Welfare Policy
As Mickleover Running Club (MRC) potentially has vulnerable people in their care, the club has appointed two Club Welfare Officers (CWOs) who are also part of the Club Management Committee. The CWOs will promote best practice throughout the club and will deal with poor practice concerns in accordance with the club's disciplinary process. Matters of a more worrying nature and deemed not to be properly addressed should be referred to England Athletics.

'Vulnerable People' are any persons aged 18 or over who is in need of assistance by reason of mental, physical or learning disability, age or illness, who is unable to take care of him/herself, to protect him/herself against significant harm or serious exploitation which may be occasioned by the acts or omissions of other people.

Club Welfare Officers will:

  • Listen to any concerns or complaints made to them in confidence and take appropriate action to resolve the issue
  • Where resolution is not possible, the CWOs will contact England Athletics (EA) and seek advice and support to resolve the issue
  • Promote the clubs code of conduct to members
  • Ensure all necessary club members have the correct accreditations (DBS, run leader qualifications, etc.)

Mickleover Running Club will:

  • Accept the responsibility to implement produces to provide a duty of care to all members
  • Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of all members taking part in club activities/events
  • Ensure all CWOs are appropriately trained through EA to carry out their duties as officers
  • Require all Run Leaders to adopt and abide be the Welfare Policy and procedures
  • Through CWOs, respond to any allegations and implement the appropriate disciplinary and appeals

Additional Contact Details:

  • England Athletics
    (Advice and support regarding Club and Athlete Compliance and Wellbeing matters):
    Jane Fylan / jfylan@englandathletics.org / 0121 713 8450 (option 3)
  • Derby City Council: 01332 640000
  • Derby Vulnerable Adult Social Care: 01332 786968