Tracey Griffiths

2018 is well underway

8 weeks in to 2018 and it’s getting colder!

I know, not because the Beebs website tells me, but because I have resorted to wearing long sleeve tops under my running tees – so it must be cold.

So…well done to everyone who continues to get out in all weathers to get their miles in – whether it’s for fun, for health, for mindfulness or for race training.

A few niggles and injuries have impacted a few people’s plans and I know some of you have had to pull out or postpone planned events.

This can be incredibly frustrating time, especially if you have been sponsored or gained a place in an event with a charity but it isn’t the end of the world – remember that.

Injuries heal and races will come and go – your time will come.

The A-Z of Running

A IS FOR Anaerobic threshold (AT)

… the point at which your cardiovascular system, which delivers oxygen to your working muscles, can no longer keep up with those muscles’ demands.

An untrained person reaches his AT at about 65% of his maximal heart rate (MHR). For trained runners, AT pace is at 87% to 92% of MHR.

This explains why a novice runner will struggle sooner to sustain a challenging pace than someone who’s put in more training time.

Many trained runners find that their AT is roughly equivalent to 10-mile race pace. You can raise your AT by training at that intensity, either in sustained efforts (tempo running) or interrupted bouts (interval training).

If you run below your AT, your body will never become efficient at faster-paced efforts.

On race day, when your heart rate is suddenly elevated, you’ll be forced to slow down. Not exactly the desired outcome.

Courtesy of
Runners World

MRC Book Club

I have to say, I haven’t read this…yet…but the title caught my eye.

Me: ‘Adds to amazon basket…’ Amazon Link

Read a book about running that you would like to share/recommend?

Let me know through FB/Email etc (

Club News

Congratulations to Rowan Chamberlain, who recently completed the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness Course.

Rowan, one of the Clubs Founders, attended the course which enables attendees to ‘…deliver fun and safe sessions to multi-ability groups and give advice and support to the new runner, as well as developing pathways for those who want to progress.

It focuses on understanding and overcoming barriers to participation in running and how to increase participation by those not traditionally attracted to a running club’.

As a club our insurance requires us to have at least one qualified leader, and your club membership has provided us with the ability to send Rowan and Ross (in March) to these courses.

We will be looking to send at least two more people on to this one day course soon as we aim to have 4 Run Leaders to support the members and ensure that we have the right approach to our club sessions.

Club Shop Update


This may well seem a bit…well…like Wishful thinking, given it’s currently Snowing but….we will soon be placing an order for some more of the branded Blue and orange mrc running tees and Vests – ideal for the hot british Summer!.

we need a minimum order and these can take a few weeks for the supplier to provide them – so if you want to rock your spring/summer events/parkrun’s/club runs in the clubs colours, then please go online in the next two weeks and get your order(s) in through the online club shop

Click Here to visit the Club Shop

Great North Run Ballot

The GNR ballot results were released last week and there were a few lucky club members to receive a ‘YOU’RE IN’ email.

Well done!

Membership Renewals

It’s nearly time for the annual renewal process. More of that in the next newsletter.

If you are a current EA member (as well as Club Member) or are a Club Member who opted out of the full EA membership, here is a reminder as to the benefits of joining the EA full membership (taken from the EA website):

As a registered athlete [editors note: love that we’re ‘athletes’] you are able to access a number of benefits:

  • Entry to events exclusively available to registered athletes - under UKA Rules for Competition many competitions, particularly track and field, are only open to registered athletes.
  • Entry discounts (minimum £2) on UKA licenced road and multi-terrain events
  • ebulletins including key information on the sport and exclusive registered athlete offers. You can ensure your email address and mailing preferences are up to date at
  • The ability to have a say on how the sport is run and funded in a way that reflects your fundamental importance to the sport
  • Opportunities for you, (and at times your club or your school) to get involved in exclusive events and experiences in association with British Athletics
  • Your registration fee helps make a difference to many areas of the sport
  • Exclusive offers - We work with partners including New Balance, InterContinental Hotels Group, and AfterShokz to provide registered athletes with exclusive offers and vouchers for money off.
  • Some of these can be accessed via the benefits page at Others are sent by email so ensure your contact details are up to date and you have opted to receive information!
  • Entry in the Great Run Club Challenge competition in the Great Run Events

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)


As we hit the mid point in February with the slightly lighter mornings and evenings some maybe thinking about the spring months and the thought of maybe entering a race or 2?

Here are a few options to think about:

Sun 25th Feb, the 4th and final race in the Derby Runner XC league and thus a final chance to run across the fields and through some mud.

It has been a good start for the club and would be great to finish on a high – especially for the Ladies Team. As before, we need a minimum of 4 counters for the Ladies team and 8 for the Mens to count towards the league tally.

It is open to all regardless of ability so If interested and want to part take, please let Vicky or myself know.

We meet at 9.30am to arrange car sharing. A post is on Facebook/email is up/out with further details.

