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MRC Club Championships

The first in the RunDerby series has taken place today.

Some of you might not know much about this but some of the local events are part of the RunDerby series in which all runners get points based on your finishing time.

As a Club we are using some of the RunDerby series events to base our own Club Championships on.

Rules & Regs:

  • This is open to 1st Claim & EA Registered members who joined as of April 2018
  • Best result from 5 events out of the 8 that are listed will count.
  • Events are: Derby 10k, Sinfin Classic, Derby Half, Tara Kinder, Pigs 10, Wilne 10, Shlelton Striders 10k & Derby 10mile. Details of dates and entry can be found on our website by Clicking Here.

    Points are based on your position based on other MRC runners, NOT your race positions. So, if you are the first MRC finisher, you will gain 1 point, 2nd – 2pointS, 3rd – 3 points and so on.

    Points are added up, and thus the person with the lowest total will be the declared the winner (based on the best 5 results).

  • Due to the nature of the data analysis that is required, members must enter under as Mickleover RC.

Only exception to the above is the Derby 10k, where I know a member has entered the event prior to joining MRC and with prior notification to the Race Co-ordinator.

There will be separate Mens and Ladies listings, with a prize for each, to be given at the Club end of Year Celebration/Christmas Meal Click here for more information.

Upcoming Running Events

London Marathon
22nd April 2018
Some small marathon down south where Paul, James U, James S, James K & Katie are leading the way!
To donate to Paul, James U, James S, James K & Katie's Charities please Click Here.

Livingston Relays in Leicester
29th April 2018
4 teams off to take on the ‘big boys’, the club will be represented by: Dan F, Brad F, Aaron, Steve, Ross, Wilf, John, Alan, Vicky, Emma, Lucinda, Jo S, Kellie and Jacqui.
For more information Click Here.

Chester Half Marathon
29th April 2018
Elaine representing the club.

Carsington 7
6th May 2018
Race 2 in the Derby Run Series
For more information Click Here.

Great Northern 10K/ Half MARA,
7th May 2018
For more information of this great run in Mickleover Click Here.

Sinfin Classic
13th May 2018
Sinfin Classic – 10k race around Elvaston and Race 2 in the MRC Club Champs.
To enter Click Here.

Burton 10
20th May 2018
To enter Click Here.

Liverpool Half Marathon
20th May 2018
To enter Click Here.

Derby Half Marathon
(aka Ramathon)
3rd June 2018
Race 3 in both the Derby Run Series and Club Championships.
To enter Click Here.

What a turn out today from the Club!

Well done to everyone who ran. Some PB’s achieved, some people returning from injury/illness and some using it as a steady run before other events and races.

The event seemed to go pretty well, Elaine’s marriage remains intact for another year (beating Rammie), the medal is quite nice and the weather was perfect!

MRC Camping and Trail Running Weekend

Thankyou to everyone who expressed their interest in this.

You will be contacted directly in the next week so that we can start organising this!

Details are on the website and you can submit your interest via the link here.

view campsite website
First Summer Time Trial – with a twist…

Four of our superstar runners will be pounding those glorious streets of London in just over a weeks’ time.

James Stevens, Katie Farrelly, James Kelly and Paul Dean are getting ready to take on London with the help and support of four great charities:

As a way to help them reach their individual targets we are adding a suggested donation of £1 for each runner at next week’s summer time trial along with a sweepstake at the Honeycomb Pub straight after the session.

All proceeds on the evening will be divided equally between the three charities so dig deep and free to join us for a well-deserved drink!

For more information please Click Here.

Transferring of Race Numbers

Sometimes our training doesn’t go accordingly to plan and we therefore are unable to participate in a given race.

Due to our club affiliation we are required to remind all members certain rules regarding transferring of race numbers:

  • If a medical emergency occurred, there could be potential mix-ups. The organisers may get in touch with your emergency contact, leading to panic and/or confusion. They may use your medical notes entered at the time of entry, which could have disastrous consequences.
  • Any race insurance will be void.
  • God forbid the impact in the event of the tragedy at Boston marathon a few years ago.
  • It impacts on results not only for the race itself but for Run Britain / Power of Ten rankings / results and this is especially so where the other runner is a different category, gender or capability.
  • There have been a number of incidents where ladies have been deprived of a first place because they were beaten by young men with women’s numbers.

