Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

What a year!

Alan has provided a fantastic summary in this newsletter so there’s not much for me to add, other than a huge THANK YOU to all of the Committee Members who give their time and commitment and ensure that we have a Club!

As we start the year with new resolutions, plans, goals and targets maybe some of you would like to donate some of your time to help run the Club?

The Annual General Meeting takes place on Tuesday 22nd January (there will not be a club run that evening) in which the Executive Committee is voted in.

Executive Committee Roles

As per the Club Constitution, the Roles that require electing are:

  • Chair;
  • Secretary;
  • Treasurer**;
  • Membership secretary;
  • Kit Secretary**;
  • Coaching coordinator (Run Lead Co-ordinator)
  • Welfare secretary**

Most of the current Committee have been in their position for two years and some have decided it’s time for a change, either by stepping down from the Committee or moving into other roles.

The role profiles are available by clicking here.

Please do speak to current Committee Members about the roles too (how much time they spend / what they do etc).

Please note, the ** indicates where current committee members are seeking re-election.

There is also information about the role of the Committee on the club constitution page.

Nomination Process

If you wish to nominate someone, or consider a position yourself you need to email Kathryn at:

Deadline for submission is 8th January

Please indicate the name / role in your email.

Each nomination will need to be seconded and then voted on at the meeting.

Notice Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 22nd January


The Royal British Legion

Key Items:
Elections of Committee
Statement of Accounts 2018
Agree Membership Fee for 2019/2020

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

Christmas Party and Awards Night

This years Christmas Party and Awards night provided another night of fun, laughs, memories and almost tears (of joy!).

Thank you to Clive for organising!

Congratulations Jamie and Emma for their efforts in this years Club Champs. Superb running all year round!!

Chairs Award this year went to Ray Smitham – who, inspite of injury continued to support the club, it’s members (at events and through online social chat!) and maintained a smile on his face!

So pleased you’re back running Ray and hopefully that first marathon will be soon on the radar!

Tracey Griffiths
Club Chair

A year in Strava Stats

(**taken at 23rd Dec; those of us on Strava)

We have ran John O’Groats to Lands End 55 times.

We have been running for a total of nearly 7000 hours this year

Ross, Andrew, Phil, Alan and Michael have ran approx. 7.5k miles between them

John B has run every day this year 😊

Alan Percival
XC Captain

a year in review...

the weather may have been chilly, but XC still goes on, as MRC took part on Race 3 of the DRXC Derby League.

saw the re-arranged Turkey Trot, members running the Carsington Half, Hampton Court Half, Oulton Park Half and Notts 10k – oh – and the final race of the DRXC while Rowan qualified as a Run Leader.

We also learnt that our Main Run Co-ordinator cant follow directions!

Kellie ran in the Ashbourne 10k – but it was the Beast from the East and the Mini Beast that took the headlines as races & runs were cancelled!

start of the real road running season where the club had over 35 members running the Derby 10k.

Other members ran the Manchester – where the highlight was surely Vicky with her GFA time?

While at the ‘other’ marathon, and on a very hot day, team James’s (U K & S), Paul Dean and Katie all ran and finished the event!

Elaine ran the Chester Half and MRC took on the big boys as 4 teams entered the Livingston Relays in Leicester.

the Carsington 7+, and the Sinfin 10k were the 2 main events of the month for the club, while the rearranged Great Northern events were also held – all attracting many members from the club.

While in the Scottish capital, Ewan & Lucinda ran round to ensure about 15 members ran a spring marathon! Elsewhere, Tracey ventured to Sweden, Dougal to the Peaks and Elaine to Liverpool and Lichfield!

the Ramathon/Derby Half was the focus with 25+ members running up to Elvaston and back.

The club had 6 teams out at the Hairy Helmet, a popular mid summer event, with beer and fun at the heart.

Special shout to James U for stepping at last minute . Oh and Paul had his band playing!

I became a qual RL as well. We had members out and about running in South Wales and across the lovely Humber Bridge.

a busy month, as we had members at the Colin Potter, Hayleys Cancer Fight, Brooksie Bash and the Tara Kinder. Oh and some small event called the Thunder Run. Ross became a qual RL!

