MRC Festive Running Fun
'Tis the season to be jolly" and what better way to enjoy a fantastically festive December than a new MRC challenge.

To take part you need to run a 5k (adults) and 2k (children) either in fancy dress or by running a route to make a Christmas themed shape (e.g. a snowman), just be creative!

Then post your activity with photos on the MRC FB page.

This challenge will run until 2nd January and we have some great prizes, The Bridge Centre for Natural Health has provided a £20 voucher for the 5k and Rowditch Furnishers have given a Beanie toy for the 2k.

Have fun everybody and a very Happy Christmas!

Dec 13th

To brighten up a November lockdown Vicky who won "Mickleover Meadows challenge", Keren & Bethany who won the "Pasteurised Plod" put their heads together and came up with the "MRC Rainbow Run".

All you need to do is a route of your choice (5k for adults, 2k for kids) but to wear at least 1 colour of the rainbow (could be any item of clothing) and to send photo of yourself wearing the colour and distance completed and post on our members facebook page.

Any questions please contact Vicky S.

Nov. 9th-

Just for fun, all you need to do is run around the streets finding letters to spell out the word of the week on street names.

This weeks word is "ROADWORKS" with bonus word "CHAOS".

Here are the rules:
  • Photo/ Selfie to be taken of road signs needed to spell word.
  • First letter of first word on sign only to be used.
  • Photos to be posted in new FB post each week.
please note:

The UK Government have confirmed that you can exercise with people from your own household OR with one other person.