by Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Getting back into the Groove!

Well, the Summer is coming to an end (albeit you wouldn’t have know that from the warm conditions during the Wilne 10k yesterday), the kids are back to school any day now and for many of us it’s that time of year when we start to get try and return to a regular run pattern.

Personally I always run less and eat more in the Summer!

So any September running is mainly about getting back into the some semblance of form and shape ready for any Autumn events and with one eye on 2019 (eek) and a Spring marathon (postman stalking at the end of September/early October for the inevitable ‘Unlucky’ magazine from the London Marathon lot…!).

As a Committee we are also undertaking a ‘state of the nation’ at the moment…after a quiet Summer we’re back and as we enter our third year we are looking at how the Club is doing, what members are talking about, how we can help and generally keep pushing forwards to ensure that everyone feels part of what MRC represents and does.

We will be sharing more on this in future newsletters.

It’s going to be a busy time, with members taking part in lots of events, some attempting their first marathon next month; with injured runners returning (looking forward to seeing Ray back after a few months out) and the XC and Club Championship events in the diary.

So…onwards and upwards and all that.

Club Secretary


Next Tour date is 22nd September 2018, at Conkers Parkrun.

Conkers Waterside,
Bath Yard,
DE12 6BA

Car share encouraged. 

click here for more info.

Tracey Griffiths

A - Z of Running: H
Heart rate
How many times your heart beats in a minute. Training by heart rate accounts for many variables that affect how you feel from day to day. This makes it a better way to monitor how hard you’re working than an arbitrary measure such as your pace. The key is to know what your maximum heart rate is; once you know that, you can figure out the range of heart rates that correspond to the effort level you want for a given run.
The long muscles along the back of your legs. Strong, supple hamstrings are crucial for running your best, because they help to flex your knees and extend your hips. Weak or tight hamstrings shift some of the work of running to other body parts that aren’t as well equipped for the job. New runners whose daily lives involve a lot of sitting should include hamstring strengthening and flexibility exercises in their routine from the start.
H is also for Hitting the Wall

Race Co-ordinator/ X-Country Captain/ Run Leader

Stephen Price

Firstly: I have to announce the sad news that a local runner, Stephen Price, has recently passed away during his sleep.

He was a local runner who graced many of the events in and around Derby and the East Midlands and he was an excellent road runner.

Running 10ks well under 36mins, half marathons in 1.12 and full in under 2.40.

I knew Stephen from about 11-12 years ago when I was a member of UKNetrunners – one of the first on line clubs in this country, and the club he stayed loyal with and in later years becoming the Chair.

The Shelton 10k was, from what I have hard, one of his favourite races – and many members of UKNetrunners have decided to enter the race in memory of him, which is the reason why it has sold out so quickly in the last week or so.

I am currently also trying to find out information on the Shelton 10 about any tribute that will be marked for Stephen and hopefully pass them on to members before the event.

I have also posted a note on the UKNetrunners Facebook page on behalf of the Club to show our condolences to his family and the club. ARTICLE

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Race Results and Events
Derby Runner Cross Country (DRXC)

Yes it is back, the XC season is back and after a recent meeting I can confirm the following information.

Number of races has increase by 1, so it is now 5 races over the autumn and winter. The dates and venues are as follows:

Sun 21st October
Anslow Equestrian Centre (hosted by Dave Mann)

Sun 11th November
Foremark (hosted by Dave Mann)

Sun 20th January
Allestree Park (hosted by Derwent Runners)

Sun 10th February
Sinai Park (Hosted by Hatton/Washland)

Sunday 10th March
Tamworth (Hosted by Peel) TBC

There will be more clubs taking part in this season including Derwent Runners & Hatton Darts, other changes include the race start has been brought forward to 10.30am (the exception is the race on the 11th Nov, which will start just after 11am to allow time to show our respect for Armistice Day).

Cost: £4 per race, bu there maybe changes due to charges but I will try and confirm fees as and when for each event. It is ‘enter and pay’ on the day, but Vicky & I would like to know who is going in advance, just to make sure we have enough members for the teams. Parking is limited at the various host sites, so car sharing is advised and we will post prior to each race where and when to meet up for this.

