Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Marathon Talk…

In one week we can all return to some sort of normality, when the London Marathon stops dominating the chats, social media feeds and we can focus on other things…(maybe).

For those running London it was six months of build up, for those supporting their friends and family it was four months of not seeing their loved ones, putting up with the planning, chatter and injury concerns.

For me, it meant heading to London with my eldest daughter to spectate.

Having ran it last year I really wanted to be ‘on the other side’and I wanted to see Eliud Kipchoge who is arguably the best marathoner of the current generation.

We found a good spot on the Embankment (40km point) and throughout the four hours we were there; we shouted, cheered, clapped and whistled for every runner that went past.

It was amazing (helped by the fantastic weather…great for spectators and awful for the runners).

If you happen to be in London in April (and not running) you could do worse than spend a few hours cheering people on, whether they are dressed as poo emojis (my daughter particularly loved that!) or elite runners trying to break world records.

Some of our club members who ran last Sunday gave us their thoughts on the day:


London Marathon 2018: This was the toughest marathon I’ve done to date, all targets went out of the window at mile 5.

Various running mantras came to mind such as: “my body is designed to run, only my mind will stop me”, “if I stop running, I’ve not run the marathon”, and “what was I thinking of, I should’ve stayed in bed, where’s the next pub”.

Happily the first two mantras won out! This is the second time I’ve run this marathon, once for charity and once via the ballot. My advice if you get chance to run this marathon is do it for charity, it gave me that extra push the first time around.

The crowd and organisers make it worthwhile putting the effort in. 30th April, put it in your diaries and enter for next year, by far the world’s best marathon (so far anyway)


I felt extremely humbled by other MRC members watching on TV and following on the apps and genuinely showing kindness and concerns for all the MRC runners competing and willing us all home safely. Which again goes to re-emphasise what a brilliant club I belong to.

I can honestly say the London marathon was the hardest but best thing I have ever done in my life.

The London crowd were amazing and the atmosphere was electric and at some points deafening; I must have heard my name being shouted 500 times and was offered sweets, fruit, ice pops, jaffa cakes, etc. by generous people who I have never and will probably never meet again. What a fantastic advert for humanity!?!

To see fellow competitors lying at the side of the road receiving medical attention really brings home the lengths that we all push our bodies to when running such distances in such conditions and reminds us on the importance of proper pre-race and race day management. I was asked the question 30 minutes after crossing the finish line, “fancy running another marathon?” to which I replied in an instance, “definitely”.

First Time or Tenth Time…it’s Ballot time!

London Marathon Ballot opens on 30th April and closes at 17:00 on Friday 4th May For more information:

Click Here

Club News
Time Trial

The results are in...

Well done to Paul for taking the tape and winning the 5th MRC Time Trial.

Special mentions go to:
Joe Glover and Callum Woodward for storming up the field and making up 21 and 17 positions respectively and Nic Dolman for improving on her PB by almost a minute and a half.

Full Results can been seen here

London Marathon Club Place

With the ballot opening on Monday we thought we should remind all members of the ‘rules’ around the Club Ballot place.

Every EA affiliated club, depending upon the number of first claim members gets a number of automatic entry places.

We fall in the 10-150 category, which means we get 1 place. Last December, James Stevens (thanks rather generously to Ross Bennett who preferred to concentrate on speed not distance in 2018) won the Club entry.

So, once the ballot results are out (early October typically) we will ask people to submit their names into the Club Ballot.

We will then pull out the name from a hat (literally, if we can find one…) and that member gets a place in the London Marathon.

Those entering the Club ballot must meet the following criteria:

  • be 1st claim member of MRC with EA Affiliation at the time when the ballot opens (30th April)
  • remain a member, with the same status, of MRC for the full affiliation year (April 1st to March 31st- To have entered and been rejected from the VLM 2019 ballot - proof of evidence must be made to the Club Chair/Sec - copy of the rejection letter/magazine or a print out of the rejection email
  • not won the previous year’s club ballot place (sorry James S!)

We will announce this after the main ballot results are out in the Autumn.

Social Calendar

We are working on some Club Social events including a pub quiz night, Summer BBQ and the annual Christmas Party date too!

Watch this space.

Post Run Socials

As a ‘social’ running club we would like to encourage members to spend a little time getting to know each, maybe head for a cheeky post club run drink (and packet of crisps) at the Honeycomb (other pubs are available!).

Annual Renewal

The annual renewal window has now closed.

Any members who have not renewed will be removed from all MRC social media sites, email groups, Strava and run club groups at the end of April.

It’s been great having you along for the ride (or run!) You know where we are if you want to come back.

