks, or in people’s own homes.

They are here for everyone who needs them, for as long as they need them – providing early intervention for children, helping young people access education, and supporting the transition into adulthood and beyond.

This is a huge challenge, and Nic’s FIRST MARATHON!!!!!!

Official Charity Page