These events are team events: Men, Ladies & Mixed. For the Men – 8 to count, but must include 2 Vets (40+), Ladies – 4 to count and to include 1 Vet (40+), for the Mixed it is 7 Men (2 Vet), and 3 Ladies (1 Vet). However, there are individual prizes as well which are awarded at the end of the season.

For these races, any number of club members can run, we are not limited to the number I have said above, so the more the merrier! Don’t worry about who scores what and in which team – that’s my job (what fun I have!) These are on tough courses, but they are rare in that one is running for the club and not individually – and you will be supported/cheered and once you have finished, and with a sense of pride and achievement!

We, MRC, will not be hosting an event this year, but I do feel as thou we should offer to help out – certainly with the event at Allestree Park – our local event. Therefore, I will be asking if people can offer to marshal at this event in the New Year – I will post reminders nearer the time.

General Rules of the DRXC League:
  • Open only to clubs who are EA affiliated. Non EA individual members of MRC can run, but will have to pay the £2 levy – in line with other events.
  • Club Kit MUST be worn – Blue Vest or T Shirt - on sale via the club shop or speak to James S
  • No earphones
  • Off road shoes are highly advisable, if uncertain what type – please ask myself, visit the Derby Runner or Running Form.

If you have any questions, please do ask Vicky (Ladies Capt) or myself!

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)


It has been quite quiet over the last few weeks as August has come and gone, with little to report in terms of results.

Wilne 10k

This was was the 6th race in our Club Champs and it is also a welcome return to the Derby Run Series.

As this was today (Sun 2nd Sept) I have not had time to look at the results completely and to update the ‘scores on doors’, so please accept my apologies on thus, but I will update all, so please keep an eye on Facebook and the next newsletter.

The start of September also sees the start of Autumn Marathon Season. Althou, the first big race is the Great North Run which sees several members of the club heading up to the North East to take on one of the biggest events in the country – lets see who we can spot on tv?

I Know the following have entered: Tracey, Andy, Sophie, Lewis, Kathryn,Julian, and Richard – anyone else who I have missed, my apologies – but best of luck to all!

In October I am running in the Chester Marathon on the 7th Oct, the same day as the Shelton 10k – race 7 in the Club Champs/Race 6 in the DRS.

A week later, it is the Leicester Full & Half Marathon with Ross finally dipping his toe into the where he will be joined by James S and Lucinda!

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Other News:

Elsewhere: James ‘I have no idea what sport to do’ Kelly, along with Dan & Brad Foley are taking part in a charity indoor Rowing session on the 20th October – best of luck guys with that!

Finally, congratulations to Vicky herself for getting into the London Marathon based on her Good For Age time ☺, hope it is the first of many.

We will pass on details soon about the clubs VLM ballot place.


The famous blue and orange has been globe trotting again this year...

MRC does Menorca with James & ‎Louise Upton
Nic & Paul Dolman running around Playa Serena
Upcoming Running Events

Lichfield 10k
9th Sept. 2018
To enter Click Here.

Great North Run
9th Sept. 2018
Great North Run – various members will be running in this mass event.

Parkrun on tour
22nd Sept. 2018
Conkers Parkrun up next Click Here for more info.

Run Denby Dash - 10K or 3K
23rd Sept. 2018
To enter Click Here.

Robin Hood Half
30th Sept. 2018
To enter Click Here.

Shelton 10K
(DRS and Club Champs)
7th Oct. 2018

Chester Marathon
7th Oct. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Leicester Half & Full Marathon
14th Oct. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Yorkshire Marathon
14th Oct. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Manchester Half Marathon
14th Oct. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Clubs Autumn 5K TT
16th Oct. 2018

For more info Click Here.

DRXC Race 1 (Anslow)
21st Oct. 2018

Shipley Country Park Parkrun
27th Oct. 2018

For more info Click Here.

DRXC Race 2 (Foremark)
11th Nov. 2018

Derby 10 Mile – NEW DATE!!!
(DRS and Club Champs)
25th Nov. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Robert Humber

Discounts for Club members

The Club has negotiated a host of discounts for members from a range of dealers & retailers

Visit the new page today to see what you could save...

