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Keren Jones
Club Vice Chair
It all started when I worked in an office with some inspiring individuals who would discuss their weekend training runs/races and one incredible lady was training for London marathon.

At the time I struggled to run round the block without stopping. I used to think I would never be able to acheive what they could but I was in admiration that they could run great distances withoput stopping.

A group of us started to run at lunch, it was really tough to start with but oddly I started to enjoy it and although it was never easy, I was able to run further and further.

Fast forward 12 years and I have since completed 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons and ultramarathons. We have so many awesome individuals within MRC who continue to support and inspire. For me running is about time for myself and catching up with friends. If you are looking to be part of a fantastic running community, please get in touch and arrange to come down for a club session.

One of my favourite quotes from a recent race is "The body will acheive what the mind believes".

James Stevens
As the Mickleover Running Club Kit Boy, it’s my responsibility to talk Lucy into parting with funds to ensure we are and remain the smartest running club out there on and off the track!

I’ve been luckily enough to have been involved with the club from its very humble beginnings (four of us at the Masons on a Tuesday evening!) and also fortunately won the very first Mickleover Running Club London ballot place!

I’ve been running for about 15 years now and I had run a few races before joining Mickleover Running Club but being part of a club definitely makes events a lot pleasurable before during and after the run!

If you’re looking for an inclusive friendly local running club them Mickleover Running Club is for you.

Lucy Astley
As the treasurer, I have day-to-day responsibility for keeping track of the club's cash and bank accounts and sharing information with the committee so we can decide as a group how funds will be raised and spent.

I grew up in the sport loving country of Australia but I didn't start running as my main form of exercise until my mid 30's, in fact the cross country at school meant it was a bad day (maybe something to do with the Australian heat!).

As an adult I have always been active - from the 90's step class craze to body pump to netball but after my 2nd daughter was born it seemed so easy to just run! Much cheaper and quicker than joining a gym. So I am now a runner!

I run because I really do love it! The off road, cross country runs are now my favourite. I love being out in the fresh air and that sense of achievement when you've run that extra mile. It also means you get to eat more food - which is another one of my favourite things about running.

So now, 6 years after becoming a runner, I am stronger and faster than I've ever been especially after joining Mickleover Running Club. Such a friendly and encouraging group of people who welcome everyone. If you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional - we have some great running routes, we share running tips and generally have an enjoyable evening of running.

Paul Dolman
Membership Secretary
Hello! I joined Mickleover Running Club in March 2018 having been repeatedly assured by Mrs Dolman (also a member) that I would love it.

Although I had already decided that 2018 was going to be the year that I got back to fitness and ran a few 10k races, as a very infrequent runner for the past five or six years I wasn’t sure a running club was right for me.

I was nervous about how high the standard would be and how I would be able to make the club runs work at my pace – just like many others who are considering joining a running club I guess.

Well… I needn’t have worried! The club runs are structured so that no-one gets left behind, and you will struggle to find a friendlier, more sociable bunch of folks anywhere.

Phil Scope
Club Male Welfare Officer
I have been with Mickleover Running Club since before EA affiliation and was the 1st Run Leader for club.

I have run over 40 marathons / ultra marathons and love to help people understand endurance running and correct intensity training (trying to slow people down mainly on most training runs and then watch their race times improve as a result).

As the newly appointed club captain in February 2021 a key role will be to encourage people to get along to training sessions / get booked onto races as everything resumes.

I am pretty confident that as restrictions lift I will be able to claim credit for some of the busiest training sessions and locally attended races by the club on record. I am an open book / my door is always open.

Ask me for help / advice if you need any, anytime. I’ll try not to waffle and bore you but I’ll likely fail on both.

Jog on. Happy running.

Ashley de Saeger
Communications Officer
I started running once lockdown finished so that I could explore a new hobby and keep fit along side going to the gym.

My first race was Derby 10k and I enjoyed the experience. So I joined Mickleover Running Club. I believe joining the club has enhanced my performance/fitness due to like-mined members of the club encouraging and motivating me to improve.

Matthew Hall
Website developer
Though I have been running since 2017 this is my first year with a club.

I am finding the miles just fly by when you're chatting and have seen both my distance & my speed improve. I completed my first 10K this year and am now aiming for 10 miles!

Sarah Bartley
Club Run Coordinator
As run coordinator my role is to plan the run leader rosta and then ensure there are enough run leaders for each route on the nights the club is running.

Without the fantastic run leaders there wouldn't be a run , so I really appreciate the effort everyone of them puts in.

I joined Mickleover RC in May 2018 and from the first run with them I felt incredibly welcomed and knew joining was a good decision.

Each and everyone there is friendly and motivating plus there's always plenty of free running advice, tips and a great social element too.

Kel Ross & Beckie Yates
XC Country Captain(s)
Kel Ross
I started running when I moved to Derby in 2015. I really wanted to join a club for safety in the dark winter months, but I was very nervous I wouldn’t be able to keep up. The club was so welcoming I needn’t have worried.

I was inspired by the other members to try a 10k race which I enjoyed. I’ve since tried ½ marathons and completed a few ultras now too. I’ve developed a love for off road running and make the most of the peak district trails when I can.

Beckie yates
My childhood Sunday’s were spent travelling to races to cheer on my mum who had a love of running and was really quite speedy, often finishing races in the top 3 female category. As a youngster I used to take part in a lot of the fun runs at these races.

I was quite a good runner during my time at secondary school, qualifying to represent the East Midlands at X country for a few consecutive years. My greatest achievement was winning the 1500 metres at the city sports. I gave running up during my rebellious years, something I still regret.

After having my children I found a passion for running again, although not as fast as I was I my youth, I love nothing more than putting on my trainers and getting lost in a run.

Joining MRC has been amazing, I love being part of this club the members are all fantastic, supportive and so welcoming.

I can’t wait to be running and getting muddy at X-Country with everyone again soon.

Nic Dolman
Events and Fundraising Coordinator
Nic Dolman
I began running around 15 years ago after after the birth of our youngest daughter.

Since joining MRC 4 years ago, my relationship with running has changed from casual, fair weather running to running being a big positive, part of my life.

The club is so sociable, friendly and easygoing, and my running performance has improved hugely.

As a member I have achieved goals I never thought possible or me - including running the London Marathon in 2019. I was lucky to win the club ballot place and am so grateful for that opportunity - it was a highlight of my life!