Quite a good article here about staying motivated and keeping fit whilst injured:

Visit article

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Races, Results and Events Update

As we near the end of April and a full month of running events, we can reflect on some excellent performance.

  • Ian set a new PB at the Belvoir half
  • Vicky gained a GFA time for the VLM, even with the changes
  • Emma set a new 10k PB while running down South
  • An outstanding turnout of 25 official runners for MRC at the Derby 10k, with another 12 members running under various guises. Many members set new pbs – far too many to mention, but congratulations to all for what looked a fab day.
  • 5 members ran at the VLM this year: Team James (U, S, & K), Katie & Paul D – and in very tough conditions, pleased to say all of them got round.
    James U was first home in 3.37, followed by James S in just over 4hrs.
    James K struggled after half way but reached the finish banner in in just over 4.15.
    4th to cross the finish line was Paul D in a run time of 5.02 and Katie even thou she was the last MRC over the line was not the slowest (Sorry Paul) in 4.48.
    Massive congrats to all 5 of them.
    Inspiring performaces!!
  • The club took part in the Livingston Relays – facing up to some of the ‘big clubs’ in the area for the first time.

It really is exciting to see all the activity from members over the last four weeks – and so it may continue over the coming months.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Livingston Relays

14 members of MRC ventured down to Leicester to take part in the Livingston Relays to take on some of the best clubs in the area.

Althou we have no official results yet, I can say that all members ran with hart and pride of being members of our club and more than held our own in a highly competitive field. Big shout out to members: Brad, Aaron, Andy, Steve, Dan, Wilf, John, Beckie, Emma, Lucinda, Vicky, Kellie, Jacqui and myself. Andy and Beckie joined in late due to injury and illness while Kellie was running in one of her first events - -so big thank to them.

Full report and results next time :D

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Club Championships 2018

As some of you may have seen on the Facebook group, MRC are holding a Club Championships for this year.

It is a series of 8 events covering the months of April till November, with 5 out of the events scoring towards the over all tally.

So, after the Derby 10K and the ‘points on the doors’ can be viewed by clicking the link below

Club Championship 2018

As they say, it is early on, so all is still up for grabs!

The second race on the Championships is the Sinfin Classic on Sunday 13th May. Click Here to enter.

This is a small (about 500 runners) local event that is based in and around Elvaston Castle.

The 3rd race is the Derby Half in June. Click Here to enter.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Run Derby Race Series

The Derby 10K was also the first event in the Derby Run Series with the 2nd and 3rd races in early May.

6th May is the Carsington 7 and the Sinfin is the 3rd race.

For this series of races, the club score is based on 1st Claim members/EA Affiliated.

For those members who run as unaffiliated members – there points will not count to the club score.

Run Derby Race Series Website

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Upcoming Running Events

Carsington 7
6th May 2018
Race 2 in the Derby Run Series
For more information Click Here.

Great Northern 10K/ Half MARA,
7th May 2018
For more information of this great run in Mickleover Click Here.

Sinfin Classic
13th May 2018
Sinfin Classic – 10k race around Elvaston and Race 2 in the MRC Club Champs.
To enter Click Here.

Burton 10
20th May 2018
To enter Click Here.

Derby Half Marathon
(aka Ramathon)
3rd June 2018
Race 3 in both the Derby Run Series and Club Championships.
To enter Click Here.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Run Derby Race Series

The Derby 10K was also the first event in the Derby Run Series with the 2nd and 3rd races in early May.

6th May is the Carsington 7 and the Sinfin is the 3rd race.

For this series of races, the club score is based on 1st Claim members/EA Affiliated.

For those members who run as unaffiliated members – there points will not count to the club score.

Run Derby Race Series Website


On the run

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with…

Emma Cull
Joined Mickleover Running Club: July 2017

When did you start running and when did you join Mickleover Running Club?

I had tried running before but only really properly started running in 2012. That was when I signed myself up for my first 10k and got myself a watch so I could actually keep track of my improvements. I joined Mickleover Running Club in July 2017, after a long period off any proper running.

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?

The best thing about the club is the lovely friendly atmosphere and always having someone to chat to on the club runs. I also particularly love the team atmosphere at races!

When and who do you run with the club?

I try to make it to the Tuesday night runs, and for a little bit made it to Thursday night runs, but changing jobs and moving to Lichfield has made consistency a little difficult….so I’m a bit all over the place. The person I see most on runs is probably Ross – he always seems to be running!


Tell us your history of running?

I never really ran with any consistency until early 2012. Before that I played football at university and did the odd run just to try and keep fit, but it really was the odd run!

In 2012 I lived and worked in the Netherlands and decided I would try the Alphen aan den Rijn 10k that was advertised in work.

I started training and bought myself my first running watch.