TR: 24 hours of team/solo running round a tough off road course on a very warm weekend was fun for some! However, there were 2 highlights that must be mentioned:

John S who ran the weekends fastest 10k time in 34mins! Only to find out he missed off about 4k of the course – doh! It did win him the Memorable event of the Year Award thou.

Secondly to Phil – who ran 16 laps (160km/100miles) on his own. This was a couple of months after all the winter training for the 100mile Towpath got shelved due to injury.

the Piggs 10k – a small local 10k event round our favourite course, while James K took up fell running, Jacqui, Dan and James K (again!) did a tri!

started off with the Wilne 10k (25+ members again) and 11 took part in the GNR.

The Foleys & James ‘I have no idea what Sport to do’ K did a rowing challenge.

Vicky became the first RC member to gain entry into VLM based on a GFA time.

Raj became our latest qualified RL!

The club has its 2yr party and also found our new base at the British Legion.

Andrew S ran Chester in under 3hrs – that’s each mile in about 6.52!!!

I plodded round in 3hrs 50 :S. Lucinda, James S & Ross ran in a downpour at Leicester and a small number took on the Shelton 10k.

Numerous members ran their hearts out – as PBs were set by many.

It was also a day to remember local runner, Steve Price who sadly passed away earlier in the year.

XC returned with the first race at Anslow, while John, Vicky, Emma, Steve and Adrian took on the Grim Reaper at the ‘Dusk till Dawn’ event.

The Rebel Alliance took on the Galactic Empire in the first of the Starlight Relays and the 2nd XC race at Foremark saw our largest turnout at a XC Event.

The Derby 10mile, the last major road event, saw 30+ members run – all performing excellently with many running PBs.

Nic Dolman won the clubs VLM Ballot place, and started to panic. (Think shes calmed down a little now?)

Special mention to Richard Hick – local runner who took up a Nov Challenge of running the number of miles as per date (465 in total) – sadly he had to stop as the wear n tear caught up with him, but he did this for a great cause, Scope, with some of our members running with him on several of his runs.

two major events for the month.

The Clubs Awards night, where Jamie, Emma (several times), Phil & Ray were honoured by the club for running fast, well and being generally great members!

With the 2nd event the now annual ‘Pub Run’, with added fancy dress and supporting Richard in raising money (£200) for Scope.


No Club Run on New Years Day team.

If you really want to run ... Parkrun Derby is on with a number of club members marshalling and taking part.

Tuesday 1st Jan. 2019, 9am. Markeaton park, Derby

Race Co-ordinator

Hairy Helmet 2019

After the great success of last year's Hairy Helmet, Mickleover Running Club are delighted to enter a number of teams to represent the club again in 2019.

To register your interest to run in this fantastic local event as part of one of the Mickleover Running Club teams, please use the link below.

Hairy Helmet 2019

Robert Humber

Website Updates

The 2018 Gallery has now been archived and we are going to try and do something special with next years and make a masonry effect which should throughout the year generate a timeline of all the runs and events all our members do.

Last year’s newsletters are now hidden in an accordion menu shown in the image above, just click the + symbol and you can find all the of them from 2018.

Club Runs & Events Pages
This was done a few weeks ago but the Club Run & Events pages are all nicely updated (big thankyou to Ross for sorting) to show whats going on at the club over the next few months.

Club championship
The club championship page has been updated with the 2019 fixture list. Keep an eye on this as Alan might have something up his sleeve...

Thunderrun 2019
New Thunderrun page added, very much like last year. All the teams, what you need, when and where it is.

Alan Percival
XC Captain

Captains Award
this is a new award for 2018, and one in which Vicky & I have the honour in picking the winner.

All we said, it had to be running related but what we didn’t know would be how difficult it would be to choose someone from the vast arrange of members and the achievements they have met.

So, some honourable mentions:

Emma Cull
for an outstanding season on the road and XC, setting new PBs and representing the club with pride and always with a smile on her face.

Ross Bennett
for continuous progress over the year in all distances and then running a sub 3.30 marathon in the down pour at Leicester.

Paul Dean
for running the VLM in the heat, but with what can only say was a slightly tricky training plan due to weather and injuries.

Katie Farrelly
again for running the VLM for the charity that is close to her heart, as it was in memory of her late father.

