by Steve Congreve
Club Runner

Thunder run and run and run

So, I’ve never done a relay race, let alone a 24 hour relay race with a bunch of people I barely know and most I’ve never met.

But my sister is the Chair of MRC, and roped me into joining the club earlier this year and whilst I probably run once a year with the club I wear the MRC t shirt proudly and cheer on fellow MRC runners whenever I am at an event.

So, I rocked up on the Saturday morning, as organised as ever - which means not all, with little training, barely any prep and not a lot of sleep and far too much wine the night before!

I’m feeling quite intimidated but very quickly was put at ease as everyone was so welcoming and friendly, including my sister ha ha ha.

The size of the event surprised me and it was a bit overwhelming to see the number of tents but there was a chilled out atmosphere – not what I expected – and actually in retrospect would have like to have gone a day before and socialised a bit to get to know people and the feel of the event.

The morning went by very quickly, had a bit of a yoga (organised session!) with my new yoga buddy John – who I have to say had a ridiculous amount of energy and passion at 11am!

Suddenly it was midday and the event was off!

I was in the team of eight, and my lap was going to be around 4pm (based on 1h ish laps) and I was feeling fine up to 3pm but then the nerves kick in as my first lap started bearing down.

Speaking with John about his timings I assumed he would be looking at a 50min lap and he looked strong at the 2k marker so I went down to the start (transition area) early, thinking I had 10 mins to spare to take in the environment, faff with my watch etc and suddenly there was John!

I thought he was the quickest runner in the world!

I thought he was going to have a go at me for not being ready and in the transition area – little did I know ‘Johnny Half Lap’ he’d took a wrong turn and missed half of the route out!!!

So I set off without my strava turned on, my heart rate monitor wasn’t ready and generally feeling discombobulated!

No one warned me about the immense hill on the first 1k so I ran all the way up it and then my legs went to jelly – so then I had to pretend I was running strong as I ran past the MRC based camp pitched at the 2k point.

It was VERY HOT and I did not enjoy it at all!

I finished comfortably in an hour and then the chilled out with two- beers, sort of looking forward to my next run at midnight.

So, my lack of preparation kicked in again – I had never ran with new head torch….I didn’t realise it had at tilt function so mine was pointed to the sky not the floor the whole time!

Bit I loved loved loved running at night!

Glammed up thanks to Jacqui with flashy stuff and my lovely sis writing in neon ‘I love Rick Ass (tley) on my calves.

I managed to get a few hours sleep and got up for my last run which wasn’t too bad - the temp was ok and everyone in my team was either buzzing from the night runs or preparing for their final morning run.

I have to say the MRC 2 team looked half dead (but great effort guys!) and at that point I was glad I wasn’t in a group less than 8.

I had a couple of more beers at 8am (because you can when you’ve been up half the night running you know…) and loved the last hurrah running over the finish line with everyone.

It was a great experience and I’ll be there next year!

Either in a team of 8 or maybe solo -- the pain of three laps have disappeared quite quickly!!!

Thank you to everyone in the team.!!

the results

Category Name Final Pos. Laps (10km) Time on course
SOLO Phil Scope 4th 16 24:14:08
MIXED 8 TEAM MRC 1 69th 24 24:33:41
MALE 5 TEAM MRC 2 19th 25 24:23:06
John and Adrian take on Bonnie Prince Charlie

John and Adrian are going to on a pub crawl along Bonnie Prince Charlie route from Ashbourne to Mickleover on Saturday Sept 2nd – about 13 miles.

Adrian wants to do this ‘Because I’ve only run 10K distances for about the last two years, we shall be talking it easy and after carrying out a full health and safety assessment have decided that due to the abnormal weather conditions, several drinks stations will be required along the route for frequent rehydration.

These are likely to coincide with The shoulder of Mutton (Osmaston), The Saracen’s Head (Shirley), The Cow (Dalbury Lees) and The Great Northern (Mickleover).

If anyone would like to join us on the run you are more than welcome’. Just let either John or Adrian know via Facebook or have a chat at a club run.

Club Secretary


Next Tour date is 22nd September 2018, at Conkers Parkrun.

Conkers Waterside,
Bath Yard,
DE12 6BA

Car share encouraged. 

click here for more info.