I managed to have done enough training to be able to run the distance, and after the race I definitely caught the bug :) I then decided to give myself an even bigger challenge and signed up for Newry Half Marathon (in Northern Ireland).

I worked really hard in the training and got myself to the point of being ready (in the middle of moving back to the England and then being told I would be moving to the US imminently!). The race went like a dream and I felt like it just couldn’t have gone any better for me.

Unfortunately moving to the US shortly after that and the temperature being so high that summer (excuses, excuses!) my routine dropped right off and I stopped running for the next year.

After that I just ran on and off when I signed up for the odd 10k or 10 mile when my sister was trying out running, but tried to get back into serious running in 2015 by signing up for Lichfield half marathon.

However, that was a bit of a disaster (see below!).

What has been your best running achievement?

Managing to run Newry Half Marathon in under 2 hours (just…1:59:21!).

I never thought I had any hope of under 2 hours in my training, but on the day I seemed to find something extra I never knew was there!

I think it’s definitely down to running with my very good friend who could have gone on and finished much quicker but kept me company the whole way round and spurred me on :)

What is your running ambition?

One day I would absolutely love to run a marathon. After one half marathon that went well (but still took everything I had) and one half marathon that was pure hell, I’m still just too terrified to sign myself up for a full marathon just yet! I’ll probably stick myself in for the next London ballot knowing that it’s very unlikely to lead to anything!

Why do you run?

Running helps me sort out my thoughts, feel more relaxed and just makes me happy.

Favourite place to run?

I loved running in the Netherlands, it was lovely and flat and so pretty there!

However my unexpected favourite run was when I was visiting a friend in Aberdeen a few weeks before my first half marathon.

I went for a training run hoping to just do about 10k but ended up doing about 17k all along the sand dunes as I just got swept away in the atmosphere and loved the wildness of the scenery and lovely sea air :)

Tell us about your worst run?

By a long way, Lichfield Half Marathon 2015.

I got injured when trying to train for it (pushed myself a bit too hard too quickly – since I was too busy with work to train properly….silly I know).

I also hadn’t done any hill training as I lived in the Netherlands for most of the training and Lichfield is not flat!!

On the day my hip injury was just so painful from about 11k in.

The last 10k was absolutely horrible but I (stupidly) never want to give up so I somehow just kept going when I really should have stopped.

The injury and experience was just so bad though it put me off any proper running until I joined Mickleover running club over 2 years later.

Best running phrase?

Silly but funny: “If I pass out, please pause my Garmin”

Favourite running photo?

I think this one from the XC League Race 2 at Foremark Reservoir.

It was so ridiculously cold but we all manage to look so happy. What a team :)

Have you ever lost your running mojo and how did you get it back?

See details of my worst run above! For 2 years I tried tiny bits of running on and off but had completely lost my enthusiasm and general fitness.

However, Mickleover Running Club and lovely Tracey Griffiths chatting to me the whole way round my first club run made me instantly enjoy running again and want to keep going :)

Now I’m amazed at what I’ve achieved in the past few months! Thanks MRC :)

Best route around Mickleover/Derby?

That MRC Winter 5k time trial route. We all seemed to get PBs that night! What a great evening :)

Who would be on your wish list to run with?

If I could keep up with them, Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe. Amazing runners with amazing achievements!

Worst/Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Best advice is definitely to not start a race too quickly, but I do struggle to follow it sometimes!

I don’t think I’ve ever been given bad running advice :)

What do you think about when you run?

If it’s not a race or difficult run then I try to think as little as possible and just enjoy the environment.

It’s such a nice way to slow down my thoughts and sort out the mess that builds up in my head! On race days or tough runs I focus on my target or pace and breathing and how "nothing" is going to stop me!

Run to time or distance?

I usually set myself a distance I want to run and have a rough time in mind. The time is definitely less important than the distance though.


What was your favourite race and why?

I thought I would have said the Newry Half Marathon in 2012 and the dream that that was, however I think the Derby 10 mile 2017 might beat that now.

I loved the MRC team atmosphere before, after and even during the race.

I also had some injury issues in the build-up so I was just so happy to complete the race, and in a better time than I ever could have hoped!

I had such a big smile on my face the rest of that day :)

Tell us about your pre-race rituals and food and drink.

I have a bowl of cornflakes and a banana about 2 hours before race start time, and lots and lots of water. Pretty simple but it seems to do the trick 

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?

If I ever do a marathon I think I’d want it to be London.

Failing that, I think anywhere with a family member or friend at the finish line is always going to be good :)

What’s your one race essential?

Probably my running watch!

Would you run a marathon without getting a medal?

Probably not! I keep all my medals together for all the good memories :)