Vicky Sheil
(XC Captain)

Dusk til Dawn Race Report

Saturday 27th October was cold, very cold, bordering on Arctic. This did not, however, stop five intrepid MRC runners from heading out into the dark for the Dusk ‘til Dawn race.

The event has 50 mile ultra, marathon and half marathon races with our runners opting for the half marathon course. The route starts and finishes in Hope and takes in Lose Hill (476m) and Mam Tor (517m) via Cave Dale. Oh, and just to add to the challenge, if you don’t run fast enough the Grim Sweeper will catch you and remove you from the race with one swing of his scythe….

Preparations for this event started well in advance, the essential kit list is substantial and kit is checked before runners are allowed to start the event. Nerves were jangling as we set off in the car (Adrian, Emma, Steve C and John and Vicky S), we had no idea what to expect from the event or whether we would even pass the kit check. We arrived in plenty of time, most of us dressed in hi-vis winter running gear, Steve C in shorts!

We then listened to the race briefing, before donning our rucksacks and lining up at the start line. Although it was compulsory to carry maps and written descriptions of the route, the GPX files that we were able to download meant that navigation was straight forward, so long as we followed the blue line on the screen. The event usually starts at dusk, but this year there was an extra hour in daylight in memory of the event organiser’s father.

We set off along the road towards Castleton, Steve ran ahead, the rest of us set a steady initial pace. Once we reached Castleton we took a right turn along a lane with a gradual incline, before crossing a stile and reaching the footpath leading to the summit of Lose Hill. The pace dropped considerably and we walked the steeper parts of the path, but the extra hour of daylight meant that we were rewarded with amazing views across the Hope Valley.

Once we reached the Trig Point the descent was fun, Emma and I managing a fast pace down the grass slopes heading back to Castleton, making the most of the dwindling light.

In the centre of Castleton we reached our first (and for the half marathon route, only) manned checkpoint, all the others are virtual. An absolute feast awaited us with Jelly Babies, biscuits, mini scotch eggs and orange slices being just a small selection of the items on offer. Reluctantly we donned our head torches as the light was fading rapidly and left the check point behind.

Just around the corner the terrain changed dramatically. Cave Dale is steep and rocky, with loose stones and some running water. Luckily there hadn’t been much rain recently, so the water was a trickle rather than a river. The route became more grass and less rocky as we approached the top of Cave Dale, where the courses split. The ultra and marathon routes bore left, but our half marathoners continued straight on along a gravel track, before bearing right across a pitted grassy field towards Mam Tor. On reaching the main Mam Tor path we went from grass to a stone slab pathway. Crossing over the summit of Mam Tor was cold and very windy (regretting those shorts now, Steve?) but it was the descent that was hardest. By torchlight it was difficult to judge the depth of steps, so we had to take it quite steadily and I think we were all feeling our quads on the long descent.

Once off the Mam Tor path we dropped down onto the lane leading back to Castleton, before reaching the road to Hope and retracing our steps back to the Hope Sports Centre base. There we were met with a most welcome cup of tea and a great quality medal. Steve finished first, followed by Emma and myself 10 minutes later, with John and Adrian shortly behind. The only remaining challenge – to find somewhere to eat after 9pm near Hope. Our huge apologies to the other customers in a smart Indian restaurant who were enjoying their meals when five scruffy, probably quite smelly and certainly very loud runners arrived, all on a complete running high after such a fantastic event.

This is a great run. It was completely different from other races that we have taken part in and we were able to enjoy the experience and not worry about pace at all. I would definitely do this again, and am even considering the full marathon….

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair.

A – Z of Running
J Is for: Jogging

noun: jogging
1. the activity of running at a steady, gentle pace as a form of physical exercise

I am not jogging, I am running!

Tracey Griffiths


A local runner (Richard Hick) is running every day in November raising money for Scope.

He is going to run the miles per day ie 1st November = 1 mile, 20th November = 20 miles etc. The last ten days is going to be quite a challenge!

He has set up a Facebook page click here and each of the planned runs are listed.

He’s really keen for support during these runs (some will be laps so people can run a few miles…not the whole route) – he just asks that you donate (whatever you can) to his JustGiving page (link from Facebook or search Run November).