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

More ... Running Events

Over that same weekend, we have a few members up at Carsington Water for a 10k or Half Marathon, these include Ross, Team Freeman (Rob & Callum), James S, Daniel Foley & Michael Richards – that I know of – so best of luck to you all.

The 3rd event this weekend is the East Mids 10k at Holme Pierrepont with Rob representing the club.

In March there is the Ashbourne 10(miles) on the 4th and the Fradley 10K on the 11th March.

The big event in March is the Great Northern 10K and Half – not only do we have members running in these events it is on our door step, so why not pop down to watch and cheer people on.

April will see the start of the Spring Marathon Season with members running at Manchester and London Marathon. The Derby Run Series and our own Club Championships also start in April, with the first event the Sporting Futures Derby 10k based at Pride Park., entries are still open: Click Here with the event on the 15th April. So why not enter to show off the ‘flying shoe’ around our very own city!

Alan & Vicki
(XC Capts.)

Race Results

Meanwhile, those members of the club who have raced:

Sophie set herself a new PB at the Markeaton Parkrun completing the 5k in 22.08.

Steve Richardson ran a brilliant sub 1h 30mins at the Leicester Half; John, Rob F and Tracey did the [rescheduled] Keyworth Turkey Trot and Jo Shakespeare finally took part in the Reindeer Run (rearranged due to weather before Christmas) who ran the 20k in 2:02:44.

Jo went on to say ‘I was contemplating running the extra third of a mile to make it upto 13.1miles and thus a half, but thought they think I am mad.’ Now, who else do we know would do such a thing??
Answers on a post card to…………….

Finally, if you are or have ran any event please do us, especially if you have achieved a goal – ran your first race, first 10k, a PB or whatever.

It would be great to celebrate all our member’s achievements regardless – so please do inform either Vicky or myself so we can pass on the good news or you can send in an email to

Tracey Griffiths

Keyworth Turkey Trot Race Report
11th February 2018

MRC Runners: Tracey Griffiths, Rob Freeman & John Sheil

With John and Rob in marathon training mode and me in…not marathon training mode we turned up at the rescheduled Trot and alongside about 1000 other runners stood contemplating why oh why we were there.

Deciding to run the first 10k at sub 9min pace (suicide pace for me) and then see what happened seemed perfectly sensible and it was all going so well until mile 3…ha ha ha!

All best plans go to pot when presented with a hill. John carried on and maintained a brilliant pace whereas Rob and I mentally re-evaluated and resumed at a pace more fitting with the route and our current form!.

Mile 4.5 and I apologise to the locals and fellow runners for stripping off a layer!

I would like to say I lost 15 minutes having to run back to collect my phone arm band during said changeover but in reality it was about 2 minutes.

The wind kept coming but then so did the sun…and then so did another hill.

At mile 9 the local running club were dishing out chocolate and jelly babies so we dutifully took those on board and then ran on, only to see the mile 11 hill of hills.

The sleet and hail started and I secretly hoped John had put the kettle on at the finish.

As the traffic continued to pass past (very considerately I should add) the supporting marshalls, all wrapped up in gear befitting the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics continued to cheer us all on, promising ‘we were nearly there’.

And then, up (yes another UP) a small street and the finish line was there…John cheering us in, sporting the rather fetching silver foil that would have given a turkey nightmares.

John finished in just under 2 hrs inspite of a tight calf and Rob and I were both happy to finish!

Park Run

What is Parkrun?

parkrun is such a simple concept: turn up every Saturday and run 5km, or if you have children (under 14) then 2km every Sunday.

It doesn’t matter how fast you go. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. What matters is taking part.

It’s free and all you need is your barcode. Just go to, register, print our your barcode and head to your local parkrun on Saturday for a 9am start.

We have a few local runs (Markeaton and Rosliston) and Long Eaton – which ranks as one of the ‘fastest’ courses in the country.

Robert Humber

Website Update

Card Payments now taken in Club Shop

I'm pleased to announce that the Club Shop now accepts all major cards.

I've been working hard for a while to get this sorted and now its finally happened.

Big thankyou to Ian and Lucy for helping me out and being so patient.

Other great news is you will be able to renewal your membership online and pay for Club Events such as Hairy Helmet without any hassle of grabbing cash on Club Run nights.

P.S. You dont need a PayPal account to use the PayPal online payment system. I will be adding a guide if feedback requires.

Take a look Here any feedback would be great.

Gallery Updated

Well the Winter break is over...

Gallery updated with lastest Photos from Parkrun, Turkey Trot and what looked like a lovely Club run round Carsington Reservoir.

Take a look Here.

New Committee

With the Committee being split into two we have had to reshufflethe pages a little.

The New "Exec. Committee" can be found Here

The New "Wider Committee" can be found Here

Both can be reached on the menu at the top by hovering over the "New to the Club" tab.

We also have all the Run Leaders and Support Runners listed Here on the club run page.