Tracey Griffiths

A - Z of Running: G
describes how we run or walk and consists of two phases: stance where part of the foot touches the ground and swing during which the same foot doesn’t touch the ground.
the storage form of glucose (sugar) found primarily in the liver and muscles
various types of fuels for running; a gu/gel usually has a thicker gel-like consistency; sickly sweet and often responsible for runners trots!!

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Race Results
and Events Update Results

It has been quite a busy 2 weeks or so for the club, but here we go with an overview of the race results:

Tara Kinder 10K: the 3rd Friday evening 10K was hosted at Elvaston Castle, on what was clearly a much cooler evening.

20 or so members geared up for the 3 lap, 2mile course thus presenting the spectators a chance to view the runners more than a usual out & back 10k race.

After a quite comical start to the race, the runners were off which allowed Dan Foley & I time to get the ice creams in.

As the runners looped round, spectators cheered on, with those leading the race seeming to float, or run without much effort – very interesting to watch this, but also very annoying at they make it look so easy ha ha ha!

First home for the club was Jamie, back in good running form after a period out with a slight niggle.

Second home was James Upton on a rare outing, but looking very strong as he finished (must be something in off road running then?), 3rd to cross was Ewan ‘The Ninja’ Mitchell.

Ewan is quite the man who can cover the full range of distances really well!. Ross, was 4th, with Andy (anther one back post injury) in 5th – followed by James S, James K – ahead of Paul D, Micheal in 9th, Marc was 10th and Rob F was the last male home.

As for the Ladies – once again the fight at the front was there between Emma, Beckie & Vicky – although Lucinda was also in that group, just to mix things up a little. But it was Emma who was the first lady home, with Vicky in 2nd (who ran an excellent 3rd lap) ahead of Beckie and Lucinda.

Lucy A was 5th lady home, with Nic D, Katie, Louise U and finally Sharon F (who out sprinted Rob) making up the full finishers.

Piggs 10K
Weds 1st Aug saw the 5th race in our Club Champs, as nearly 25 members took part in the local & small Piggs 10K organised by Rolls Royce Harriers.

It’s an event that is basically not advertised, enter on the night – no thrills, no spills no medal or T Shirt event (hence why our beloved chair didn’t run!).

First over the line was Jamie (41.18) again, but Ross (42.38) was not too far behind him as the 2nd MRC finisher. Wilf, back from injury was 3rd and Malcolm (new member) was 4th. Andy was 5th, just ahead of James S, while Paul D finished ahead of James K as they continue their personal ‘race royale’. Phil, jogged home in 9th, while I was 10th, with Michael R the 11th finisher. Jake R had another fine run over the Northern Line, while John S had a proper moment to claim victory in the ‘Battle of the Sheils’.

Nick Connor, in his first outing in the MRC top ran well and Paul T, showing again age is no restriction finished in 53mins. Paul D, Ian and Clive were the final 3 men to finish the race.

As for the Ladies, the ‘top of the table’ clash continued, but Emma was having none of it roaring home in 47.53, with Raj was not too far behind (48.14), Lucinda in 3rd, Beckie 4th and Vicky ‘I am in holiday mode’ came home 6th – clearly showing no disappointment in John beating her for once! Lucy was our 7th lady home and Nic brought the team home; all ladies running under 54 mins.

174 runners finished the race, and MRC had 25 runners – making it just over 14% of the total numbers. A grand outing by the club, along with supporters showing the progress the club has made in the last 12 months. A pic was on Facebook from last year with about 9 of us so 25 in a year is real progress.

Although I think the best part of the night was the social drink the ‘Northern’ afterwards!

Club Champs
Race 4 (Tara Kinder) and Race 5 (Piggs 10) were held very recently and here we have the up to date tables based on these results, which are on the website.

Now we have had 5 races, it shows that Ross and Beckie are still leading the way – and thus have points in the bag as they say, so it is up to the others to enter the remaining aces to try and catch up.

click here to see current table
Other News
Elsewhere: James Kelly is continuing with his idea of becoming a fell runner by taking part in the Brassington Hill Race and in ‘Tri News’ Jacqui Mann competed in the Salford Tri while Dan Foley dipped his toe into the event by completing and finishing in his first tri.
Upcoming Running Events

Erewash Half
18th Aug. 2018
To enter Click Here.