Richard's JustGiving page Richard's Facebook page
next week's schedule

NOV 12
The Twelve Mile Monday // Mon 19:00
Markeaton Park, Derby, DE22 3

NOV 13
The Pre-Shift Half // Tues 06:00
Royal Derby Hospital, Derby

NOV 14
The Willmott Head Torch Disaster // Wed 18:30
The Great Northern, Derby

NOV 15
The Darley Fifteen // Thurs 18:00
Darley Park, Derby

NOV 16
Friday Four X Four Laps // Fri 19:00
Tesco Derby Mickleover, Derby

NOV 17
Saturday Morning at the Park // Sat 09:00
Markeaton Park, Derby

NOV 18
Sunday morning in the Villages // Sun 09:00
Etwall Leisure Centre, Derby

Tracey Griffiths

Club News
Club Open Committee Meeting and VLM Ballot Place

We are holding a club open meeting for two main purposes (1) to chat about the club runs, why we do what we do, what you would like more / less of and (2) the challenges the club faces, how you can help and what the future holds.

We also have Chris, the Regional EA Representative coming and will be making the Clubs VLM Ballot draw.

There will be a social run at 7pm as normal and then we've love to see you in the bar after!

Tuesday 20th November
8pm - 9.30pm at the Royal British Legion

Tracey Griffiths

2018 Poppy Appeal

We will be doing a collection for the RBL as it’s Remembrance Week, on Tuesday 13th November.

This is completely voluntary.

Tracey Griffiths

Club Annual Awards

We are excited to announce a new award for this year – the Members Member Award

We would like you to vote for your MRC Club Member of the year. The only rule is you can not vote for a Committee Member. Click here if you’re not sure who the committee members are!

Don’t worry that you don’t know everyone!

Just vote for someone you think is deserving -you might choose someone who inspires you, who has supported you or made you feel welcome at the Club; or someone whose running exploits have impressed you.

It could be someone who has had a particularly challenging year but keeps on running….it really is up to you.

Please submit your choice to:


Alan Percival
XC Captain

Starlight Relay: Race 1
Markeaton Park

In a galaxy far, far, far away, 2 intrepid teams of MRC runners met in the car park of Markeaton Park to take part in the 2nd series of Starlight Relays.

These relays are on trail/off road routes in and around 3 locations in the area: Markeaton Park, Allestree and Calke Abbey – and are an ideal way to chill and have a bit of fun at the end of a long road race season.

Each leg is about 2 miles long, I say about as the distances are tricky to measure – with 4 members in each team.

The 2 two teams compromised of John ‘Palpatine’ Sheil, Darth Vicky Vader Sheil, Emma ‘Grevious’ Cull and Steve ‘Boba Fett’ Chamberlain – representing the Galactic Empire (along with the mini stormtroopers as support – aka John & Vickys Kids!).

While for the Rebel Alliance we had, Jacqui ‘Jyn Erso’ Mann, Ian ‘Chewbecca’ Porter, Tracey ‘Leia’ Griffiths and myself Alan ‘Obi Won’.

Jacqui brought out the day-glo paint and duly started to paint our faces illuminous orange, silver sparkles and bright green – all to cheer us all up.

Head torches were needed (and a must) along with various lights but the first order of the day was the safety briefing.

I guess most of us may not listen too closely to these, but with a night race it is very important, and the organisers did it well – along with the signage that glowed as we ran round all aided by the marshals on route!

The route itself was fairly flat, and the first mile was good to run – mainly on the grass and a little bit on the paths, before we headed into the woodland areas – where it was very wise to take it easy.

A few small inclines as we headed through the second woodland area before the final section.

It was a nice route and really enjoyable to run round, then the fun part of trying to find one’s team mate to hand the baton over.

We all got round the route safely, and I think everyone enjoyed it – charging round in the dark all glammed up.

Hate to say it though, the ‘Galactic Empire’ did beat the Rebel Alliance, but winning was not the name of the game – it was to go out and have fun as part of our club.

The next event is at Allestree Park on the 6th Dec – I have no idea is space is available for a team – but if interested, check out the site here and try and get 4 team members together.

Alan Percival
XC Captain

Derby Runner Cross Country (DRXC) / Race 2

DRXC Race 2 was held this Armistice Morning at Foremark. A good group of MRC members met up and then ran around the fields of the parkland – all for fun.

The weather was chilly but after a few showers cleared up so reveal some nice warm sun. I will post the results on FB and the next newsletter.

The 3rd race in the league is not until the New Year: 20th Jan at Allestree Park – it would be fantastic to get as many out as possible at the local event.

If you can run it, please come along and support – see the club at its best.

The last main event in the year is the Derby 10 miler on the 25th Nov with the race based in and around the iPro Stadium – this also is the last race in the Club Champs and the Derby Run Series – bring an end to an eventful year for the club and its members.

Tracey Griffiths


Don’t forget to book your tickets for this years Christmas Party and Awards night.

The Committee will soon be deliberating over some of the awards!

