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Radbourne Run Around
August has arrived and with it brings a very exciting new MRC challenge.

Thanks to Rob Humber and the hard work he has put into procuring prizes for our Summer Challenges, Kate from Harrier Run Free (a Derbyshire based company providing trail running kit) has donated the phenomenal first prize of a Trail Running Beginner’s Bundle worth £79.

This comprises of:

  • A harrier run vest (running rucsac for carrying water bottles etc)
  • 2 soft flasks
  • 2 long straws
  • Mini first aid kit
  • Emergency survival bag
  • Cold eco cup
  • Tube scarf

We also have prizes of an 8 pint voucher for the Mickleover Sports Real Ale and Cider Club, 4 Project D Doughnuts and also Hairy Helmet Ale.

I’m sure that you will agree, these are outstanding prizes and are probably keen to know what you need to do to be in with a chance of winning!

So, as this is a trail running prize the challenge is to run a short trail run of 3.75miles around Radbourne and you will be entered into the draw.

The route can be found as a Strava segment entitled “Radbourne Run Around” run by myself (Vicky S) on 31st July.

It starts and finishes at the end gate of the Sustrans track near the old station and is a combination of track/trail and a short road section.

It is very suitable for anyone new to running on trails.

Many of you will be familiar with this route and the paths are well trodden/easy to find. A written description of the route can be found under Events on the MRC website if needed.

If you are uncertain about the navigation contact myself or Rob CH and we can organise a small group run.

The challenge will run until the end of August and you need to have recorded the segment of Strava to be entered into the draw.

Good luck everyone!

Vic's run on Strava


"Radbourne Run Around" Route Description

The route starts at the gate at the Station road end of the Sustrans track next to the old station

Head out along the track for just over 1/4 mile before taking the steps on the right hand side up towards Hackwood Farm (photo 1)

Follow the path straight ahead towards Radbourne Lane. Halfway along this path you will see a stile where the original route goes, this is very overgrown so keep to the left hand side of the hedge at this point. Once at Radbourne Lane cross the road and go over the stile into the opposite field

The footpath goes along the right hand side of the field (as signposted). Just before you reach the top end of the field you will see a footbridge on the right DO NOT CROSS, instead head left towards a stile in the opposite hedge and cross into the next field

Continue along the footpath across 2 large fields, for part of the route following the line of the telegraph poles. Shortly after crossing into the 3rd field, after the Silverhill Farm buildings, the path moves diagonally to the left away from the telegraph poles and over a stile in the hedge next to a lone tree (photo 2)

Cross this next field diagonally to the lower right corner and a gate onto the lane (photo 3)

Follow the lane to the right past the pond until you reach Radbourne village (CARE, NO PAVEMENT) where you turn left down School Lane (photo 4)

Follow the tarmac track, which bears slightly to the right, down to the church yard gate. Go into the churchyard then exit to the right through the kissing gate and then immediately turn left through 2 farm gates

The broad grass track continues uphill near Radbourne Hall, halfway up the track a finger post signs left (photo 5). Take this path over the brow of the hill and then down to a gate in the right hand lower corner of the field

Cross a small footbridge into the woods and head back to Radbourne Lane, cross over the road and go through the gate

The footpath continues straight ahead over 4 fields, cross a stile into woodland (photo 6)

Once in the woods the path splits. Go straight ahead, then when the path splits take the right hand fork (this is less muddy ), cross the footbridge and get back onto the Sustrans track

Turn left and continue back to the start gate to finish

July 2020

Just for fun, all you need to do is run around the streets finding letters to spell out the word of the week on street names.

This weeks word is “MICKLEOVER or RUNNING or CLUB” you choose or if you fancy going hardcore you can do all three for extra kudos.

Here are the rules:
  • Photo/ Selfie to be taken of road signs needed to spell word.
  • First letter of first word on sign only to be used.
  • Photos to be posted in new FB post each week.

Next word comes out on 7th Aug. Good Luck!


1 mile challenge
Since grade school, the mile run has served as a solid barometer for fitness. The reason: It demands endurance, power, and mental willpower... are you ready for "The Griffiths Gallop".

Tracey has kindly donated a bottle of bubbly to this Virtual Event to celebrate her Birthday!.

It will be held between the 10th-23rd August from the gate on the Great Northern cycle path.

Lucy has set up the Segment "Griffith’s Gallop", please see link below:

Griffith’s Gallop segment

please note:
All virtual runs/ challenges are as per the England athletics guidelines above."