April 30th 2021

There are now 10 bingo squares, you have till the end of April to complete your card but you can only cross off a maximum of 2 squares in any given run.

Each Square requires a photo, mostly selfies because who doesn’t love those?

Cut off date for completed cards is April 30th.

This months list of selfies required to complete bingo card...

  • 30 M.P.H. Sign
  • A beat the street box
  • Colourful Cycle Network sign
  • Any castle feature
  • Public toilet sign
  • Selfie outside any public house
  • Any statue
  • Ice cream van
  • Place of worpship (Pride park stadium doesn't count)
  • Cattle grid

You have till the end of April to complete the card, Maximum 2 per run, a photo posted in our Facebook group is required for each!

Have fun everybody!