Marian Walker
for just running silly events – key member of the Thunder Run Team and then onto the Equinox 24 and running 80+ miles

Vicky Sheil
for the being the first MRC member to grab a good for age (GFA) for London with her run at Manchester.

However, the choice was easy to make to a member who trained hard for an event that they had set their eyes on, only for injury to curtail this venture.

That did not stop them, as they promptly entered the Thunder Run - as a solo runner – and then ran on a warm weekend over a rough off road 10k course for 16 laps, totalling 160km or 100miles.

The winner of the Captains Award 2018 went to Phil Scope!

Robert Humber

Mickleover Running Club Boxing Day Social Run, 12 Miles and 2 pubs.

Nic Dolman
Club Runner


I borrowed this book from my sister in law, about local runner Arthur Keily - he spent his final years in a care home where she worked.

A great read - what he achieved in running was amazing!

Please Note: Nic seems to have the only copy of this book in the world. If you would like to borrow it she is happy to lend it out.

Alan Percival
XC Captain

Derby Run Series

This is a series of events organised by an independent firm that aims to promote running competition in and around the Derby area, with many of the events forming the backbone of our own Championships.

As a club, MRC came 5th – yes 5th in the overall standings – behind Derwent Runners, Team Derby Runner, Long Eaton and Shelton.

However, we were ahead of South Derbys, Derby AC, and Heanor – to name a few.

We are still small club compared to some of those mentioned – so it is a very impressive performance aby all our members who took part in the various events.

Individually thou, Steve R was our leading Man (9th), Paul Dolma (16th), Ross (18th), James K (23rd), Paul W (32nd) and Marc E (36th) all having ran the minimum of 5 events.

In the Ladies side thou, Emma was 3rd overall – yes 3rd!!! just proving she has had an exceptional year!

Special mention to Lucy (9th), but is listed as 1st in her category (V35), with Tracey in 18th.

These 3 ladies were the only ones who took part in the minimum of 5 events that count.

After that, it seems to get a little complex with the standings and score (I am not sure how they sort it out), but we have over 35 men take part in the series and 19 Ladies – over 50% of our membership taking part in one of these races.

Cross country

Over the Winter of 2017/8 the club took part in the new Derby Runner Cross Country (Derby/Staffs Div).

This is very much a team based set of events and, once again considering the size of the club we held our own very well.

In the Mixed League MRC came 5th, Mens League 5th while it was the Ladies whole stole the show by coming 3rd.

Individually the highlight was Rowan who was 3rd overall.

What makes this club is not how fast one can run or how far, but the community spirit it shows.

Seeing members run at the various events over the year, be it the XC, the DRS or whatever – it is the support we offer each other.

We cheer and clap as members run, and when the time is needed an arm around the shoulder.


As we venture into 2019 and look forward, we have many good things to think about – the number of members is still growing, we have (hopefully) a few more members willing to help put on club nights to lead sessions, something like 20 members have a spring marathon booked in all ready.

On the more social side to things, the Hairy Helmet and Thunder Run provide ideal opportunity for members to run together, as well as the XC season and the club champs.

We all set out own goals, be it just to run, run fast, long or want to beat so n so again – it does not matter. We all run because we enjoy it and remember that. Long live MRC in 2019!

Robert Humber

It's a Cracker

Had enough of terrible cracker jokes?.. No? Here are some more. Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Q: What do you get when you run behind a car?

Q: Why did the chicken run across the road?
A: There was a car coming.

Q: Why do dogs run in circles?
A: Because its hard to run in squares!

Q: If I cut Usain Bolt what am I?
A: A boltcutter.

Q: How do you know your a dedicated runner?
A: When your Strava has more miles on it than your car.

Q: Why do runners go jogging early in the morning?
A: They want to finish before their brain figures out what they're doing.

Q: If runners get athlete's foot what do astronauts get?
A: Mistletoe?

Q: Why did the vegetarians stop running cross country?
A: They didn't like meets!

Alan Percival
XC Captain


The Next XC date is Sun 20th Jan at Aleestree Park, race starts at 10.30, meet at the RBL 9.15am to car share (or make own way - but parking is limited).

Cost is only £4 EA/ £6 non-EA

Hope to see a great turnout.