Failure to adhere to these rules can result in a ban and serious implications for the club. Runners are allowed to use channels such as social media to let others know about the available place the runner must take full responsibility for change over in details.

We have all done it and there is nothing wrong with transferring numbers as long as it’s within the time frame and the race organisers are aware.

Please note this is not a telling off but more of a reminder!


Parkrun is a free timed 5k run which takes place nationwide on Saturdays at 9am.

Register and print out a bar code, turn up, run…that’s it!

Over 44 of our members have ran at Markeaton Park, which is our most local Parkrun and we thought we’d try and get as many MRC runners to the event on Saturday 26th May.

If you’ve never been before then this is a great opportunity to go with some fellow club members and cheer each other on.

For more information/ register please Click Here.

Club Venue Update

The new landlady (Mandy) has confirmed she is happy for us to use the car park for club runs on Tuesday and Thursdays, which is very much appreciated!

Please remember to park considerately and where possible car share.

She would also be more than happy to see a few Club Members in for drinks now and then 😊 .

Hopefully as the weather improves we will be more inclined to stay rather than head home quickly to warm up!!!

Kit Corner

The latest orders of kit has been delivered – thank you Santa James!  

Races Results and Events Update

MRC: came, saw and conquered Manchester.

After months of training in the cold, rain and snow we couldn’t believe our luck on Sunday when the weather conditions in Manchester were ideal for the marathon –dry, slightly overcast and not too warm.

The army of The Freeman, Tom, Raj, Row, John, Vicky & myself were all there ready, keen and eager to get going.

As for myself, after parking the car, then walking to the bag area and then heading back to the start area was a little illogical I thought.

But the start area was chaos – even thou there were start pens were colour coded, there was no clear boundaries for each pen, the area had spectators and runners all mixing on the road and pavement, not any level of organisation I would have expected from this high-profile city marathon.

I did manage to see ‘Team Freeman’ – giving both Rob and Callum our traditional high 5, before trying to make my way nearer the front.

I did manage to find a bit of space, and then we were moved forward for the big off.

So we walked forward and finally into a short jog as we crossed the official start line.

The first mile followed the A56 into the City running alongside the both Bridgewater and the Ship Canal. We then weaved our way through an estate before heading back towards Trafford and out from the City. I seemed to have caught John’s excessive need to stop every now and then for a little relief, never mind I just carried on.

After one stop, saw a MRC top in from of me and was Raj jogging along very happy smile on her face.

The support from the crowd was amazing, and in some ways reminded me of the support at VLM. Somehow I manage to see Sharon waving and grinning but missed the High5, but was good to see the support.

As we passed the 6 mile marker, we passed Stretford and then under the M60 and into Sale. I was feeling fine at this point, running well with my ave pace holding well. Mile 9 managed finally to catch up with the 3.45 pace guy, but the road narrowed – squashing all the runners up – leaving very little space.

This was part of the course where we saw the return runners on their way back – in fact saw the leader (with the time clock and police escort) – they make it look so easy ☹.

Out of Sale and onto Altrincham loop which effectively was the half way point – for some reason I seemed to step up the pace at the point – no idea why and cant remember it being a conscious decision! Also saw Rowan along this section, and gave her a cheer along.

As we headed back towards Sale – I saw the outgoing runners at Mile 9/10 section I tried to keep an eye for the Freemans, but no luck this time. Right turn and away from Sale and to Ashton, to loop round here and hit the only part that was in the ‘country’ shall I say. Pass the Sale Sharks & Bury FC Training grounds.

This was the only section where support was thin on the ground – and can understand why being a little bit out of town.

From Mile 20, for myself, the quads were beginning to feel tight and not willing to act. The pace slowly dropped, but I didn’t feel tired. Just my quads not responding to what I wanted them to do!

Mile 23 we hit Urmiston and then into Stretford before hitting Trafford and the finish. The crowds were starting to group up and showing support by cheering on people. I was just going slower thou – struggling to keep going – so much I had to walk for my final Gel, and from then on – it was walk a bit, run a bit, walk a bit run a bit.