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MRC Film club

Tracey recentley recommended "I RUN ON" which is a short film about the transformative power of running.

Well worth a watch.

Emma Cull
Club Runner

MRC Club records

Emma has been working hard collecting lots of results, if you havent let please do so following the info. below...

If you have any amendments to the records please email the club using the email address stating the following information.

  • Your full Name
  • Name of event
  • Distance (must be one of: 10k, 10 mile, Half Marathon, Marathon)
  • The date of the event (since Sept 2016 only)
  • The chip time
  • The age category at the time of running

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Sunday Long Runs with Ross…

Check out the schedule and join Ross as he trains for his first marathon!

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Club Shop Update


Autumn/Winter collection new look hoodie available now.

James has done it again with this great new hoodie, only £20.00. Visit the club shop for more info.

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on the run with...

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with...Raj Todd

When did you start running and when did you join Mickleover Running Club?

I started to run (properly) back in September 2017 when I decided I needed to do something about the extra weight I was gaining from eating too many pastries and drinking far too much rum!

I joined Mickleover Running Club almost a year ago straight after an all-inclusive holiday!

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?

The best thing about the running club is that you are never on your own.

That might be either on a particular run club session or at a weekend when you might need some company on a hideously long run.

There is always someone who will join you – you just have to ask!

When and who do you run with the club?

I attend most Tuesdays and Thursdays and like to run with everyone!

I like to get to know everyone so if you’re running, I will try and catch you up to have a natter!


Tell us your history of running?

I started running when I realised I was pilling on a few extra pounds but needed a goal to get me motivated rather than just going to the gym.

I met Running With Jake (who was just Jake back then) who was running London marathon the following April.

I told him I always wanted to do and he said that if I was prepared to raise some money he would help me get to the finish line.

I agreed not thinking much of it and three days later he texted explaining I had a place for London Marathon!

What has been your best running achievement?

Finishing each race has been achievement for me but my best has to be London Marathon in April 2009, which was my first marathon.

Who doesn't love their first marathon?! It really is a special moment, one that I will never ever forget.

What is your running ambition?

To be able to keep running when I am a lot older with few more grey hairs!

Why do you run?

Because it makes me happy and I use it as a way of relaxing.

Favourite place to run?

I am quite happy to run pretty much anywhere!

Tell us about your worst run?

Chicago marathon where everything did go wrong.

I was dehydrated and even spent 30 minutes in the first aid tent.

I had to use every bit of my mental strength to complete it.

Best running phrase?

Everything has a finish, only this is 26.2 miles away!

Favourite running photo?

Two years apart at sinfin10k.(below)

Have you ever lost your running mojo?

I think everyone does at some point.

I am thankful to say that it has never been for a long period of time but it usually goes after a marathon when all you want to do is not think about a run!

I tend to let it run its course and enjoy the time off doing something completely different.

Best route around Mickleover/Derby?

Hillsway hill reps – I love it!

Who would be on your wish list to run with?

Chrissy Wellington

Worst/Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Worst – I actually don't think I have ever been given bad advice

Best – remember when it all gets too tough, its just one foot in front of the other.

What do you think about when you run?

All sorts of things!

On a more daily basis I think about the day I’ve had or a problem I might be struggling with and hope that a run can fix it!

Run to time or distance?

I actually do mind either.

It depends on the how I am feeling – as a busy mummy it tends to be to time but I enjoy the feeling of being able to cover a larger distance too.


What was your favourite race and why?

I loved Vancouver marathon.

It was a small race and had some amazing views along with a small but friendly crowd who bizarrely travel with you.

I remember seeing the same two ladies who were supporting their friend with a huge Go Jo banner but I secretly felt like they were there for me as I by the time I got to the finish they had cheered me on at least four times!

Tell us about your pre-race rituals and food and drink.

My pre race ritual consists of a big bowl of porridge with a banana and honey and a coffee.

I will keep sipping water and ensure I’ve been to the loo a few times.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?

I love Cornwall and everytime I have visited I have taken my trainers.

If you know of any good routes then please share!

What’s your one race essential?

A pair of very comfortable shoes post race.

Would you run a marathon without getting a medal?

A big fat no!