Wilne 10k
(club champs)
2nd Sept. 2018
Sold Out Event. For more info Click Here.

Lichfield 10k
9th Sept. 2018
To enter Click Here.

Great North Run
9th Sept. 2018
Great North Run – various members will be running in this mass event.

Robin Hood Half
30th Sept. 2018
To enter Click Here.

Shelton 10K
(DRS and Club Champs)
7th Oct. 2018

Chester Marathon
7th Oct. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Leicester Half & Full Marathon
14th Oct. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Yorkshire Marathon
14th Oct. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Yorkshire Marathon
14th Oct. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Clubs Autumn 5K TT
16th Oct. 2018

For more info Click Here.

Shipley Country Park Parkrun
27th Oct. 2018

For more info Click Here.

Derby 10 Mile – NEW DATE!!!
(DRS and Club Champs)
25th Nov. 2018

To enter Click Here.

Finally, in Aug Vicky & I will be attending a meeting to discuss the forth coming plans/dates/venues for the DRXC – Derby/Staffs Div.

We will update you all more when we have information, but once again it is an ideal set of events to represent the club and be an active part of it.

They are hard races, but good fun and certainly pull the club together over the winter months.

Alan & Vicky Capt

Robert Humber

MRC is Two Years Old in September!

To celebrate we are going out for curry – the food of all athletes!

The Club is subsidising some of the cost and as such we are keeping this as a members only event.

Cinnamon Tree Curry
Thursday 20th September
£10.00 per person (Drinks to purchased individually)

Pay on the night.

Menu Dish Dash Dinning

Book a place by 1st September by contacting - Clive either through Facebook or email by clicking here.

New flag

The Club has purchased a brand new flag so we’ll never not be seen at events and races!

The new flag also mirrors the club colours and we think it looks great!

Sunday Long Runs with Ross…

check out the schedule and join Ross as he trains for his first marathon!

Club Shop Update


We will soon be placing an order for more of the navy/orange club technical t shirts.

As most of you know these take a few weeks to come through so this will be the last batch order this year.

Please get your orders in quickly through the Club Shop – perhaps a lovely Christmas present for a club member or yourself 😊

Winter running tops are also available and if you want to guarantee having a lovely bright yellow MRC top as the nights draw in please don’t leave it late to place your order.

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on the run with...

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with...Beverley Tomlinson

Joined Mickleover Running Club: Sept 2017

When did you start running and when did you join Mickleover Running Club?

Started running springtime 2017, cycled before plus gym classes.

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?

Encouragement / advise / Friendliness from other members

When and who do you run with the club?

Tuesday Evenings with Paul, sometimes run Parkrun too


Tell us your history of running?

No history of running unless you count “Sports Days” at school many years ago.

What has been your best running achievement?

Matthew Walker Pudding Run 10k

What is your running ambition?

To run 10 miles

Why do you run?

Keep fit, build up my strength and stamina.

Favourite place to run?

Track between Etwall and Egginton with my dog “Sooty”

Tell us about your worst run?

Running 5k on the track, getting caught in a terrific thunderstorm, couldn’t see where I was running.

Best running phrase?

Faster… faster… faster, at the end of a “timed race”

Favourite running photo?

Derby 10k, Iron gate, Waving and smiling

Have you ever lost your running mojo?

Not yet.

Best route around Mickleover/Derby?

Cross country, Mackworth Church.

Who would be on your wish list to run with?

Sir Mo Farah

Worst/Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Worst – run faster!!

Best – how to control my breathing!

What do you think about when you run?

Love being outside in the fresh air and I’m sure I will feel so much better after the run, running high – they call it!!!

Run to time or distance?

Distance is my 1st choice.


What was your favourite race and why?

Matthew Walker 10k Pudding Run, scenic + Christmas punning as a prize at the finish line.

Tell us about your pre-race rituals and food and drink.

Carb snack 2-2½ before, plenty of fluids.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?

Corfu, Kassiopi.

What’s your one race essential?

Early night before, extra fluids too.

Would you run a marathon without getting a medal?

Yes, it’s the personal achievement / memory that matters.