Upcoming Running Events

Derby 10 Mile – NEW DATE!!!
(DRS and Club Champs)
25th Nov. 2018
For more info. as this event is now sold out click Here.

Robert Humber

Alan Percival

For many years Alan has been raising awareness for the encephalitis society

The link below will explain why. This is a touching story and one told from the heart.

Alans Story
on the run with...
David Cox

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with ... David Cox

When did you start running and when did you join Mickleover Running Club?

I started running roughly 2004 and join MRC April 2017

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?

The motivation, not only people supporting you as you run but the commitment to attend and get out running each week

When and who do you run with the club?

Tuesday and on a Thursday when I can (roughly every six weeks). I run with whoever if they’re running at the same speed as me and want to chat/or listen to me. I run with Raj Todd on an early Saturday morning.


Tell us your history of running?

I started in my 20’s as a drive to lose weight (I was over 18 and half stone).

I lived in London and a flat mate said “just jog to the park (about a quarter of a mile) do a lap (Hyde Park) and run home.

Well I couldn’t even run to the park. I kept going, each time forcing myself to run a little further, but always completed the circuit until I could jog the loop.

I then shortly after moved to Canada and lived with my Uncle and Auntie, where my Auntie stated “You’re not living without exercising.

I started an exercise plan with her and after about 2 weeks she struggled to keep up, I just wanted to go out as much as I could, along with cycling and swimming as the weight was dropping off.

Since then I have managed to run many 10K’s, half marathons and even completed the London Marathon in 2015.

What has been your best running achievement?

I think building up my fitness to where I can get up and go for a 10 to 12 mile run and just enjoy it, I don’t worry about speed.

What is your running ambition?

To keep enjoying it and in time I look forward to doing Park Run with my children. My 3 year often asks “Daddy can I come out running with me when I am older?”

Why do you run?

To keep the weight down and clear my head

Favourite place to run?

I have been lucky enough to travel and live in different counties over the years, a few favourites would be Banff in the Rocky Mountains, along the waterfront in Vancouver and around the village I lived in in Uganda.

One route I like to do is a 9 mile route from my parents’ home in Newport. I remember biking this as a child, but running it in the beginning was very difficult, but now it is nice to enjoy it.

Tell us about your worst run?

Completing the Derby Half Marathon that went from the University a few years ago.

I hadn’t run for a while in the lead up and I thought it would kick start me back into running.

The pre-runs didn’t really happen and I went with the thought I’ll do my best.

Well it was a hilly course and I really struggled - was a very hard slog but I finished it.

It was after that I thought about joining a running club and found MRC.

Best running phrase?

Can’t remember the exact quote, but something like “The pain won’t last, but the memory of completing the run can last a life time”

Favourite running photo?

Not sure I have one, probably me at a start line so I’m not hot and sweaty

Have you ever lost your running mojo and how did you get it back?

Yes I used to go through phases of not wanting to run, but I just kept trying and normally forcing myself to do a longer slow run gets me back into it. Since joining MRC I haven’t really lost it yet.

Best route around Mickleover/Derby?

I like it on an early Saturday morning, completing the long and boring cycle track to get out onto the country lanes past the Buddhist Centre to run back to Mickleover via Radbourne (12 miles door to door from my house)

Who would be on your wish list to run with?

My wife Vanessa

Worst/Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Can’t think of worst, but best was when you are struggling just slowdown a little bit, as it is better to complete the run/race than to have to stop

What do you think about when you run?

Depends what is on my mind, but sometimes I put my Project Management head on and plan an event or work through a problem that is on my mind.

Run to time or distance?

Always been distance, but I’m starting to be conscious of speed as I develop my running


What was your favourite race and why?

Vancouver Sun Run – a 10k race and the London Marathon.

Vancouver as it was one of the first races I had done after losing weight, so I was able to complete it without nearly dying.

London… well it’s London isn’t it! Growing up we used to start running around the garden when the music of the TV coverage played, pretending to do our own marathon and every year in Uni I would say one day I’ll do it.

The feeling running over Tower Bridge was just amazing and then running along the embankment towards Big Ben and the big U-turn to run down The Mall was just amazing!!! A memory I will never forget.

Tell us about your pre-race rituals and food and drink.

One Weetabix and that’s all. When I run in the morning I don’t eat, so on a race day I have something small as it’s not an early start

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?

Somewhere picturesque in the countryside with hills, so when you reach the top you can run and look at the views

What’s your one race essential?

I don’t really have any. I guess sun glasses if it’s sunny and gloves if it’s below 10 degrees

Would you run a marathon without getting a medal?

Yes, as I run for me and I will know I’ve done it and achieved it