Hannah Jones
As the secretary, I support the chair in the smooth running of Mickleover Running Club. I am responsible for the administration and organisation of the minutes for the regular meetings we have.

Having been brought up in Wales, I have been spoilt with beautiful countryside to explore over the years. I have been a keen runner since primary school, competing in XC races from a young age.

I joined Mickleover in September 2018 when I moved from North Wales and my love for running has grown ever stronger. From my first night at the club, I felt incredibly welcomed. Our team ethos is apparent everyday we run together and feel proud to be a member of the club.

So whether you’re a first timer and want to give it a go, or you’ve been running for years, I know that you will be made to feel welcomed just as I was 😃

Lucy Astley
As the treasurer, I have day-to-day responsibility for keeping track of the club's cash and bank accounts and sharing information with the committee so we can decide as a group how funds will be raised and spent.

I grew up in the sport loving country of Australia but I didn't start running as my main form of exercise until my mid 30's, in fact the cross country at school meant it was a bad day (maybe something to do with the Australian heat!).

As an adult I have always been active - from the 90's step class craze to body pump to netball but after my 2nd daughter was born it seemed so easy to just run! Much cheaper and quicker than joining a gym. So I am now a runner!

I run because I really do love it! The off road, cross country runs are now my favourite. I love being out in the fresh air and that sense of achievement when you've run that extra mile. It also means you get to eat more food - which is another one of my favourite things about running.

So now, 6 years after becoming a runner, I am stronger and faster than I've ever been especially after joining Mickleover Running Club. Such a friendly and encouraging group of people who welcome everyone. If you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional - we have some great running routes, we share running tips and generally have an enjoyable evening of running.

Paul Dolman
Membership Secretary
Hello! I joined Mickleover Running Club in March 2018 having been repeatedly assured by Mrs Dolman (also a member) that I would love it.

Although I had already decided that 2018 was going to be the year that I got back to fitness and ran a few 10k races, as a very infrequent runner for the past five or six years I wasn’t sure a running club was right for me.

I was nervous about how high the standard would be and how I would be able to make the club runs work at my pace – just like many others who are considering joining a running club I guess.

Well… I needn’t have worried! The club runs are structured so that no-one gets left behind, and you will struggle to find a friendlier, more sociable bunch of folks anywhere.

Dai Cox
Club Welfare Officer
I’m the male Welfare Officer for the club and a Run Leader. I joined Mickleover Running Club in April 2017 and I have really noticed an improvement in my speed and endurance since.

Over the years I have run many 10ks and half marathons. I was fortunate to run the London Marathon in 2015. I really enjoyed the long training runs around Radbourne... it is amazing that we have such beautiful countryside from our doorstep in Mickleover. I run regularly with the club on a Tuesday and (when I can) on a Thursday - I also try to get out most weekends for an early morning long run. I have found that, since joining the club, I have really been motivated to run, it is great to hear people’s stories and tips and most of all their successes whether it be completing races, making a PB and just general achievements on speed or distance.

As one of the Welfare Officers, I am always available to be contacted whether it is to report something concerning you with the club or for someone to talk to about anything if needs be. I hope you enjoy your running with the club!