Club Welfare
Mickleover Running Club is friendly, welcoming and inclusive; committed to ensuring that all members enjoy running in a safe and respectful environment.
Club Welfare Offices (CWO)

CWOs are here to listen, support and protect members. If any member has a concern, please contact Sarah or Phil, which would be in complete confidence. If needed the CWO may consult with England Athletics for further support and guidance.

The CWO ensure coaches are DBS checked and adhere to the England Athletics Procedures and Policies for running clubs.

COVID-19 Information/Risk Assessment
This document is for any MRC member who would like to run in a group with other MRC members.The following rules are requested to be followed (along with National Government guidelines) to ensure safety for all participants and the general public, all runs are at the participants’ own risk.
Code of Conduct
Mickleover Running Club depends on the active participation and support of all our members, whether a committee member, run leader or club runner. In order to ensure the safety, well-being and enjoyment of our members we have set out guidelines to ensure that all individuals know what behaviour is expected of them.
Welfare policy
As Mickleover Running Club (MRC) potentially has vulnerable people in their care, the club has appointed two Club Welfare Officers (CWOs) who are also part of the Club Management Committee. The CWOs will promote best practice throughout the club and will deal with poor practice concerns in accordance with the club's disciplinary process. Matters of a more worrying nature and deemed not to be properly addressed should be referred to England Athletics.