As I neared the finish area, I could see the finish gantry ahead, so just keep going – with the crowd cheering everyone in – they kept me going otherwise I would have walked more!

Crossing the finish line and stop the watch, in a time of 3.42.31.

I was – a mix of gald it’s over, why the hell did my quads stop working – and dam – if I had kept going over the last 4miles would have been a sub 3.40. I walked through to collect goodie bag – and wait to see any of the others. Saw Raj again, who was very pleased with her 4.02 and as I headed back to the car and to pass Tom (with his family) – he was aching as bad as myself, but – again pleased as punch with his 4.01 – and knows he can go under the magical 4hr barrier!

The results for our runners are:
Alan: 3.42.31
Vicky: 3.46.16
Tom: 4:01:17
Raj: 4:02:44
John: 4:18:49
Rowan: 4:37:10
Callum: 5:06:39
Rob: 5:06:40

All of our members ran fantastically well, the highlight being Vicky hitting her GFA (Good for Age) time for London – if they don’t alter them.

Tom and Raj just outside the 4hrs – means a good goal to go for next time (if they want to run another one), and John was happy with his run after the turmoil of York last October.

Team Freeman probably best summed it up, with – ok that’s done time for a beer and then promptly enter next year’s Manchester Marathon!

Rowan had one of those runs, where her description would not be printable and I am just over analysing my run – forgetting I ran well for 80% of it!

I sit here, a few days post run and it has settled into me that I did run a good race over all.

Talking and seeing the comments from those that ran it and supported it (both at the event and watching from afar) has made me smile.

Why? The positive feeling about being in a club and the togetherness that it generates on this accomplishment and we have all been through it together – not just the race itself, but the training over the last 3-4 months, including dealing with the ‘Beast from the East’. And it is an accomplishment – regardless if its ones 1st or 10th marathon, it is no mean feat finishing a marathon.

I think Raj has summed up the ideas of running a marathon very well:

Know how you’re going to get to the start and know where you’ll be at the end.

byRaj : Pre Race

Have you packed everything you need for the end? Make sure you pack a pair of comfortable shoes and pants. It’s important that you have your familiar things close to hand to aid recovery.

byRaj : Post Race

After the race it is important to fuel on sugar and salt not just water.

byRaj : Food/drink

Treat yourself to something nice. It might be a new pair of shoes or a nice meal - whatever it is, reward yourself - you’ve earned it!

byRaj : Reward

Vicky’s comments on the day

The course is fairly flat and once the route leaves the built up area it takes you through some lovely countryside and small towns.

It was incredibly well supported with crowds and music on large parts of the course.

There was an almost continual supply of jelly babies and other goodies, the cheering and support from the spectators really made it a great race.

A special mention to the young lad spraying runners with a hosepipe just as things were starting to get too warm.

The (alcohol free) beer at the end was a treat as was the massage.

Overall it was a fantastic race, definitely one with good PB potential.

A big thanks to all those who came along to support, including Ray and Sharon shouting out encouragement a couple of miles in and the other MRC supporters that I didn’t manage to spot in the crowds.

Congratulations to all the MRC runners who took part, there were fantastic efforts by everyone.

John’s comments on the day

For me, must be at the 23 miles water stop where I managed to get a bottle of water into a bin from a good 40 feet away. WHILST RUNNING. You should have heard the kids chanting my name. It was brilliant!!

byJohn : Most exciting bit of the day

Feelings after the event can be very mixed, and I can testify to that, but after some reflection, one gets a better sense of it.

Rowan has summed this up very well on a thread on the Facebook page which asked about the medal which one is proud of, she went on to say, ‘Possibly a bit obvious as most recent. Greater Manchester Marathon 2018. Not my best time (worst by a long shot) but I actually got to the start line - 12 years after the last Marathon when I said I’d never do another one.. in between time I’ve had two boys & various challenges in running / injuries etc.

So when I got to 21 miles, thought ‘you’ve blown it’ I didn’t a) have a hissy fit, b) retire or c) cheat - but just kept going & smiling!!!’

If this has inspired you to think about entering a marathon, then please do ask questions – a few of us are experienced enough to guide you through the basics of training (without getting too geeky) and suggest good events for you to look and think about.